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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I know that xbox version can be completely different from PC, but these videos helped me alot when i first started playing BDO. They show us what we have to deal with, and how some of the game mechanics works. Cool to know things for people who never played Black Desert online before Some of them may be a little outdated. And the video that helped me with overview over classes Added By @Tr3nch Thought this would be beneficial to a lot of new players. Eminent's Comprehensive Life Skill Guide https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mCpycYxOrgMWQZscI-dJa3gknSDZgZERcxetXJE46XU/edit

    YouTube Guides/Twitch Stream

    Hey everyone, I'm Glory, and I have been streaming on twitch for about a year now, and have been putting out some videos on Black Desert Xbox on my YouTube recently to help newer players like myself on how to do some of the more basic things in the game. The stream is more about just relaxing and hanging out with people who enjoy my content while I try to focus on my own progression in game that tends to get neglected when I am focused on making more videos. Links are below, if you have any ideas for guides or tips for the stream please drop by and let me know what I can do better for you and the Black Desert community. URLooKINatGLORY YouTube URLooKINatGLORY Twitch Channel