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Found 18 results

  1. Jon of the Dead

    Guild wanted Eu

    Hi lvl 53 mage EvilEd GT Jon of the Dead looking for an active guild to join I mainly play of an evening till the early hours of morn so after a guild with members on at all hours. Msg me replies and feel free to add me on Xbox
  2. Empire (50+ Members) is recruiting for a limited time, we only want pvp players at the moment (Ex-PC also). Requirements: 250+gs. MIC. Skills. LVL52+. We can train players for pvp as well. DISCORD: https://discord.gg/VdZCwZ8
  3. Dr INF3NRO

    EU Kzarka times

    Greetings, The mature player base of bdx is a dominant one and as such its statistically correct to assume most of them work in a 9 to 5 job. Id like to suggest to move the Kzarka spawn time to 17:30 ish UTC on Mondays, Wednesday and fridays. The 16:00 UTC spawn as it is brought up a lot of complaining voices and imo should be addressed. You've already changed it from 15:00 UTC, we'd like you to make another small adjustment. What do you the player think? Should working people be left behind because of an 1 hour diff? Seems odd to me. Cheers.
  4. Hi everyone, i know what you are all thinking "Another Apex guild?"- We are not related. This is obviously the better and much better looking EU Version! - .......Wait for it.😂 We are a small group of friends which have come together from multiple games (mostly FPS) over the years that just fancied a go at another RPG game. Not one of us has a clue what we are doing being new to BDO and are all in the process of learning the game which is great because it adds to the experience. All of us are aged 25-40+ and have commitments outside of the game which is why we appreciate anyone that is in the same boat. We do not have any strict playtime and participation rules. We are looking for more chilled experienced or non experienced members from EU that speak English to join us. We aim to get involved in some PVP and PVE activities and just overall have some fun & enjoy the game. The only rules we have are: 1) Do not be toxic! 2) Be over 21 years of age 3) have a Mic that works If you're interested and feel this is the guild suits you, feel free to send a message to my GT: AzzaSsiin or if its easier a DM on here @Azza Depending on how much interest there is we could eventually set up a discord channel purely for the guild. Thanks for reading!
  5. Hello everyone! Me(Wizard) and a friend(sorc), both Lvl 56 are currently looking for a PvP focused Guild on EU servers. We are looking for a Guild with experienced and skilled players who are both active and mature (we are in our twenties). We are no PC vets but over the past few weeks, have learned a lot by watching and reading guides and we continue to do so every day. We do have played MMOs before, Wow and especially ESO over the past few years. We are looking for a Guild that helps us to farther improve our skills and knowledge. We are both online - 8hours/day. My AP/DP is currently 154/172 and my friends is around the same. So if you are recruiting, we are always open for a talk to find out more about your guild. Of course, if you have any further questions, just let me know!
  6. ReignOfCats is simply a small & relaxed guild with the intention to enjoy the game. We aim to partake in friendly PvP, Guild quests for growth and other events. I also originate from PC- free to ask me questions (member or not) by messaging "Ketchup Sachet" on Live or "Pikaboochu#0025" on Discord. Nothing is to be taken seriously- accepting of anyone with a friendly attitude. Current goals & passtimes: Grow the guild through missions, recruitment and practice. PvP duels friendly matches Grind and quest parties. Future goals: Node wars Whale / Sea Monster hunting parties Grinding parties. DIscord Link- PM Pikaboochu: https://discord.gg/m6gAbed
  7. VATAHA rekrutuje! Polska gildia PvX stawiająca na wspólne spędzanie czasu zarówno w grze, na discordzie jak i w "realu" zaprasza do swojego stada! Oferujemy: - Miłą i towarzyską atmosferę - Walki o nody - Gildyjne BOSSy, scrolle; - Wysokie kontrakty*; - Pomoc w rozwoju Oczekujemy: - Skończonych 18 lat; - Aktywności - Poczucia humoru - Nastawienia na PvP Jeżeli jesteś zainteresowany bądź chciałbyś uzyskać więcej informacji zapraszamy do kontaktu po przez naszego discorda https://discord.gg/SK9jNwJ
  8. Guild "Halo" is seeking active and dedicated PVP members whit no fear nor regret going negative. Witch & Wizard is given priority over DPS for now as the spots are limited. For now that is, we are working on extending the guild. Min Req.: L55 + MIC's a must. "Halo" is a War / up to no good EU guild with strong bloodthirst for PVP Link to our Discord We stand our ground and don't obey any one. JOIN US! And become one of the Most Wanted in across all of EU Servers.
  9. Bonjour a tous , La guilde Veterans recrute des joueurs vétérans de BDO (c'est a dire joueurs ou ex joueurs bdo pc) mais aussi les personnes voulant tryhard le jeux. La guilde est plus axé vers le tryhard PVX pour le moment, le tout dans la bonne ambiance et le fun. mp moi GT : LuffyStar93 ou directement in game (meme pseudo)
  10. Who we are Community of peaceful people who prefer to trade, grow plants, kill monsters and make some serious coin. We aren't interested in conflicts and have only one reason to fight - protect ourselves. What do we offer Our benefits are good enough for calm and purposeful players: PvE oriented guild perks Help, advice and social features at any time Fair guild salary Wherever you go a group of good guys No stupid scum Who we are looking for There are lot of guilds and you can choose any. So be wise: You don't need to conquer the world You really like money, perfect equipment and valuables You aren't interested in wasting time You are good in trading, grind, fishing and monster slaying
  11. Hallo zusammen, die Gilde Blutmond sucht, wie der Titel bereits umreißt, weitere Mitspieler(innen) die Lust haben innerhalb einer Gemeinschaft Black Desert auf der Konsole zu erleben. Es spielt erstmal keine Rolle ob du BDO bereits kennst und ein alter Haudegen bist, oder noch Grün hinter den Ohren und vom Spiel keine große Ahnung hast. Wichtig ist, dass du Spaß daran hast was du tust und dich innerhalb einer Gemeinschaft wohlfühlst. Die Gilde wird u.a. aus Leuten bestehen die berufstätig sind oder gar Partner/Familien haben. Wir sind daher eher in Richtung Casual ausgerichtet. BDO ist ein eh schon zeitintensives Spiel. Wenn du mal keine Zeit hast ist das vollkommen okay. Blutmond ist im Aufbau. Das bedeutet kein gemachtes Nest für dich. Aber so hast du jede menge Möglichkeiten mitzuwirken, deine Erfahrung zu teilen und Blutmond zu dem zu machen was du dir vorstellst. Derzeit ist es erst einmal egal welche Klasse zu spielen möchtest oder ob du gar viele unterschiedliche Klassen ausprobieren willst. Wir versammeln uns bis zum Release im Xbox Club: Blutmond BDO Gilde Dort bist du herzlich willkommen. Wir hoffen dort bis zum Release nette und gesellige Mitspieler(innen) versammelt zu bekommen. Wir freuen uns jedenfalls auf dich. Wenn du irgendwelche Fragen hast dann schreib mir einfach eine PN oder schreib mich über XBLive direkt an (Aylian). Nun wünsche ich dir natürlich viel Spaß und Erfolg.
  12. Hello ! I just found out how the bug works for the servers. When you send an invite to a guild, when they accept they get disconnected. I just kicked one of my friends to see if the guilds are the issues and then everything is now working from him. Might be the new slots they added or something else. Hope they fix it !
  13. Elric

