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Found 87 results

  1. Prime

    <PANIC> / NA / 460+

    NORTH AMERICA <PANIC> SERENDIA HOLDERS Looking to recruit players to continually cap our current roster. We're well organized and continually getting stronger in the pursuit of more dominant Siege and Nodewar victories. We are an extra large guild and our current average (4/25) level is 59 with an average gear score of 468 We require a verbal interview either through discord or through an Xbox chat. A PvP tryout will also be required to join. Current Requirements LVL 59 Required 460 G/S for Witch/Wizard 470 G/S for all other classes 490 G/S for Sorceress, Lahn, and Ranger Current PvP Schedule Every Saturday at 6PM PDT Why Join Us Panic has been one of the top guilds since BDX launch. We opened our doors to beginner Xbox players an PC veterans without any discrimination. We're very proud of being the only guild that was here on day one that is still considered to be in the top three of all guilds. If you're looking for a guild that you can grow with as a player, and longevity matters too you, then I invite you to contact any of the players below to set-up an interview. Feel free to leave a comment down below, or to reach out to the following people. Additionally you can direct join our discord by following the link provided (Discord is preferred): https://discord.gg/NkEEKBr XBL: Deadeyecation Discord: Tekkaden#1648 InGame Family: Medi XBL: NerfsAllAround Discord: Swooty#6910 InGame Family: Swiggity XBL: Atarize Discord: Atarize#0277 InGame Family: Raventhorn XBL: I 3mPte C7ip I Discord: Xen#8465 InGame Family: Reliquinn
  2. PVX Guild Supremacy [NA] recruiting we are newbie friendly, veteran friendly, strategic, and event experts if you would like to join contact me on either Discord Bombboy67#3884 or Xbox bombboy67 and ill have one of my co leaders set you up for success if I’m not around. experienced and non experienced players wanted. We also supply guides on the game as well as tips and tricks to make your experience better. 😈Supremacy😈 -NA Guild (International Players Welcome) -Guild Missions Daily (Multiple Servers) -Active -Scroll Runs -World Bosses/ Field Bosses -Opportunity to rank up -Node War Strategists -Extensive Guides Requirements To Join -18+ -400+ GearScore -Discord & Mic -Level 56+ -Weekly Guild Activity -Social -All Members Required to Complete Registration Contact Bombboy67#3884 on Discord or TPS FlowRaw#4736 https://discord.gg/QzCm4m4
  3. Die Deutsche PvP Gilde Luxuria sucht dich. Du hast bestimmt schonmal unsere Gildenwerbung im Weltchat gelesen und gelächelt, jetzt kommt deine Chance wir suchen neue PvP willige Mitglieder die Bock haben auf etwas Neues eine Gilde mit der sie Groß werden können und die hinter ihnen steht wenn mal wieder jemand deinen Grindspot haben will. Wir suchen; - Pvp willige Mitglieder die sich verbal im Zaun halten können und Spass am Pvp haben - Leute die Bock auf nodewars haben Wir bieten; - Pvp starke Leute die dir den Rücken Stärken sei es beim verteidigen deines Grindspots oder Farmen von Ausrüstung - Eine Familiäre Gemeinstaft mit der es auch Spass macht abends mal wieder viel zu späht noch online zu sein - Eine gut durch Strukturierte Gildenleitung die auch deine Vorschläge und Ideen berücksichtigen kann - Eine expliziten Gearscore Anforderung haben wir nicht aber du solltest wissen was du tust und wie du mit deiner Klasse umzugehen hast Interesse geweckt ?? Melde dich und Empfehl uns weiter 😉 Bei Fragen oder Bewerbungen Pn an Xbox Gt Braxs SM0k3zErO
  4. FoxBDOXbox

    Guild recruiting EU Server

    We're recruiting a new members to guild. We're offer daily pay up to 5 mil, all acc +5 , all Ap+3, all Dmg reduction +4, Max Hp +20 , Fishing & Gathering +2, Trade Item protection +10% 😄. And what do I expect from you? - activity of 10 000 point per week. - in guild action we're expect voice comunication - and your determination to participate in joint growth. If you want to join us write down here or whisper to Nick: Upory,Zuzka,FoxYT. We are hope you to join us :). Guild Officer FoxYT.
  5. Issola

    Seeking Guild (NA)

    Looking for a guild. I am an active player. Gamertag is Issola.
  6. We have a great Guild of about 25 members and growing everyday. Very chill atmosphere, and everyone is welcome. we also have Xbox Live parties going 24/7 for you to join. If you are interested, feel free to contact me on this forum or message me on Xbox Live my username and gamertag are exactly the same ORICHEEMARU
  7. Hello, We are 22-29 years old. Our guild server is Velia 6 and here you will always find Guild master and myself. All the information you need is on the poster, so I will not write much. If you prefer, you can add me on steam and we'll arrange it. Nickname: Necroy Regards and welcome.
  8. XxSmashCakexX

