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Found 37 results

  1. Hello. The problem started to happen right after a random patch dropped, 1.05 which didn't kick me out of the game to download it like other MMO's on the ps4 but for some reason i didn't have to download it for 24hours. When i downloaded the patch alot of weird things started to happen. It took ages for me to talk to npc's. It took ages for me to render in towns and cities with npc's and players rubber banding all over the place. When i try to move outside the city, my game completely stops rendering and i can't even access my menu. My Black spirit rage bar is stuck at 80% and wont go futher up. I cant even access my storage manager to access my storage. And when i did get to interact with the storage manager, i couldn't do anything, i didn't allow me to move, it didn't alow me to access your main menu. Nothing. And when that bug doesn't happen, all of my storages is completely empty. Its not my internet connection because pre patch it worked fine, i deleted and re-downloaded the game but that didn't work either. Please help. Because i do enjoy playing this game but i can't if i even can't access my main menu
  2. Only been playing about 3ish weeks, I have 207 CP. I have nodes to lvl 7 for farming mobs but am not making nearly as much as what people claim, so I want to know the differences between trading on pc and xbox. Should I be afk fishing before sleeping, whilst making crates? Which crates should I be making out of ore/wood? Where do I get started, I understand it's a long process so I want to get the jump whilst farming. I have a noble wagon I built, with +2 traders clothes after realizing I don't know as much as I need to know. I know how to grind xp, distance traveled, leveling horses whilst trading etc. I know later I want desert buff, but have a hard enough time not getting lost there as-is.
  3. Ok so, I’m trying to delete one of my characters I never use. Her inventory is empty, and all mounts are in stables. Unfortunately I can’t delete it because there’s always a message that tells me to not have items in camping storage but I don’t know what that is...? ps: I already put in a ticket so I could make sure it wasn’t an error.
  4. I am no longer negative karma but have completed the quests I picked up in Muiquun and was wondering if I have to be negative karma to turn them in and pick up the next quest
  5. hi everyone, i´m having troubles doing this mission as i dont know what to do to listen the conversation.I have gone to the site the mark signal me and pushed every bottom on my controler, but i dont get it right. Can someone help me? thanks
  6. Whenever I try to equip my saddle, it says “there are no mounts that can equip that item” why does this happen? I’m not riding my horse. I’m standing next to it and it keeps saying that
  7. Im stuck on the quest [sorceress] Desire For Power, its telling me to enhance a basteer weapon and i dont have one in my inventory help please.
  8. So I'm level 30 and on the quest [sorceress] Desire For Power and the black spirit is telling me to enhance the basteer weapon but i dont have one nor know where to find it... Any ideas on whats happened and how to sort it out???
  9. is there a way to check completed quests on xbox? i want to see if i completed "the chiefs granddaughter" because i dont know if i have or if it is a bug because i want to use the emote no.3 but it says i need to complete the quest yet i feel like i already have
  10. Anyone else got this or am i the only one it says i can claim it but it also says i have already claimed it yet i havnt received the giftbox?
  11. The guild I am a part of is literally nothing. Maybe 2 weeks ago the master logged in, appointed me as master without saying a word, and left the guild. Now my contract is up & I can't figure out how to rid myself of this blasted thing! There are 7 other members listed, but I think they all gave up on the game after experiencing the grind. They never log in & I can't appoint logged out members as masters. Can someone please help?
  12. Upon attempting to create a new account on the following page: https://www.xbox.playblackdesert.com/Member/join/ I am unable to proceed to the second step, that of email verification. Making sure all parts of the step one form are complete the page appears to hang once the proceed button has been pressed. This has occured on both Chrome and Firefox, as well as on safari on my mobile device. There is no error message. It seems to load, shows me this (see attached screenshot), shows as loading once I press 'ok' then the popup disappears and I remain on the same page. This has been the case for each time I attempt to create an account over the course of several MONTHS now. Has anyone else encountered this? Does anyone know where I can communicate this to the webmaster? Does anyone have any idea how i can get around this?
  13. Ok this game has been out alittle bit now and I know some of you pc players have migrated over to Xbox. Ok help us out with gear tips and what we should be aiming for. I was really hoping these forums would be more active.
  14. My characters armor is glitched and reverts back to base form look (or atleast the first time I used dye). I can clearly see what my character should look like while useing a few different screens of changeing armor fast. But it then immediately reverts back to this broken form. Bottom one with bandana is what my character is supposed to look like with the gear and stuff I have. But it always reverts back to the top form in game. Doesn’t help that I can’t submit this bug to a ticket because they won’t accept tickets at the moment with pictures.....
  15. So I can’t link my account even though in game I was able to. I never received my event quest hawk for linking my account. Seems the site isn’t regcongizing it. Then when you try to unlink it says account doesn’t exist. Next can’t submit a single more ticket to provide pics of the issues. And then lastly since trying to perform that unlink so I can re link it In hopes that it would work now my dyes all went away on my items. And Ontop of that my armor pieces don’t change visually anymore. When switching to different ones. Very bugged it seems. Any tips on how to correct or do I have to wait for someone to fix and give me the event items/ pet?
  16. Dank

