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  1. I, Primus, run a small guild on the European continental server and we're slowly getting bigger. We run bosses and/or guild missions a lot, so leveling up your character with us is a piece of fish. PvE means Player versus Enemy, Computer generated non-player-characters ("NPC") which we attack for quest completion. PvP means Player versus Player. This is the art of battle between two actual human beings rather than NPC enemies. We're PvE only. We do not have any interest in PvP. As a rule, PvP is for party defense only. We don't want complaints or drama resulting from our guild killing people unfairly. We will defend ourselves and we have made alliances, however. We are also being used, happily, as a training guild. Some PvP guilds want their friends, as a personal choice, to get good with boss fights, and other aspects of the game before getting good at PvP with their own guild with references from us. That's fine. This strengthens our presence and ensures a place for all in the game. If you join, you would get paid daily wages in addition to your loot. Also, you'd enjoy passive boosts to AP, accuracy, health and more every day that you're with us. We don't keep lazy moochers though. Do your bit with guild missions whenever you can, this makes sure everyone gets a wage and extra boosts when available. A Microphone headset would be essential for working with us; we need to be able to communicate efficiently during heavy action. Tactics, heals and location requests are frequent and take too long to type, Xbox Party voice ("vox") is much faster and social. Don't worry if you're shy, we just need to know that you're listening and acting as part of the team. We also have a Facebook page and group to help facilitate communication between larger membership later on, and a few of our members are using it as a great photo album too. It's brought the guild closer as a team and friends already. We have formed a daily group of friends and we always welcome more. If this sounds like the guild for you, post below and either me or my guild officers will get something sorted. Thank you for considering us. - Primus
  2. eXile is a 'Hardcore' PvP guild based on the NA Region of Black Desert PS4. The Leadership team has years of BDO experience, playing from launch across PC and Xbox, we're moving back to our preferred console and will be playing from day one of the PS4 release. Based in the EU the leaders have been a part of the top guilds both on PC and Xbox, bringing a wealth of knowledge to our members. The Choice to play on NA comes from a desire to be a part of the largest player base Black Desert PS4 has to offer and due to work schedules the NA siege and node wars times fit perfectly. ------------------------------------------------------------ ::.. eXile is a great fit for PvP focused players who want to learn from experienced Black Desert players and have a competitive mindset and are looking for like minded players to join. ::.. We have ZERO tolerance for Toxic behaviour from our members in any chat channels related to the game and expect all applications to be aware of this before applying and fully read the rules on discord. ::.. Siege/Node war attendance will be required so please be aware of the times these events will take place (8pm NA/1am EU). ::.. To fit in with the eXile player base you will need to be the kind of person who goes above and beyond to progress your class knowledge and gear, who can accept constructive criticism and is wanting to join a guild they can help shape and grow with. ::.. Our doors are open to all applications and are based of your attitude towards the game and our members, as a result previous experience although always considered is not a dominant factor in the application process. We encourage all applicants to be active in the open lobby on discord as this will help us to establish if you fit well with us and also gives you a chance to see if we are a good fit for you. Apply To Join eXile
  3. Shield Wall Our victories will not be achieved by overwhelming numbers. They will be achieved by teamwork, superior coordination, battle tactics, and preparation. We will influence the map and the economy through Castle ownership. Our guild will maintain a hard-cap of 100 members as we will not offer an overflow guild. We will require members to reach certain progression points by certain timelines and we will work together to achieve these. Voice communication and weekly siege attendance is required. We will host fight nights where our members can duel for prizes in a pvp tournament. Our guild will unlock combat bonuses first, and then life skill bonuses. We will maintain maximum daily payouts to all of our core members. We will have class leads to help with on boarding new members. They will also ensure members of their class are performing well at sieges. Class leads will be selected after launch based on knowledge, execution, and activity. We have no tolerance for discrimination nor toxicity regardless of your skill. We are currently accepting all classes at this time and expect a short interview before joining. Reply to this thread if you would like to join. I'll message you our discord link and we'll go from there. A bit about me, I've played nearly every sandbox pvp game on pc including bdo. I grew up playing xbox with my neighbors and I switched from pc to x box in July to prepare for bdo's launch. You can message me on this forum directly if you have any questions or reply here and I'll reach out to you.