    Can't get on Baleinos EU

    Some of the players, including me, can get on every servers except Balenos,Serendia for some reasons. It says : '' Can't connect to the server '' Some of my friends made it but I still can't manage to get in.
  14. Salut les Français du forum ! Ça serait sympa de voir qui est actif ici ! Et si vous êtes intéressés à rejoindre une Guilde purement FR il nous reste encore des places disponibles mais pas pour longtemps !
  15. Hi all SixDegrees is now recruiting new and old members that will be playing on the EU Servers. The guild itself is a new guild and we will be based on the calpheon server, we will be a PvX guild so there is something for everyone that joins the guil. SixDegrees won't just be a guild it will be a place that you can call home and be apart of a family within the black desert coomunity, We will be a casual guild, the only thing i will ask from our members is that they will be able to put one night a week aside for doing guild activities to help progress the guild. So feel free to drop me a message if you are interested in joining the guild
  16. Chr1sTh3ripper

    EU and US Sever

    Hi i dont know if this has been asked but i stay in the uk but i play mainly with others from the US i know i would have to play on a US server but do we get an option to pick either US or EU server at the start (like eso) or will it just put me straight into an EU server when i start up the game. Hopefully we can choose server.
  17. ◘ International Progress ◘ _____________________________________________________________ ◘ Aims ◘ Top 5 Guild PvP | Guild Wars confirmed Quality instead of quantity Voice activity Familiary _____________________________________________________________ ◘ Recruting ◘ Searching for a few People for the Officier Position Age - 18+ (Expection confirm the rule) Accept Voice activity _____________________________________________________________ Short info About me: First , my English sucks ( Sorry ) Play since Beta on Pc 24 Years old German If you Need help feel free to ask me _____________________________________________________________ I'm going to create a Discord server where I'll be putting everything important into tutorials. More Updates will follow Greetings capoeiraTURTLE ◘ See you on the Battlefield ◘
  18. WE ARE LOOKING FOR ITALIAN OR ENGLISH PLAYERS. We are new in the world of BDO and liked it very much with beta, we think to stay grinding this few days, and after going to buy the game. If anyone would like to join feel free to message me on Xbox with the gamertag of this forum. We could know each other better and get friends! CIAOOO! 💃🏼