    The Pirate Council NA

    Hello Me Hearties! Thee Pirate council just tookes a wee of our inactive players and had them keel haul thee plank. Now havin' room for Shipmates in our crew. We be shippin' out soon! So sign the gentleman o' fortune and pillage with us. All guild buffs be Level 1 or higher. Nay gear score fer PvE, but to participate fer PvP 400 Gear score be required. Discord is a must https://discord.gg/4KNN7rG
  9. <Virtue> guild is recruiting to expand its PvP rosta, We have an active friendly guild recruiting all types of players, in particular PvP players. Most members are 450+ but minimum gs req is 400, exceptions made for people showing progress and wanting to move forward quickly, We our players vary in experience ranging from a few months played on xbox to 3 years on pc, the Node War leaders all have extensive experience leading node wars from both pc and xbox. We currently have 70 members (subject to change as guild carries on progressing) we are looking to recruit in more PvP focused players to continue doing node wars and push higher teir nodes, eventually siege wars. Alongside nw and sw we host a variety of events including pvp arena tournaments where we pay pearls, hide and seek, daily guild missions, bosses for people wanting them, guild wars, and are always looking for wars to keep our members active, entertained and happy here. We can help players learn new classes, help with gear, give tutorials in fail stacking if struggling, run scrolls for money, were a community focused guild and will be taking the PvP scene by storm *Discord is mandatory* If you are interested please post below your character name, gs and xbox GT so we can contact you best of luck! ElysiveNovias GT Litchborn IGN
  10. Chilled, friendly, established North American guild 'HarpiesRforLife'. Currently 30+ members. If you are already enjoying and committed to the game and want to continue enhancing your experience, we are seeking new members to join in on our group PvE, PvP, Node Wars, Life Skilling activities. It doesn't mean you have to get involved in everything, just what you really prefer to play. If you want to jump in and and see if we are a good fit, direct message one of our guild officers (xbox GTGs : TheSonicPharaoh, evilbunny4, Chuy0003, Its Dr Goose)and we can invite you. Cheers all!
  11. EU are recruiting we are a PVP focused guild frequently doing node wars and conquest, we are a diverse guild with members from all across Europe so everyone is welcome. We are the current holders of Serendia Territorty We are looking for Witches, Wizards level 58+ 440gs, however if you are a skilled player of another class then we will consider it. What we offer; PVP/Node wars/ Conquest (Tier 3 & 4) Daily guild quests with bosses every few days Many different guild buffs including some life skill buffs A fun chilled out environment with people always willing to help out Daily payments with a chance to progress in the guild and increase your payout Requirements; Level 59+ 450 GS+ required (440 witch/wizard) Be as active as you can be, mainly on Saturdays Join node wars as and when needed and be on discord to be able to communicate https://discord.gg/Xvjw8Wc
  12. We are now openly recruiting anyone, no minimum requirement of any sort. a very chill group of people with Xbox Live parties all day long. come in and join the fun, you can reach me through this forum or message me directly on Xbox Live my gamertag is ORICHEEMARU. Talk to you soon 😋
  13. We are now openly recruiting 400+.A very chill group of people with Xbox Live parties all day long. come in and join the fun, you can reach me through this forum or message me directly on Xbox Live my gamertag is ORICHEEMARU. Talk to you soon 😋
  14. MyGuu Cloud

    [NA] Hunt

    Hunt is recruiting active players to join our guild. Asking players to be 360-400+ gearscore and be willing to participate in guild activities such as missions, bosses, and node wars. We have guild buffs, a strong alliance, and a friendly community working together to grow and be successful. We aim to not only remain competitive but also to create an enjoyable community that works together. If your interested please add an message me on discord! Hope to here from you! Discord: MyGuy Cloud (Felwynter)#7380
  15. Good day Prime is a growing active guild.  we have fixed days for the guild quests Mo,Tue,Wed,Thu 19:30 ~ 20: 00/22: 00 ~ 23: 00 obliges to be there once a week, there is always an officer online to be able to do quests, this is all necessary for preparation node wars people with more activity will be rewarded! If this sounds like something to you, send a message quickly Send massage Xbox ID:dennisie34 ingame: tensoldrasik /tensolias See u ingame 
  16. We are now actively recruiting anybody with a 350 plus gear score. we have Xbox Live parties all day long and we have a lot of fun. we are starting to get into PVP, so that's why there is a requirement, but we will make some exceptions to the rule. if you want to hang out and have fun,Contact me through Xbox Live for more information ORICHEEMARU. Or reply through this post forum.😋
  17. We are now openly recruiting anyone, no minimum requirement of any sort. a very chill group of people with Xbox Live parties all day long. come in and join the fun, you can reach me through this forum or message me directly on Xbox Live my gamertag is ORICHEEMARU. Talk to you soon 😋
  18. About Us Were Mr_Meeseeks " Look at MEE " were just a casual group of guys and gals playing Black Desert Xbox, We have PC Vets to help with new players. Our main goal is to create a great experience for anyone already playing BDX or new players coming into this great MMO. at the moment were a small guild looking for people who wanna learn and just play stress free, no drama and actually enjoy the game. were looking into node wars at some point for the ones who want to do that. but Primarily were a Life Skill Casual Guild. PvE Daily Guild Missions Boss Scrolls RP ( Role Playing ) Trading Fishing Life Skills in General Dabble in PvP Node Wars ( Maby someday ) We use Discord to Communicate ( Mandatory to join ) Link ---> Click MEEE come hangout on the discord and talk to a officer if u are interested in joining
  19. LegendaryLykaon