  4. <Threatening> We are a pvp guild and are looking for dedicated loyal members, we have a handful of talented individuals we prefer quality over quantity.. — Perks — +2 AP +2 Acc +1 DR 40+ HP Gathering 1+ Fishing +1 —A family like guild — Experienced Advice and guidance —FUN —REQUIREMENTS —Witch/Wizards/Zerkers- 350+ --All other classes- 400+ — Level 57+ —When we get big enough, we are looking to do node wars and win of course. —COMBAT TEST REQUIREMENT For contact info either discord server https://discord.gg/RTvFQZF Reply to this post or message my gamer tag Uyzd
  5. PVX Guild Supremacy [NA] recruiting we are newbie friendly, veteran friendly, strategic, and event experts if you would like to join contact me on either Discord Bombboy67#3884 or Xbox bombboy67 and ill have one of my co leaders set you up for success if I’m not around. experienced and non experienced players wanted. We also supply guides on the game as well as tips and tricks to make your experience better. 😈Supremacy😈 -NA Guild (International Players Welcome) -Guild Missions Daily (Multiple Servers) -Active -Scroll Runs -World Bosses/ Field Bosses -Opportunity to rank up -Node War Strategists -Extensive Guides Requirements To Join -18+ -400+ GearScore -Discord & Mic -Level 56+ -Weekly Guild Activity -Social -All Members Required to Complete Registration Contact Bombboy67#3884 on Discord or TPS FlowRaw#4736 https://discord.gg/QzCm4m4
  6. I'm looking for a new guild(NA) for myself and my partner. My gs is 471{ AP: 135 , DP: 228 , Awk.AP: 108} My partner 's gs is 330{AP:121 , DP:209} He works a lot , doesn't get out until 10 some nights but has weekends off . I have a Dark Knight, Sorcerer, and a Shai, dk is the only one at level 56. I'm working on the other ones here and there, I mainly play dk. My partner, plays a Musa, musa is only at level 55, wizard,and I think he wants to create a ninja when it comes out. And I guess he also wants to make a Shai( he's focus is gathering and cooking, on his musa his cooking is in professional) I'm looking for help in pvp , but its not my focus. I'm looking for a friendly, chill , but active guild. My gt is xThexDreadWolfX.
  7. **The Creed** Nothing is true, Everything is permitted -Endgame Guild -PvP -NA (EU players welcome) https://discord.gg/E293mTv BIO * Friendly atmosphere * Weekly relic runs * Weekly boss scroll runs * Weekly guild boss scrolls * Daily payouts * Daily group grinding * Sea monster hunting * 24/7 activity * Daily Guild Missions * Guild skills: Gathering +2 * Guild skills: AP +5 * Guild skills: DP +5 * Guild skills: Acu +5 *Guild skills: Hp +40 *Guild skills: 50% siege weapon resis. * In house tournaments/Events * Castle siege/Node wars * Number of node Wins: 7 Requirements - Level 55+ -Combined AP/DP 430 -Discord -Mic -18+ -Active Requescat en pace Click Join Right Now!
  8. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdsH5vTKjj14NV4MEx4hBc_O9Wt1yST_nzfhOP20nMmmdyjSw/viewform?usp=sf_link 💀 DeadSerious BDX💀 DeadSerious BDX is now recruiting highly dedicated players.This guild is not for the faint... We are a intensively dedicated PvP guild.And been growing since Beta 1. We are looking for trustworthy, loyal an very dedicated people to the guild/game. Are ranks are already filled with years of experience from PC players so all you new guys can feel right at home an comfortable in such a diverse overwhelming game. We have big goals to live up to we will be a superior guild on the servers by incorporating organization, preparation, tactics and team work. We will be sure to keep guild roster capped at 100 spots it will become very competitive at launch ( we expect all who want to join to be a daily player) as we want to make our presence known. As of right now we have 70+ players. Once again we are a very hardcore PvP guild an plan on being a top contender in Castle siege/Node wars we require 80% attendance to all sieges and NWs and we will have a monthly gear progression goal or it will result in a kick. As competition will be fierce! PERKS FOR JOINING Great community of players Weekly relic runs Week boss scroll runs Weekly guild boss scrolls Daily payouts (varies from guild contribution points) Years of knowledge from pc players 24/7 active guild so everyone will always have someone to play with grind,level,PvP ect ( Atleast 1-2 officers will ALWAYS be on) Guild skills Detailed guides on every aspect of the game 1v1/2v2/3v3 tournaments (winners get pearls/ silver payouts) Monthly pearl give aways Castle siege/Node wars PvP practices/training Guild calendar that displays all upcoming guild events that you can access from anywhere. Requirements DISCORD- This is our main way our communication you must join! Headset- Must have a working mic an headset. Thanks for considering DeadSerious -NukeEm
  9. <Threatening> We are a pvp guild and are looking for dedicated loyal members, we have a handful of talented individuals we prefer quality over quantity.. — Perks — +2 AP +1 Acc +1 DR —A family like guild — Experienced Advice and guidance —FUN —REQUIREMENTS —Witch/Wizards/Zerkers- 400+ --All other classes- 420+ — Level 57+ —When we get big enough, we are looking to do node wars and win of course. —COMBAT TEST REQUIREMENT For contact info either discord server https://discord.gg/RTvFQZF Reply to this post or message my gamer tag Uyzd
