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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, We are 22-29 years old. Our guild server is Velia 6 and here you will always find Guild master and myself. All the information you need is on the poster, so I will not write much. If you prefer, you can add me on steam and we'll arrange it. Nickname: Necroy Regards and welcome.
  2. Zakkuroo

    Choose any character name

    Why is it that at the start of the game we choose a “Family Name” tied to our account yet we cannot choose our character name freely? Naturally, most character names are taken so getting one you like is extremely unlikely. You should be able to choose any name for your character since you already have a unique name tied to your account, no? I think this should be changed so that your “Family Name” acts as a unique handle to your character name which can be anything.
  3. Im experiencing a terrible issue where my game crashes when trying to load after picking my character. Pretty much it will load up until right when my character should join the world after watching the little loading bar guy get to 100% it just crashes where my Xbox goes right to the home screen. *Edit* After multiple resets and clearing the Xbox cache what further fixed the issue is to deleted the reserved 4.0gb space in your games library then redownloading it when launching the game. Whew I thought I almost lost my lvl 53 lahn.
  4. Hello. I'm new to Black Desert. It's my first real MMO I've played, and I love it so far. But there are a few minor frustrations that are peeving me. I'm trying my best to figure out how to fix them, but I figured seeking help from the community might solve things. My first question is how to change the picture on my in-game profile. By this, i mean the picture that appears of your character when you go into the menu and select "Profile". For some reason, it only shows a photo of someone that looks nothing like my character. I've tried changing it through the Beauty menu, but I can't figure it out. My second problem is that I can't seem to link my website account to my character. I've tried with both my account on the official site, as well as my account on the forums. Neither work. It keeps saying either the password is invalid or the account doesn't exist, but I've triple checked everything and still no results. Whatever information I can get would be helpful. Thank you very much.
  5. Only two things bugging me about the game right now and it's that I cant seem to figure out how to hide my own character name above me on my screen and chat box settings to either make it smaller or hide it all together. Anyone else figured out how to do either of these?
  6. I'm not very artistic and the character creation is extremely complex so I was wondering if we will have the option of user made character templates to use or tweak.
  7. PvT Insanity

    Character Creation

    I wish we had footage of the character creator compared to the pc version and how it worked. I would be happy even with a 1 min video showing it honestly. They've showed almost everything up to this point but not the CC. I thought something that BDO is know for widely would be shown. Even a little bit.