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Found 7 results

  1. XxSmashCakexX

    The Pirate Council NA

    Hello Me Hearties! Thee Pirate council just tookes a wee of our inactive players and had them keel haul thee plank. Now havin' room for Shipmates in our crew. We be shippin' out soon! So sign the gentleman o' fortune and pillage with us. All guild buffs be Level 1 or higher. Nay gear score fer PvE, but to participate fer PvP 400 Gear score be required. Discord is a must https://discord.gg/4KNN7rG
  2. Guild: EastIndiaCo GM: Korpova P.O.C.: Korpova, FadedDivine, FadedSins, Loafington, Robinblack, XxLancelotxX Size: 30+ Discord: w6ckCBY Server: C3, C2 Focus: PVE/Trading/Fishing/Hunting/Lifeskills Preparing for Deep Sea content Buffs: +3 Gather +3 Fishing (Maxed for Both) Now Whaling (Leveling Hunters in the guild) Welcome to the Company, East India Company, that is! We are a PVE focused Lifeskill guild, prepping for the Deep Sea expansions. GM is a Master Fisher and Artisan Trader. If you are a Trader, Fisher, or Lifeskiller, and want an enjoyable place to play BDO, then give us a shout. No GS requirements.
  3. About Us Were Mr_Meeseeks " Look at MEE " were just a casual group of guys and gals playing Black Desert Xbox, We have PC Vets to help with new players. Our main goal is to create a great experience for anyone already playing BDX or new players coming into this great MMO. at the moment were a small guild looking for people who wanna learn and just play stress free, no drama and actually enjoy the game. were looking into node wars at some point for the ones who want to do that. but Primarily were a Life Skill Casual Guild. PvE Daily Guild Missions Boss Scrolls RP ( Role Playing ) Trading Fishing Life Skills in General Dabble in PvP Node Wars ( Maby someday ) We use Discord to Communicate ( Mandatory to join ) Link ---> Click MEEE come hangout on the discord and talk to a officer if u are interested in joining
  4. Looking for fishermen and skillers for whale hunting and sea monster slaying. Fishing buffs. Pretty easy going people who aren't afraid to help out, anyone is welcome. Come join us for sea shenanigans! ( Send me an xbox message at Giantyoshi , and I will add when I'm off work.) Hotspot party's as well when they are released. Casual no requirements or penalties.
  5. RavenWraiths is looking for active members to join our guild! We are focused on gathering and fishing right now but we plan on branching out into PvP when we get enough members. We currently have 20 members with a few that are talkative and our levels range from 54 to 14. We are more then happy to help anyone who wants to join level up and gather materials. Message my GT:ChuckThaTeesta or my second in command GT:MagiKxRoostR for a invite to the guild!
  6. Ok so I spent days and days getting all the nodes... all the workers all the materials processing them and then I finally got everything ready to make my fishing boat.... so I then get a worker click on the shipyard then click start work on the fishing boat.... now my screen is stuck and I can't close the crafting menu and I can't do anything.... only way to get unstuck of the screen is to go to Xbox dashboard... and close the game.... ok so now I have to load the game back up and then I go to look at the shipyard... and nothing... I can't even click on it... now the wiki says I can assign multiple workers to build my boat.... I can't... I can't even click the shipyard.... ok so I wait.... hours for it to finish one section of building the fishing boat... I can only have one worker working on it at a time... by now I've spent 4 real life days upto this point... it's going so slow.... now one part is built I start on another part.... and the menu locks again... I can't escape it and again. I have to force close the game and return to dashboard.... over and over again on every pice of the boat.... it's been days now of crashing and crafting.... I finally get to the last stages and I'm happy after all this crashing and being stuck in the menu I go to craft my final part of the boat to be done..... and.... it's reset.... I have just lost days and days of hard work constant crashing... and resetting the game I have no materials no boat no nothing... I am so angry.... I have lost everything.... this has been the worst boat crafting ever it's been nothing but a constant hassle from the first moment I started it! please is there a GM who can just give me the fishing boat thing so I can just sail the ocean and finally have peace? I have proof of me getting the materials and almost finishing it before I lose everything.... also if you want to test this for yourself.... get materials for a fishing boat and get a worker to start crafting... your menu will lockup and you will be forced to close the game and go to Xbox dashboard.... I don't even feel like playing atm knowing all that hard work has gone...
  7. Thought I would create a thread with a list of great guides and websites that I have found useful for BDO. I highly recommend new and returning players to look over the various guides to learn or familiarize yourselves with BDO. New players will have a hard time figuring out what to do in BDO or how to do it. These guides will make it 1000% easier to get started, provided you take the time to look over the information. I take no credit for any of these guides or websites, I am just bringing them together in one spot. =======Life Skills/Money Making/Mounts/Pets/Other Guides========== Eminent's Complete Comprehensive Life Skills Guide for BDO Another great website that, not only has Eminent's guides broken down, but also provides countless other game guides on Black Desert Online. They also have a Knowledge Locator, interactive Node Investment Calculator, and guides on sailing/crafting. Grumpygreen's Guide and Tools Collection ==============Item Data Bases/Build Tools/Skills/Other Guides===================== These next two sites are a couple of my favorites and most used sites. Each one is a complete item codex/database of every item in the game. They also have interactive skill trees that allow you plan out your character builds based on character levels or pvp/pve focused. To help with things like farming, item details show you every detail on that crop and best ways to grow. There are also world boss calendars with countdowns to next spawn (this is based on PC right now) Black Desert Database and Black Desert Online Codex ================================All Direct Links====================================== Eminent's Guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mCpycYxOrgMWQZscI-dJa3gknSDZgZERcxetXJE46XU/edit Grumpy's: https://grumpygreen.cricket/index.html Black Desert Database: https://bddatabase.net/us/ Black Desert Online Codex: https://bdocodex.com/us/ ======================RESERVED FOR UPDATES AND ADDITIONS==========================