  10. HEX NORTH AMERICA There are many of guilds to join, all with different goals and capabilities. Finding the right guild is important. We know not everyone will be a fit but we welcome anyone interested. If you meet join requirements, you are in for the first week. If you like how it feels in the first week we’ll sign you up on the month cycle like everybody else. Join our discord, say hello and see what’s up. Once you are under contract we will unlock the rest of the discord for you to enjoy. I can’t say much else til you’re a member. Rule 1 Attend nodewar every Sunday. This is mandatory. If you can’t make it please post in discord. If you work every Sunday, this is not the guild for you. Rule 2 Please be active Inactive members (off more than a few days at a time) and members that consistently fail to show for wars may be kicked. This is to benefit the rest of our members so we are all able to progress. We understand life happens, please post in attendance if you’re stepping away from the game for a few days or if you’ll miss a war. Rule 3 Enjoy the rest of your week however you want. Guild activities: -Things every guild will do. -Things not every guild will do Member Bonus: [ 122 points spent. ] -Ap+4 -Accuracy +4 -Dmg reduction +5 -Health +40 -Gathering +3 -Fishing +1 -Trade item +10% -All members are 400+ Over Fifty 450+ members. Requirements: -420+ Gearscore, we may ask to verify your Gs. -Age required 18+ -Discord -Mic We are looking for people to grow with us and to stay with us. No more stepping stone guilds for you! We are here to play as a team, as family of gamers. We succeed with the help of all of our members. All we ask is you be ready to participate in Nodewars and make some friends. Give us a shot! Discord : https://discord.gg/YtUcsdy Please just join the discord not reply if you reply it will take longer for me to get back to you
  11. Progression is a small family like guild with 22 members looking for more active players to fill the slots and help us grow. We do Daily bosses/Field bosses/World boss/Gear grinding/ and Guild missions. We are now starting our PvP portion of the guild and are looking for players with 350+ gs. Node wars will start next weekend or when we get enough players to start. What is our guilds goal: To bring together a community of people who want get far in the game and also have fun without all the elitism. Whats in this guild for you?: We have lots to offer we just need people who want to dedicate themselves. Also we still have officer spot available. If you think you can help our guild growing leave me a message down below or you can message me on xbox at GT: Vengecide Cheers and good luck😀 hope to see you in Black Desert!
  12. Royalty 👑 Guild is now Recruiting for players who love PVP/PVE and are ready to fight! We are a ACTIVE GUILD and looking for amazing people to play with. Please message if your looking to join! Qualifications: • Gear Score 380+ (combine your ap and dp) [ 350+ GS for RANGER , WITCH/WIZARD ] • Active Player • Must Have Discord/Headset • Contributing to guild quests Perks for joining: We offer DAILY PAY , BOSS SCROLLS , PVP , NEVER PLAY ALONE AGAIN! , GUILD MISSIONS, DISCORD, GUILD EVENTS, WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS, BOAT RIDES, NODE WARS, ARENA TIME ,ETC! 😁  Gamertag - LishaBre
  13. Hogwarts Thanks for checking out Hogwarts! A little about us, we are a PvP focused guild getting ready for Node Wars when they release. All our officers and a few members are black desert PC veterans with a lot of game knowledge that can help you learn your class and quickly progress. We currently have a 300 Gear Score minimum requirement to join the guild along with Mic and Discord. We will be increasing the minimum GS requirement every month to keep everyone progressing together. We are only accepting highly active players that are dedicated to helping the guild grow, PVP, and general progression. Anyone not pulling their own weight will be replaced. Guild Perks Currently, we are working on all the AP, DP, Health , Accuracy buffs with a few points in gathering to help you guys get them hards and sharps Every member will get a daily payout from the guild and the more you help out with guild missions, the higher your daily pay will be. We have a lot of active and helpful members to grind with and learn from. We do a lot of dueling in the arena. learn your class and test your skills! Guild Boss scrolls weekly Other Our discord link will be sent to you after you join the guild. You don't have to speak but is required that you join. Have fun and keep things friendly. thanks for checking us out! please fill out this application if you would like to join our guild! Guild Application ---> https://forms.gle/iskf2q4NWitdYU7Y6
