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Found 5 results

  1. Athena

    Suggestion Commerciale

    Bonsoir, je me permets de faire une suggestion à l'équipe Pearl Abyss. Voilà nous sommes des joueurs très commerciale vis à vis du marcher commun mais il y a une chose qui me dérange depuis même la version Pc. Nous voulons pouvoir commercer entre joueur aussi, intégrer un système d'échange qu'on puissent soite ( Donné ou vendre) voir même un marcher de guilde. Le marcher commun est trop un casino quand nous voulons essayer de vendre un item à son collègue de guilde ou un ami. J'appuis fortement sur mon sujet car le marcher commun frêne sur ce que je viens d'expliquer, maintenant je voudrais savoir l'avis des autres joueurs sur mon sujet (langue internationale) serrons nous les coudes nous aimons le même jeu mes amis.
  2. Enslar

    AFK Energy Saver Mode

    Okay, by now we all have seen that AFK life skills require us to stay actively online with the game open, and it's all been nicely glossed over and ignored since beta. It's a really serious issue that needs to be addressed. If we're going to have to stay online for workers and afk life skills, there should at least be a power-saving mode similar to the way PC uses less resources when the game is minimized. Implement this missing feature, so that players can at least lessen the energy usage required, and not wear out our consoles.
  3. Dr INF3NRO

    Compensation at launch

    Hello @[CM] Simon, You might have noticed that the forums are a bit chaotic in the past 24 hours. We don't know yet what to expect in “Into the Abyss” but we do know there's another DELAY. Every company works hard to preserve clients since its cost efficient and even though the product isn't out yet, we the members are potential returning clients. As a representative of PA on the xbox community, I'd like you to convey a message to the relevant people, from the community - "We are disappointed". BDO is a game that is very influenced by time investment and in-game purchases - Mostly to make life easier in-game (pets, maids, weight, inventory space etc). We are deprived of that "Time". I believe that a compensation in the form of *meaningful discounts at launch, for in-game purchases would be fitting to ensure PA keeps their xbox community. I'm certain it would also attract new clients. For your consideration. Cheers. * 50% and higher
  4. Dr INF3NRO

    Independent Offline Workers

    Greetings! The way workers work these days is that you send them to gather stuff for you and they do that ONLY if you're in game. This poses a really big problem for xbox and console users in general. While PC players could minimize and do something else entirely, We don't have that option. Not to mention the fat electric bill... To tackle this apparent problem i'd like to suggest the following: Add an Elixir that would grant continuous independent working ability for workers. This item should be crafted by players and could be sold in the market. It should also be applied to each worker separately just like Beer. The effect duration of the crafted elixir should be 1,2 and 3 hours, The longer the duration the more and rarer reagents the crafting should consume. Premium elixirs that grant 4, 6 and 8 hours should be sold, respectively, in the cash shop for pearls. They should not be account bounded. Playing while the elixir's effect is still on should consume time as if you were offline. Elixirs cannot be stacked Worker energy drains at the same rate as working while online. I hope you consider this suggestion as it could offer a solution for players who are not able to stay online for long a duration. This also has a potential to generate profit to the company. I don't think there are plenty of methods to monetize offline time. On a personal note: i consider my suggestion to be harsh and more appealing to the company's aspect. If i had the chance i'd make it more player friendly my self like duration stacking, less energy drain from workers while offline, longer duration for crafted elixirs and no timer consumption while online. Your thoughts? Dr INF3RNO
  5. Enslar

    Boss Timers

    So, in BDO the bosses spawn in every channel at once and spawn within a "window". So you're never sure of EXACTLY when it will spawn. This can be hard to track, especially for new players who are less familiar with respawn times. I know that it adds to the "competitive" aspect of the game a little bit, but even for veteran players on PC this type of timer can be pretty annoying. I think it would be good to take away the spawn window and just have the bosses respawn after set times. This takes the confusion and useless waiting around out of the equation, and lets players prepare for the bosses without wasting any time. I would also suggest having the spawns staggered throughout channels, but that would just be a bonus that would allow players to make it to more bosses because all of them wouldn't spawn while you're sleeping or at work. And by staggered I mean like Ch1, ch3, and ch5 red nose spawns at 1:00 AM, ch2, ch4, and ch6 spawns at 6:00 PM. Staggering every single channel and only having one boss up at a time would be bad, because then too many people would be at the same boss at once. But staggered this way or in a similar way that would be less of an issue, while still allowing players who have different schedules to attend.