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Found 4 results

  1. Rogues Gallery was founded in 2015 when Neverwinter launched on Xbox One. Since then, the guild has played many different MMO's; Neverwinter, ESO & DCUO being the main we had presence in. Through the years we have made many friends and enjoyed countless hours of gaming, experiencing nearly everything a game has to offer. We are looking to expand the guild, to find people who simply enjoy playing the game for one reason or another. Life skillers and PvE enthusiasts, or even PvP enthusiasts, are all welcome. We ARE currently recruiting at this moment. If you would like an invite, you may Message the following people: igniXte XaniChristina NighttimeComet BillieDino The guild is currently large, consisting of 57 people. We will be expanding with new players, and former members from other games. We are currently looking for ACTIVE players new or old, and we HAVE a guild Discord we utilize most of our Guild activities, it also has a World Boss Notification for BOTH Kutum and Kzarka, which will notify you 30 minutes prior to the boss spawning. We have started slowly taking part in Node Wars; We won't participate in EVERY Node War, but we set up a Poll a week prior to an attempt on DISCORD to find out if we have enough interested people. We do weekly Boss scrolls, usually on Saturdays. We do Guild Quests frequently when decent ones are available. We are a fair mix of casual and hardcore. There is a home for everyone here, whether you have all day to play, or a couple hours here and there. We reside in EST and PST time zones. We play late in the day, and early in the day. Time doesn't matter. We enjoy PvE, and dabble in PvP. We love PvE in games, but understand that PvP is a big aspect of BDO and have open minds for the PvP aspect of the game. 18+ Oriented guild. We expect members to act mature, and be a little more thick skinned and willing to take a joke. There are no restrictions. You will not be rejected to join based on anything other then age. You could be level 20 or level 60, there is a home here. We just ask that you are an ACTIVE player and try to help with guild quests as we activate them. Current Buffs you gain for joining us: All Accuracy +2 All AP +4 Max HP +40 Gathering Level +2 Fishing Level +2 Our next targeted skill buff is Fishing +3 We aren't looking to be a "top 10 master epic PvP guild that's better then 'x' Guild". We are simply looking to have a decent time in the game, and find "Guild Feuds" to be quite a waste of time.
  2. Darkfish is for all we love the game and just wanna make many friends to play with
  3. Welcome to the Flux where we give no . . Active members. . we ALWAYS have someone on.. Join Now. Its grind time. Requirements? 1. Active - Im not saying you gotta be on everyday, no not at all. I'm simply saying that if you get on just to chat and ramble on with your activity lvl looking like this (0). . bye bye. 2. Be respectful - you can have disagreements on things, that builds knowledge for the guild. Just don't be rude and whiny if someone else is right. 3. 7 day probation period - Your going to start out with 7k pay . wow right. after that 7 day contact your officially in the guild. Your next contract will be determined on your activity lvl. 4. 18 Years or older - This Guild is for mature adults; no squeakers or immature toxicity. Not saying you cant act up though have at it. Play how you want. Tame and breed horses, Slaying Monsters/Bosses/Guild Bosses World Boss Gathering Trading Sailing the seas PvP Siege/Node Wars
  4. I can understand wanting to be first for a competitive reasons. But they way people talk is as if you don't keep up you will be screwed. Is there any disadvantage to taking things slow? The only advantage to getting high level os be able to do endgame stuff. Does another player reaching endgame negatively affect a new player or someone taking it slow?