  14. ViceVersa is now recruiting members 350+ gear score. we have daily boss fights, very active in pvp . We have very experienced players some from pc we are looking for anyone who is active and looking to grow with us we have 70 members we will make exceptions for witches and wizards we also need a few more rangers we have discord chat and also we always have a party with guild members message B0M0S on Xbox for more information those are zeros in the name
  15. Olá a todoss!!! Vamos nos reunir dentro do BLACK DESERT! Bem vindos a CZN Brasil! Estamos elaborando o recrutamento de players que talvez não tenham noção do jogo e até mesmo daqueles que possuem muita experiencia sob o jogo! Venha se juntar a CZN Brasil, estamos a mais de 5 anos reunidos e diversos jogos, temos canal no Youtube, facebook, grupos e muito mais. Atingimos mais de 200 membros Ativos em diversos grupos no qual jogamos juntos todos os dias os mais variados jogos. Assista a um trailer de apresentação do nosso clan! -> [CZN BRAZIL - TRAILER] - Youtube Visite nossa fanpage para maiores informações sobre a Guild e o Clã: Facebook - FanPage - CZN Brasil Possuímos até mesmo um forum próprio da CZN Brasil que expandiremos a BLACK DESERT Futuramente. Aguardo a Todos! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone! Let's get together inside BLACK DESERT! Welcome to CZN Brasil! We are developing the recruitment of players who may have no idea of the game and even of those who have a lot of experience under the game! Come join CZN Brasil, we are more than 5 years together and several games, we have channel on Youtube, facebook, groups and more. We have reached more than 200 Active members in various groups in which we play together the most varied games every day. Watch a preview trailer of our clan! -> [CZN BRAZIL - TRAILER] - Youtube Visit our fanpage for more information about the Guild and the Clan: Facebook - FanPage - CZN Brasil We even own a forum of CZN Brasil that we will expand BLACK DESERT in the future. I await everyone!
  16. Contact me through Xbox Live for more information ORICHEEMARU
  17. Hey all, if you are in the hunt for a relaxed “Jack of all trades” guild then look no further. Whether you are looking to work on life skills, learn more about the game, meet new players, participate in events, take on bosses, party up with people, or simply hang out and chat with us, you’ll always find something to do and someone to do it with. Our goal is to experience everything this game has to offer and have fun doing it. We are a community driven guild so as we continue to expand, so will our activities. There is also never any pressure to participate in guild events. Are you new to the game? We would be happy to help get you set in the right direction and help simplify things so you can get back to enjoying the game. We are looking for active and dedicated members to join our ranks and welcome everyone from new players to hardcore players. If this sounds like what you are looking for and wish to start your adventure with us, send me a message on Xbox. My gamer tag is Th3Stig911. We also have a discord server available for all members. I look forward to meeting all of you.
  18. Hello! Ulfhednar is looking for new members, noobs, veterans, whomever. We aren't a super serious guild, just a very laid back one. We won't hound you to be super active, we won't complain about Siege/Node wars. We're just looking to create a friendly environment that everyone can enjoy and grow from! If you're interested feel free to message me, gamer tag is Wolfgang Abel. Hope to see new recruits!
  19. <Superheroes> and <Supervillains> are recruiting! We are world PVP based, perma-decced rival guilds! We are new and upcoming and gaining members surprisingly fast. We've received tons of positive reinforcement from server chat and world chat! At the moment things are quite small, but we are looking very closely into the future and things are looking great! We have a shared discord (With guild channels and "neutral" channels) for general chat/trashtalk/event notices! We have plans to extend to a extra large guild on both ends, leaving a pretty consistent amount of WPVP. Score is held by the war kill counter so we can see who is in the lead. We are looking to get into sea monster hunting as well but its not quite there yet! We are experienced players looking for new/experienced players to come kick it with us and do some PVP. *Arena GVG events (Trial available) *WPVP *Discord *Unique Idea Whisper family name: "Mika_Hashai" for questions or invites! I will be keeping up with this thread as needed! **Not strict recruitment due to member count, will increase as gain members** **I would recommend a gear score of 450+ and 56+ before joining.** **This is a PC guild**
  20. Hey guys! I'm Rainbow and I'm looking to grow my Guild. We are just starting out and want to expand our horizons. We have a very relaxed atmosphere where anyone is welcome to join. Doesn't matter if you are pvp or pve we are happy to have you. We do not have a requirement on GS. We just want to have fun and enjoy all BDO has to offer. If we have peaked your interest, My GT is TaSt3tH3RaIn80W and you can send me a message for more information.
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