    The Arcadians {Recruiting}

    Guild Name: The Arcadians Guild Leader: LegendaryLykaon Guild Contact: LegendaryLykaon, Vaneth Reaper Guild Website: http://www.arcadianguild.com Guild Motto: Just a friendly, social guild for all Guild Currently Recruiting: Anyone and Everyone Guild Type: Social, PvE (PvP planned for future, need to build first) Guild Peak Time Zones: USA Description: We are just a small group that love to play together. Our leader, has been playing this game for a decent amount of time and is very willing to help out wherever you need it. We are not an Elitist group. We are merely a group of friends that love to hang out and be stupid. If you are interested, hit up the leader or Vaneth. We will be glad to have you! If a guild just starting out isn't your cup of tea, don't worry. I totally understand. But just remember, every strong guild has a starting point. Being brand new there is plenty of room for growth and leadership. We just ask that you are active and join our ever so wonderful(and often inappropriate) party chat once in a while. That is just for us to get to know you. If you are interested, please reply here, or contact LegendaryLykaon or Vaneth Reaper on Xbox Live. We are growing extremely well. We have a discord chat that we are working toward getting everyone in. We would LOVE to have you! The invite code is xTv9DX8 See you in game soon!
  20. TwilightPanther

    Guild Interface

    Your guild interface is absolutely unacceptable. 1. There is no Log. No treasury log. No member joined/left log. No who did what in a mission. No how many guild missions got done or what type. 2. The Members list continually jumps to the top making it impossible to use. 3. The Members list does not show the GamerTag of members who are currently offline. 4. Setting a Members rank is a pain in the butt, and only has predefined values. 5. The members list does not show last login. I.E. GenaricMember33 was last in BDO 15 days ago. (maybe hes left and we should kick him!?) 6. There is no confirmation window for undeclaring on a war. I literally just had lag, had the A button go thru to open the guild menu and it undeced a war we wanted to keep. Please take a moment and log into Elder Scrolls Online on the xbox, make a guild, and look at the interface, tools, and options. Then come back and use yours. YOURS SUCKS!! So So Much! The guilds that make up your game are a HUGE PART of your community. Yet here we are using 3rd party apps to try and keep track of members and activity and guild funds, Spending valuable game time working on spreadsheets. Struggling to use your twitchy guild member list to copy the information over to a spreadsheet so that we can manage a guild. It makes being an officer or leader far more difficult than it needs to be. We already are juggling members, grievance, activity checks, events, helping low gs members, and trying to enjoy the game ourselves. With how bad it is i'm sure other guilds have made these suggestions. And for the love of BDO, I hope you listen and implement rapid improvements to your guild interface. *edit; spelling *edit; added #5 *edit; added #6 updated #1
  21. This is a totally revamped Guild with new leadership and new officers. we currently have about 15 members and we are open to anybody joining us at the moment. no minimum requirements of anything. there is also a couple of spots open to a few select people with a high enough gear score or enough knowledge of the game as officers. most of us are at least 20 years of age and we act like it, there is no drama in this Guild. if this sounds like the place for you please contact me through this forum or you can message me directly on Xbox Live. My gamer tag is ORICHEEMARU. Can't wait to talk to you. Peace 🤗
  22. Hello everyone! Me(Wizard) and a friend(sorc), both Lvl 56 are currently looking for a PvP focused Guild on EU servers. We are looking for a Guild with experienced and skilled players who are both active and mature (we are in our twenties). We are no PC vets but over the past few weeks, have learned a lot by watching and reading guides and we continue to do so every day. We do have played MMOs before, Wow and especially ESO over the past few years. We are looking for a Guild that helps us to farther improve our skills and knowledge. We are both online - 8hours/day. My AP/DP is currently 154/172 and my friends is around the same. So if you are recruiting, we are always open for a talk to find out more about your guild. Of course, if you have any further questions, just let me know!
  23. Hi my guild is new I'm looking for active people that love the life skill and trade system in this game. Looking to grow please shoot me a message on XBOX, as I have my chat off most of the time I have set up a discord for my GUILD. Gamertag xXOmega83Xx
  24. Liyr


  25. MrPinkie

    Helpful UI adjustment

    Simple request, make its easier to collect guild payouts. With just one button in stead of going to your own name, for -pay- then guild tab, for -wage- then options, for -rewards- three options just to get guild Payouts/Rewards kind of sucks. Same thing with collecting money from the central market, I have to scroll to each item and every time you hit collect it takes you right up top. Not a big if you don't have much for sale but if there's a lot it get a little frustrating a simple collect all button would be nice for both of these "guild and CM" save a lot of time and not affect game play.