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Found 4 results

  1. S0UL.R34P3R

    Black Sparrow Guild [BSG]

    We are the Black Sparrow Guild! A casual NA/EU PvP/PvE group with members that goes with the flow, but when time comes to handle business we take care of it. Come make new friends, go on adventures, and make bonds that will last! Join us on our website/community and stay up to date on events we hold and Guild news. We also have discord as well! If you have any questions, feel free to message me here or on the Guild site since I run it.
  2. mikekum91

    Guild Española

    Abro este post para ir reclutando españoles/hispanohablantes y empezar juntos y ayudarnos desde el principio en Xbox. Podéis dejar vuestros gamertag y vamos agregándonos para crear un grupo cuando salga el juego. Mi gamertag es Mikekum91.
  3. WE ARE LOOKING FOR ITALIAN OR ENGLISH PLAYERS. We are new in the world of BDO and liked it very much with beta, we think to stay grinding this few days, and after going to buy the game. If anyone would like to join feel free to message me on Xbox with the gamertag of this forum. We could know each other better and get friends! CIAOOO! 💃🏼
  4. Chicos! Como andan! Juego hace varios años BDO en PC, en un principio en los servers norteamericanos y hace un año en sudamerica. Me encataria empezar de 0 junto a mi querida xbox, pero dudo poder hacerlo solo y sin la compañia de un clan! Como muchos sabrán es una de las prioridades, ya sea para defender spots (Sausans por ejemplo) o poder conseguir la liberto cuando aun no esta Patrigio o los boses de mundo. Lo ideal, una ves que tengamos el released date, seria organizar un clan y por el mismo lado ir juntandonos por Discord. Este programa acaba de agregar la funcion para xbox hace unos dias lo cual va a ser de mucha utilidad. Saludos! Guys! How they're doing! I have been playing BDO on PC for several years, initially on North American servers and a year ago in South America. I would love to start from 0 with my beloved xbox, but I doubt I can do it alone and without the company of a clan! As many of you know it is one of the priorities, either to defend spots (Sausans for example) or to be able to get free when Patrigio is not there yet or the world's forests. Ideally, once we have the released date, it would be to organize a clan and at the same time to get together by Discord. This program just added the function for xbox a few days ago which is going to be very useful. Greetings! Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator