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Found 3 results

  1. og_king_smurf

    <Apex> Recruiting

    <Apex> is a community driven guild looking for active players. We have an active Discord and are looking for more members who are interested in joining a well-established community on Xbox. Our goal is to be Competitive but to have fun doing whatever you enjoy inside and outside of the game. New and seasoned players are welcome! The guild is comprised of both veteran and new players alike! If you are a new player, we have the knowledge and resources to help you in achieving your goals. If you are a veteran player, we will be looking forward to having your hardened game knowledge and skill to aid us in node wars, guild progression, and more! We do not like mandatory tasks but we do have some simple rules in place to keep the guild afloat and to keep the guild running smoothly! Joining our guild Discord is unfortunately mandatory as it keeps us aware of who is in our guild and helps us give you updates on what weekly events are running, what guild quests we are doing, and also to provide assistance to all our members. We will do weekly guild events such as guild boss scrolls, PvP (Either Battle Arena training or Node Wars), and more. Guild Pay is strictly based on merit and contribution and will be rewarded via weekly bonuses and other methods. If you are interested, please contact Og King Smurf on xbox or on discord Smurf#1263
  2. Ayumii

    Imperium Recruiting

    Imperium is now recruiting. Anyone is welcomed to join as long as you are friendly and will be dedicated to the game. If people want to PvP they are welcomed to but there won’t be any gear requirements for this guild, if enough people join and want to do siege then we will in the future. If you are more into life skilling you are still welcomed! We are not only a pvp guild. We will accept casual and hardcore players. The only requirement is to do guild missions. Never be alone in the game, you’ll always have friends here and always people to help you out if needed. I personally will try to help everyone the best that I can and if you have any questions feel free to ask and I’ll answer to the best of my knowledge! If you’d like to join just leave your gamertag below and I’ll message you on the forums or on Xbox. My Gt: Ayumii Katsumii
  3. I'll keep this simple and short, more details will be available on launch. But we're nne of the top guilds of the game with 300+ members already and growing. Come join us on top, we will have sister guilds to fit casual players and have a core guild for our competitive players. We will have tournaments and other events planned for our guild and you, so come join the family. Also join our Facebook community group and keep up to date on all things Black Desert. https://www.facebook.com/groups/133373557467975/