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Found 3 results

  1. So whenever you do a subjugation mission as a guild, the entire guild, atleast on the same server will receive and annoying UI bug. It will bring your selection to the first item in any menu. So for example when going to buy an item and you are entering how many you want it may "bounce" back to all. I don't know if being on a different server from the one the guild mission is active helps.
  2. Hey everyone the xbox Beta is coming to a close today and i know a lot of people have played the game so i figured making an easy to find thread of all out feedback would be rather helpful. My biggest problem with the game and the only thing that is making it something i don't want to buy is that the size ratio on my tv cannot be adjusted to make the game properly fit my screen. It is one of very few games that i have this problem with and one of very few games that does not have an ingame method to fix this issue. For me i have nearly an inch on all sides cut off and when you think about it thats alot. I can hardly see my xp bar, and minimap is cut off along with the bottom of my screen and a large chunk of the text from the quest helper. These things compiled make a fairly large issue for me. If this issue is fixed which is should be able to be fixed pretty easily if i am not mistaken. This is certainly a game i would play and drop a bit of money on for cosmetics and stuff. What other feedback does everyone else have?
  3. The Guiido

    Story of BD

    I am not sure about you guys but I was personally aware of BD when I first saw it announced back in 2017 actually during a conversation with an old friend of mine. Ever since I first heard of it I was heavily intrigued by not only the PvP and combat, but the world. I am one to be happy that their is a story in the world I am in. Makes it feel alive, breathing and immersive. Even though they revamped the storyline to make it more sense and engaging, and they added amazing cutscenes. For newer players like me compared to people with years of experience (only played a little on PC), I feel as though with everything to do in the world of BD, everything else thats going on, the story is still hard to understand. Some vets probably don't even invest any thought into the story as whats the point? It's simply not engaging enough and personally, I believe it's everywhere. Not only that, but there is much more pressing things more relevant than a story. Which is obvious considering the PvP aspects of the game that doesn't come as a surprise. My point is, I have learned more online by going to various websites keeping up with the lore than I have actually playing the game. Even though when I played on PC it was before the remaster, during the time during the beta, it wasn't that much better in my opinion. Like I said. It just felt all over the place, it's easy to forget the characters, and things aren't exactly too clear as to what is going on. I realize that more of the story I will realize as more updates are pushed out onto different regions, but it doesn't change the impression I felt during the beta. Aka, the remastered for me. This isn't to discredit the amazing feat PA has accomplished. As the game is amazing. I remember in the recap they mentioned better tutorials for multiple aspects of the game, do you guys plan on making any tweaks to the story as well so people can understand it a little bit better? As the lore is very cool and became invested in it when 3 very cool people joined the non official discord. 🙂 Thanks. I look forward to your responses. Wanna know how you guys understood the story, if at all, and if you would change anything.