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Found 18 results

  1. The Imperial Beer Festival has begun! Start up those cooking utensils, and get to brewing. Our workers are thirsty, and nobody likes to see a grumpy goblin. 😂🍻 Festival Info: https://bit.ly/3ddMh2T
  2. Has anyone found the Event Treasure Yet? No clue about the location of the treasure. It feels like finding a needle in the ocean.
  3. Why put an event boss with so much health/defense on an unpredictable time schedule and without shared health across all servers? Has anyone even beat him? There are never enough people showing up to fight him and there's little time to get to him and fight him. Why not just make him an event World Boss like the Halloween World Boss, Isabella? Then people can plan better and get there early and have the full time to fight him.
  4. Hi guys, Just wanted to share my input on the "Community Week" event we had last week. First of, big thanks to CM_Valtarra and CM_Liinxy (hope i spelled that right) and the others for operating the events on EU and being such good sports! I took part in a couple events - "hide and seek" and "Arsha challenge" in which i got absolutely rekt, cause well.. im a lifeskill casul kappa. I kinda missed the fishing one cause i was too busy... well, fishing >_> lol My favorite part in the entire week was the staff's interactions with the community. It wasn't cold hearted and calculated but actually very interactive, fun and welcoming. Seeing the staff actually react to some peoples jokes and edgy comment had me laughing more than i should've. Of course not everything was perfect and i have the feeling that some people might have found it a lack-luster, boring or a waste of their time. but everyone is entitled to have a personal opinion and if you look at the big picture this week served its goal, and thats to bring the community closer together with itself and the staff via fun little events. I'm sure there are some lessons to be learned for the next community even (if there ever be another) but overall i had a great time and i hope everyone else did too. Cheers, Doc-Imagine-PvP-With-Wiz-INFERNO
  5. beans and honey no problem but sesame !!!!!!! very rare with me after 1000 opponents maybe 1x drop ... okay I already have 10 boxes but still rare .... how are you doing?
  6. Hello everyone I wanted to ask you if the Guardian event Quest is only available on a PC ? our on Xbox and Playstation because supposedly there is an ax in the Ancient Stone Chamber and where you can start a quest by interacting with the ax ...
  7. A few days ago a friend of mine received the desert fox pet. It was in his inventory but he doesn't remember how he got it. Does anyone else know so I could get one too, if there a quest you have to do or something? Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  8. Today's (12/28/19) quest from Leuheffe requires handing over a Triple-Float Fishing Rod. But how does one procure one? 🤔
  9. What is the node event and where to find it also hat are the free code list we can use to get free stuff in bdc( blackdesertconsole yeah ps4)
  10. Adventurers! Please share you entries for the ‘Kama-snap-ia!’ event here. To ensure that your entry is counted, please make sure your post follows the correct format. Region: NA/EU Character Name: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Post Link: By linking your post here, you will be entered into competition to win a $30/€30/£30 Xbox Gift Card! Full details and terms and conditions can be found on our website at https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=1357&category=3
  11. Hello world, just wanted to let you guys know that we honestly enjoyed the EU Beta of BD on PS4 (Pro). My wife, two friends and I purchased the game after experiencing the "see you again" event your GM's and CM "Trent" performed for us. That's four copies at once. The event gave us the last "push" we needed to make the jump and investment. For this reason, above all, I'd like to take the time to thank everyone involved for the awesome virtual experience this event created for us console players. Further below are some screenshots of the short but fun Beta. I also recorded the entire event on video, if anyone is interested? This "remastered" version of the game takes the title to a new level, surpassing the competition in so many ways. Impressive for a game that launched all the way back in 2015. What took you so long to bring this baby to PS4? Graphics: The graphics are astounding for an open world sandbox MMORPG of this magnitude. Really liking the deep and rich colors and - especially - the awesome water effects (reminds me of the good ol' Wave Race 64 days). There are a few MMO's on PS4 already, but not one comes close to the beautiful rendered water seen in BD. There's really no comparison. That being said, I'd really like to have a maximum graphics mode for PS4 Pro users running the game on 1080p resolution. On the other had, a friend of mine would appreciate a 1080p 60 fps mode. We already have a 4k mode, which is great. Adding one or two more visual modes to choose from is a good thing in my humble opinion. Btw, anyone else noticed considerably less pop-in when using a SSD on PS4 Pro? Sound: Loving the soundtrack. Keep it coming! Gameplay: Hardcore, flexible, fast, easy to learn and hard to master type of combat system. Superb! My personal wishlist after experiencing the Beta (keep in mind though, I haven't seen much yet): More types of mounts (I actually hate horses, would prefer a lion, wolf or any type of sea creature for that matter) More classes available at launch; preferably I would like to choose one from the start and stick with that class all the way to the end The ability to choose different types of gender for most classes More sea adventures, creatures and life in general (dolphins, whales, rays etc.) More underwater ruins, caves, secrets and maybe even dungeons to find and explore tbc We shall explore this world in its entirety and everything it has to offer, including the great, great ocean and its wonderful adventures! This pretty much visualises what I expect to happen to my first ship: https://youtu.be/dvdrCPr3gDQ Thanks for reading. See you again in a couple of days! Greetings from Germany. Screenshots:
  12. Why we dont have the Waterpark Event???😒😪😪 Its not region locked because it is west of Olvia!! Would be nice if we had this! Also the NEW WAGON AND HORSE COSTUME, its themed like the new coral furniture but we dont have it! Sad😥 We need more wagon costumes!!! Everyone looks the same!!!! Bump it uuuuuuuuup!!!!😉✌
  13. For anyone (like me) who was looking "normal-ish" looking treasure chests, this is what the Shai Event ones look like. They definitely stand out 😉 Good luck everyone, hope you get the loots you want outta them!!! 😁
  14. Hi Guys, Hope everything going well, I'm going to get so much hate for making this public knowledge for xbox but it's about time everyone knows about it and not just the PC players. If you haven't already subscribe here for more secrets like this and follow on twitch.tv/tekeiiv
  15. Just a general event idea, to show appreciation to everyone in the bdo community. I really love the game and the community; it's genuinely fun. I'm sure most feel the same way. I honestly just wanted to see the fireworks again lol, but I thought it'd be better to celebrate with and for everyone in the community including those who work hard on the game and deliver nothing but quality. I just want a special way of thanking everyone, I guess 😂😂 Even if the event idea isn't brought to life; I say this wholeheartedly, thank you. Thank you, everyone for making this game such a wonderful experience. See ya, on the Red Battlefield ✌🏼 Oh! Forgot to mention, I'm playing on the Xbox version
  16. Does anyone know when they announce the winner from create ur character event? 😮
  17. Enjoying the Black Desert Finale! Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Lupexiss/comments/9wmvak/2_fish_watching_the_beta_finale_on_xbox/?utm_source=reddit-android for screenshot submission. #BlackDesertBeta
  18. Dear black desert community I will be attending the EGX event in Britain and I will be checking out the black desert booth. Please let me no what questions you would lick to be answered about the game and its upcoming console release.
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