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Found 2 results

  1. Thought I would create a thread with a list of great guides and websites that I have found useful for BDO. I highly recommend new and returning players to look over the various guides to learn or familiarize yourselves with BDO. New players will have a hard time figuring out what to do in BDO or how to do it. These guides will make it 1000% easier to get started, provided you take the time to look over the information. I take no credit for any of these guides or websites, I am just bringing them together in one spot. =======Life Skills/Money Making/Mounts/Pets/Other Guides========== Eminent's Complete Comprehensive Life Skills Guide for BDO Another great website that, not only has Eminent's guides broken down, but also provides countless other game guides on Black Desert Online. They also have a Knowledge Locator, interactive Node Investment Calculator, and guides on sailing/crafting. Grumpygreen's Guide and Tools Collection ==============Item Data Bases/Build Tools/Skills/Other Guides===================== These next two sites are a couple of my favorites and most used sites. Each one is a complete item codex/database of every item in the game. They also have interactive skill trees that allow you plan out your character builds based on character levels or pvp/pve focused. To help with things like farming, item details show you every detail on that crop and best ways to grow. There are also world boss calendars with countdowns to next spawn (this is based on PC right now) Black Desert Database and Black Desert Online Codex ================================All Direct Links====================================== Eminent's Guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mCpycYxOrgMWQZscI-dJa3gknSDZgZERcxetXJE46XU/edit Grumpy's: https://grumpygreen.cricket/index.html Black Desert Database: https://bddatabase.net/us/ Black Desert Online Codex: https://bdocodex.com/us/ ======================RESERVED FOR UPDATES AND ADDITIONS==========================
  2. Dart

    CC Changes

    I'm just curious if PA is going to launch the console version, with the new CC system that is currently on PC. The only reason i think they might is because, a few months ago they released a Developer/Publisher letter to the community apologizing about some things and, talking about changes they intend to implement. In the letter they stated how they "hated" the long CC chains and 1 shot mechanics. "We did not intend for the game to be this way" (Quote from said letter). Fast forward, now you can only perform 2 CC's + a 'stiffen'. The main reason i think they will launch the console version with the new combat system is because, 1.) They stated they do not like the old version. 2.) Releasing it at launch rather than later would have less negative effects. Introducing people into one combat system then completely overhauling it after it has become the norm usually never works out very well. Example A.) BDO on PC. Community is 50/50 on the new changes. Players have quit ect. Example B.) Runescape (although this was a lot more drastic than the BDO changes it still shows the point I'm trying to make). There is quite a few games out there where combat overhauls have tanked the population. I personally could see it going either way. Just some food for thought