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Found 2 results

  1. traceywashere

    Clicking "Pet Information" does nothing

    I can't seem to view pet information for several of my pets - seems like it's the baby Fogan and the Snow Wolfdog. Other pets work, show me the info window - just not those 2 guys. 1 is not upgraded (Fogan) the other is.
  2. Pearl Abyss, Now that the dust has settled behind what was an amazing beta, I wanted to express my opinions on what I see around the community. We just recently got the post-beta video showing us updates that the game has received and it's amazing to see our feedback for the beta have real actions on the game we want to play. The communication during the beta was amazing, the CM staff, the developers, everyone in the community working together to report and give feedback. It really was something that you rarely see in a community. Words having an impact on what happens. Both sides working towards making BDX the best thing it can be. But that highlights the real issue... The community has constantly been kept in the dark about real information for the game. We all played the beta, we all have read every news post that the CM's have posted. We watched the trailer where the game was announced early 2018, read the interview with executive producer Jae-Hee Kim where the date was stated as releasing early 2018. Despite the date changes we are all still here and more hyped then we ever have been. The issue with where we currently reside is we have been told another date; Fall 2018. We were told that we would receive information if this date wasn't going to be able to be made also. Given the information that was seen in the post-beta video I have seen members of the community start to doubt if we will see the game launched at all during the 2018 year along with key members of the community stating that they are getting tired of being in the dark so much and have given themselves ultimatums for a release date or they leave. We would rather know a solid time frame, even if it has to move a few times to get it done. What we don't want is to figure out that the game isn't going to release when we were told slowly and on our own. So now to the point: We need information on a release date. We love this game and want to be ready for it. With that, people need time to schedule around holidays, work vacation, spending money on the game, and many other things. These are not things that can be planned around on a "we are releasing next week" kind of schedule, and for us to meet a 2018 deadline, like we were told, that's the only option we would have. Hype is easy to keep when you know what is going on but being left in the dark you feel lost and feel like there is no direction, and that is where we are now. If the dates have to move then so be it. Don't let us find out that the game is not coming out Fall 2018 by the last day of the season rolling around. It will only anger the community. If there are packages planned and head start scheduled then let us know. We want to be able to plan out our time playing the launch of Black Desert on the Xbox and that involves information. Information only you can give us. Thanks, The community Edit: I want to reiterate with this post that I know the CM's here on the forum do their best and they are amazing. I have said countless times that the communication during the beta was some of the best I have seen in any game, ever. Period. My goal with this is to address Pearl Abyss and let them know that the community would like information that they can act on and plan with. We are not requesting firm dates. We would like to know what we need to do with holidays coming up. Thanks again.