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Found 4 results

  1. Nightingale

    CP Dish Data Worksheet

    Hello Everyone! I have been busy cooking away on xbox, working on the always overwhelming CP grind. So we all know how important contribution is to the game, the more contribution you have the more things you can do with nodes, workshops and rentals. I started this project on PC and helped a few streamers who were asking for this type of data. With this change coming to xbox I wanted to start over and see if our numbers match PC. My PC data gave me an average of 167 dishes of Poorly Prepared Ingredients per 900 cooks. Why 900 cooks some may ask? When cooking or doing alchemy you want to strive for the hard cap of 1 second cook time to be the most efficient when cooking actively. The advanced cooking stations have 900 durability and use one tick per cook. Since I'm well established on PC I have infinite access to these stations so everything I cook is on one. This helps me judge how many cooking stations I need to get a new point. With my PC testing I have ruled out the overall dish type doesn't matter, level / difficulty never appeared to matter, and the amount of cooks never seemed to matter. Everything balances around a constant number. With this worksheet what I ask is if want to participate in this you to go to the blank start up, create a new google spread sheet copy and paste the blank startup ( i do have it set up to read 1,000 rows so everything needs to be copied), and input data the same manner I have I have been doing on my sheet (your colors can very). Then come back to this post and post your non editable google doc link so we can compare numbers. Maybe even do an average of them all depending on how many people want to take part in this. Just please be honest with your results, note when you level cooking during the process (look at how I noted mine). This can be done at any level, AFK, or active, it will not matter. The important thing is to see "IF" level matters, the number of cooks per station you used, and the total CP dishes either in alchemy or cooking. I personally am withholding from alchemy until shining powder is added so these results from my end will be sparse till then. I also have included a data sheet we used on PC to calculate CP turn ins per bracket. PC received a change to buff the CP dishes for 261 and higher to help players get more contribution. Not 100% sure how this data will translate here, but should give you a rough idea what is needed per level. IF the data is wrong from 261 + just move up one bracket and that is what the "original" turn in numbers where before that patch. Good luck everyone. Doctor Strange's CP Data Master Sheet
  2. Greetings, Its yo boi Mc-Cook-nothing-cause-lifeskills-nerfed-ah coming at u with another rant topic. PA YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG, and here's why - Your reasoning for "controlling progression to help new players" is going to backfire hard. You've failed to realize that all veterans are god damn hoarders (including yours truly) and once we do finally get this stuff, the gap between us and the newbies will be wider than *insert generic PvP salty joke here*. The longer you delay the more likely that the CM gonna explode and prices will be chaotic, silver gap will be sporadic and it will take weeks to stabilize everything except that vets will still be far ahead. I have 3 main incomes planned. I delay cashing in or simply unable to but my mats keep stacking up which theoretically means I gain more and more every day. But instead of STEADILY progress silver wise, itll happen in a bang for veterans in the most part. Add these asap or we doomed. DOOMED. Yours truly, Hypothetically-rich-but-actually-poor lifeskill guy
  3. Rant #3,409 COME ON!.. A month into release and my node setup is still crap cause I don't have enough CP. I DONT WANT TO do dailies or ANOTHER alt. Im sick of this. Stop holding our progress and gib cp dishes+cooks cloth. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  4. Greetings, Ill start off by saying I love life skills. I love gathering, I love processing, cooking, alchemy, farming and when ill get a sh*t ton of logs, sailing too. Sadly, most life skills are so nerfed that I dont see a point in doing them and here's why. CP Side dishes - As most of you are aware, when cooking (or alchemy but ill focus on cooking) you got a chance in receiving a random side dish which you can exchange for Silver, beer, cooking exp and milk. BUT there's a 5th side dish which you can exchange for CP exp which we don't have. The reasoning for it on release was to control growth which sounded like a logical idea in vanilla but now we're at mediah and still no CP Dish. I've finished the main quest and been doing A LOT of daily quests and im still struggling at 150CP which BARELY covers my basic node setup. This means I can't process wood/ores simply cause I dont produce em cause i don't have the CP for the nodes AND I can't set up farms, again cause I got no CP to spare. Along with that we have yet to receive 2 very important (imo) costumes in the pearl shop. The cooking costume and the processing costume (which is apparently bugged and was taken down so welp) The cooking costume, most importantly, reduces 2 seconds from your cooking which is a big deal since we cant buy a silver embroidered cloths because no one is selling them. So there really is not point in cooking due to slow cooking times and no CP dish benefits. And lastly, we don't have the imperial NPCs to sell to imperial boxes from cooking/Alchemy which means they are much less rewarding silver wise unless you're making meals/pvp elixirs which will take for ever to create in large quantities and benefit from. To summerize - as a life skiller I have zero incentive to do any life skills except maybe gathering and even then I got nothing to do with the mats except making more utensils and more tools which im already swimming in. Huge bummer. I would REALLY want to know when to expect to get all of the above - CP dishes/life skill costumes and imperial npcs. Cheers