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Found 1 result

  1. Good Evening. 1st of all don't google Grinding Etiquette, all sorts of stuff comes up. I'm Tekeii, founder of Morghulis/Venari from EU Servers on PC. One big issue on PC for a very long time especially at launch is the simple grinding etiquette, how to claim a spot and when to bow out and find another spot. I'm well aware there will be a lot of casual players that disagree with this post but this is the way it should be and the unofficial law of all BDO grinding on the PC games. Pretty sure most who have played the PC game in the past will agree. Early on in the game up to level 55 there will be plenty of places where you can grind, if it's anything like BDO most people will end up at catfish pushing to 55 as soon as possible (I'm assuming Mediah isn't out at release?) 55 will be INCREDIBLY difficult and long winded to hit in Calpheon and honestly if you do push for it you are wasting your time because once Mediah hits it becomes so much easier. This applies to group grinding and solo grinding, for the sake of this post I will reference everything as a "team". Scenario's as follows; You log on. Hey, i want to grind some Manshas to hit level 55 as fast as possible. Run to Manshas (because using a horse early game is stupid, you need the stamina levelling up bro). Oh hey there is a team already doing my rotation; can I? A) Challenge them for the spot i.e duel or pk. B) Find another rotation C) Ask them for group D) Run around killing their mobs whilst they are grinding. If you chose D, then you are a very interesting person and need to find another game to play because you are not going to get anywhere in Black Desert. (Wow it's been a while since i wrote interesting person anywhere but feel like that's the nicest thing i can call a griefer, you are 10x worse i am just being nice due to the fact it's new forums) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So you chose A, good choice i'm proud of you and I hope you win. Asking for duel should always be 1st. If they ignore then you can go ahead and PK, don't be a dork and just flag up and kill straight away unless you are just looking for fights. If you want the spot, ask for a duel. If they ignore or decline then go ahead and PK till your hearts content. You win the duel, congratulations the spot is yours and the person who loses should find another place to grind. You lose the duel, unlucky keep practasing but in the meantime that guy has defended his spot and you should go elsewhere. He ignores you, you win the PK and he keeps coming back and grinding, declare a guild war and report to their guild leader. If it's anything like on PC most guild will NOT tolerate scrubby ass griefers. After everything he keeps coming back, he is labeled scum to the planet. Read answer to D, because the same applies to this guy. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ B, Valid choice, plenty of spots to use in BDO even early days. Learn the rotations, check on Reddit if all spots ARE LITERALLY taken, look at the answer to A. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ C, Ask them for a group, not everybody is going to want to group but if they do happy days, no fighting no complaining no griefing. Win win for everyone. If they ignore your request, look at the answer to A. IF you have multiple players and they are a solo player and are not grinding the spot effectively and ignoring you, then flag up and kill this mofo and declare war because thats what garbage guilds deserve when they recruit scrubby ass griefers. At the end of the day the morale of the story is don't be a dork and everyones life is going to be easier, yes war is amazing, guild wars are fcking great and I hope a lot of that happens but don't be guildless and grief love out of people because 1. you are a dork and 2. you are a dork and the most importantly. 3. You are a dork. I look forward to killing each and every one of you. Roll on March. Regards Tekeii P.s Morghulis are recruiting -