    Respawn bug

    I got killed before red nose on my new lahn No matter what I try I carnt respawn no buttons to do so just dead char tried everything swapping servers restarting game /Xbox using pearl items she’s just gave up what I do the escape function doesn’t work help me
  17. account creation: fill out info, click everything needed, press next, get alert about not being able to change info after, hit ok, then nothing just stays on step one. Tried multi times, with two diff browsers... Thought maybe i created one a while back but when i goto recover password the alert says to try again later? HELP?
  18. hello every one can any one help me with this issue because black desert support tickets won't let me send any information becase it keeps saying i dont have filled everything, well found out why i can't send anything is because when i fill the discription last thing u have to fill in ticket the text keeps comming back from what there stands in slight gray and thats why he keeps saying that i dont filled everything what i realy do did so hope to get answers from the GM's here or atleast a personal approach xbox id :dennisie34 region: EU/NL xbox one x hope to hear soon
  19. Ive been stuck on this quest for a while. I go to the meat vendor and he's not there. Theres never anyone there to interact with. I literally camped there for four real hours waiting and nothing. Tried to de render and come back, nada. Help!
  20. I recently got to Mediah and got the Asula's Crimson Eye ring. I found out I didn't have to farm for them as much and went to grab the quests. I got the quests realized I needed other items, looked it up on how to get them, then went to talk to the related NPC's. Well when I got to them I get the prompt to say "give me back my seals" then they ask for an item I was never given. As an example when I talk to the Crow merchant NPC she asks for an item I never got. (I did all quests near and around Hexe Sanctuary) I would like to know if there is a way around this to get the items I need to complete the quests.
  21. Region: North America Server: Calpheon-1 Bug description had most of the supplies completed and delivered to the Epheron shipyard for the ship registration: fishing boat. Went out to gather the remaining 10 usable scantling. Dropped it in storage and went to the crafting menu. Only to see everything missing other than what was still being delivered. So the 176 item cost somehow dwindle to 6 usable scantling. It's not in my inventory or storage as a completed item. as well, if possible, can I get a refund on the items? I'm not asking for a finished one, I'd still like to put in the work.
  22. I’m in need of huge help. For some reason I have no ongoing main quest to do even though I’m on “The Disappearance of Nella” 9/11. I’ve accessed the main quest menu tab and made a trail to every quest in “The Disappearance of Nella” main quest line and wasn’t able to find a quest giver to help me continue. Please help.
  23. Is it possible to have your workers create crates or items within a house without having to manually start them every time?
  24. So i got the quest kalis parliament and it tells me to go talk to elina leight. When i go to talk to her it says i require knowledge or nora leight. When i go talk to nora it wont let me gain knowledge of her. I talked to everyone in the plantation area shes in and ive done all the quest besides the repeatable ones. Is this a bug or am i just missing something? Please help
  25. If you are having issue with kalis parliament and Elina leight saying to meet Norma Leight collect knowledge until you can converse with Norma then raise amity (we went to about 230) and then You should be able to talk to elina to continue the quest line it was suggested to me by another player so I k ow it's worked at least 2 times
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