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Found 2 results

  1. xConstantinex

    Locking Certain Skills

    @[CM] Simon Is their any word if you can lock certain skills on your character skill tree when the full game releases? I know the dev team won't be able to add it in the beta right now but when the actual release date for game it would help pulling off combos off a lot quicker and that some skills are better than other so it would help beimg able to do combos easier without hit the wrong skill.
  2. Tsexton

    Sorc Gameplay video

    @[CM] Simon Assuming the sorc gameplay video is the one that wins I would like to express what I feel is most important to showcase in the gameplay video. I would assume many other would agree. I know myself and many other included would like to see a showcase of the skill tree. not only for sorc but other classes as well that will give players an idea of how skill combos will work to perform a skill instead of using the wheel (which is very bad). During this showcase if you could could you string together some skills just to see if it can be done with your current controller setup. I main sorc on pc and also play with my xbox controller. So as for that setup I know it can be done, but you guys have yet to really go into to detail on how the controls (probably the most important part of the game) actually work. So because sorc cannot spam their iframe without burning through their stam can you do this rotation while moving around in the gameplay. Put together the following skills : Dark flame, Midnight stinger, Night crow, Rushing crow. Movement in this game is so important especially for this class as this is one of the reasons why it is so difficult.I would like to stress that I think other players would like to see more of the other controller config, using skills by comboing keys which can be shown while going through the skill tree instead of using the wheel. The wheel is kind of scary because no matter how fast you hit it there is a time in which you have to stand still. And for classes with a grab this just will not work. You can do this by --- Hi ladies and gentleman this is cm simon, Today I am going to show you gameplay of the sorceress on black desert. Today we will be killing an ogre, which drops the infamous ogre ring which is one of the best accessories in the game. During this showcase I will be using these skills through button comboing *open skill tree* * picks outs skills to use and describes what they do and what buttons to hit to perform the skill* Because an ogre can be a difficult monster I must make sure that I am moving correctly and keeping myself protected so to do that I will be using *opens skills tree to show the following skills : dark flame (which is a Forward guard) midnight stinger (a fast skill small movement used to cancel) Night crow (I frame) and lastly Rushing Crow (fast movement can be used to get the enemies back fast)* Then proceed to kill the monster. I think this will be a very informational video if you are able to do it this way. and I think it will help answer a lot of the unknown questions that everyone is wondering. Thank you and I hope you take my topic into consideration.