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Found 3 results

  1. The Guiido

    Community response to today

    Today was really depressing. Many of us were hyped to play over the summer and have fun with friends. We were all hyped for today to be amazing, and as good as it was to see them there, the ending was disgraceful and really hurt us. Many of us are going to be waiting here furiously for this game that was supposed to release this Summer. We planned on enjoying our selves, but now we need to return to school, work, and wont have anytime over the fall to enjoy this game. I can't believe how long we have already waited, just to wait till Fall for the Beta, and probably 2019 for the full release. 2 years man. 2 years people have been waiting. I don't know how you guys expect to see the hype stay alive for the duration from now, to the Beta. I understand there is a lot of work going into it, I have already stated it isn't easy but this is just straight up ridiculous. This forum is amazing, and I love the community I met here, all the friends I made. We have kept, and are keeping this afloat. Remember that, you guys reading this kept this hype alive. But I think nows the time we demand answers to whats going on, since we have to wait 4-6 more months. I think what happened today was a shame.
  2. new UI looks fantastic the did a great job and got rid of the old theme that clustered all over the screen heres some breakdown of the new UI quality of that footage was realy bad at 1080p On E3 IGN footage it appears that they got rid of the quickslot model for the sake of a more cleaner UI and went with D-PAD access only instead of quickslot 1-0 they implemented the circle menus and it also appears that the D-Pad menu is fully costumizable i hope that they allow the old LB and RB quickslot access as an alternative option for a quickslot access model similar to PC where you use LB + A,B,X,Y and RB + A,B,X,Y to access quickslot 1 -8 having to circle through skills to choose using a circle menu is kinda meh - you have this huge menu showing up you get distracted and you can choose the wrong skill by accident easily
  3. Pearl Abyss is hosting their first meet and greet during E3 this year! Pearl Abyss would like to welcome you “Into the Abyss” at the nearby Regal LA LIVE on June 13th, 2018! The evening will be filled with surprises, exclusive sneak peeks, hands-on with Black Desert on Xbox One, and a chance to meet the minds behind the game. Come join and join Pearl Abyss for a night of entertainment, food, and refreshments! RSVP for the event here: https://bit.ly/2IpneyF