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Found 2 results

  1. TheDaveStream

    Not received Deluxe edition content

    Just payed £40 for the deluxe edition of black desert on xbox one and received none of the "bonus" content. I should of recieved: 1)a 60-day Value Pack, 2) a Snow Wolfdog Pet, 3) a Tier 3 Horse, 4) the Calpheon Chargers' Horse Gear Set, 5) 1000 Pearls It says the content is only sent to the server the game is purchased in, I paid for it in the uk store (I used the website as I was on my pc at the time) I played it on my xbox, same country, hell same room lol. I have kept playing and doing quests in the hopes they would unlock. websites say to look in your mail...mines empty. So I have paid £40 for $8 of game and I am missing the £32 worth of "bonus" content I have paid for or...this is what I am hoping...I need to do something to get them?
  2. Alaet

    Items missing

    Hi, First i have to apologize for my bad english. I bought the deluxe edition yesterday on xbox store, and the game has downloaded and i can play, but i haven't anything of all the items that comes with deluxe edition, i can't find my horse, and i haven't any perls. Just the game has downloaded, i didn't have any other things, and i didn't buy it at 50€ to have a 10€ value. Thanks for reading and responding and sorry if i hurt your grammar or syntax rules.