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Found 2 results

  1. Berserker's really fun with his Smack Down grab, because it's so fast and easy to use, but his Corpse Storm and Rock Smash abilities, which are also grabs, have no default inputs. Having to use the Ring Slot Menu for attacks is really unintuitive and alien, and there is plenty of space for more inputs. For example; Corpse Storm = Left Stick Forward + X Rock Smash = Left Stick Backwards + X Pretty simple, right? I would greatly appreciate if you changed this.
  2. This thread is about my critique and concerns towards the Button Mapping we have right now as seen in various footages So in the recent Vid Simon posted he showcased some of the lifeskills for whatever reason.. most likely because he was playin his zerk to lvl 61 and got bored grinding sausan ANYWAY i would like to focus on something velly important: The new UI heres a screeny from the latest footage gota admit that the UI looks stunning! amazing work has been done here to clean up and zip the bloated UI into something very modern also very MMO feel-a-like and oh boi that font is pure candy but this thread purpose is not to drool over the UI i would like to focus on, what i belive, gona be the most important thing: Button Mapping on Console so with the above screencap in mind lets take a closer look to the inputs: seeing this screen we can assume that we gona see the circle menus to choose from items,buffs,potions,procession,knowledge,map and skills? they have put the D-PAD to the most best use here there is no doubt it will most likey be free of configuration so you can set the D-PAD's arrow keys to whatever function you wish - make Left D-PAD HP-potion and right D-PAD Mana-potion.. or D-PAD up and down is up to you as awesome this idea is to clean up the UI and compress various elements into a circle menu this also comes with a huge flaw lets take a look with how a circle menu would look like with a set of full quickslot only skills in it: this is to much skills in here to choose from in esp the 45° ones are tricky to activate now imagine your in that one PvP scenario you already forgot what to do you panic „.. what class am i???..“ you somewhat half remember that the blue lines with stars in it did something good.. you hold down D-PAD up and circle to it using right stick you sorta managed to pull something up outa this menu but what you actual cast is: spellbound heart and youre now stuck in a 2 sec long animation just to give you 250 points of MP back .. which was full from the very beginning „.. damned... not again“ this way of using skills.. it is terrible because you loose control and you cant muscle memory it because there is always a margin of error if you pull up the stuff super fast chances are realistic that you hit the wrong skill right now access quickslots using pc controller support is way better.. lemme explain to you why The Power of 2 right now on PC controller support is maybe not perfect but it is pretty much solid you can do everything except zoom in/out open boxes and browse marketplace (you cant use the search function -because no virtuel keyboard) but i can gurantee you one thing: combat works flawless and even better than with keyboard inputs heres a screencap of my loli and what i use on pc for button layout: as you can see my quickslot bar is split up on 2 sides here is why: on pc u access the quickslots using your L1 and R1 Buttons in combination with Y,B,A,X so with every shoulder button you get to access 4 quickslots that makes 8 quickslots as a whole in my setup the 4 L1 quickslots are on the left side while R1 remains on the right side and they resemble the controller layout on screen this gives a very intuitive usage of those now you can access those with very high precision because unlike on your keyboard you dont have to search for "number 8" instead you just press R1 + Y and you fire it up this works realy good and far better than keyboard inputs in my opinion there a lot of very important quickslot skills you need to come up with and you need to bring them down quick so such a layout truly helps because after some training you can pull em up flawless without any error margin that allows quick and precise usage of combat inputs while you can observe whats going on the battlefield Now what would be truly awesome... if we just could mash-in both together? the D-PAD access to the circle menus and potions that are freely adjustable with the L1 Y,B,A,X and R1 Y,B,A,X inputs from pc this .. superior inputs from the future! you can get everything down there and you can freely adjust it to your own will you get your hands down on the power of the D-PAD circle menus that allow quick access to various elements such as food buffs, elixir, processin skills, world map, knowledge screen, character and on the same time you can make use of L1 Y,B,A,X and R1 Y,B,A,X inputs that allow precise combat inputs without error margin and to sum it up in a total overkill: allow to activate or deactivate it through "EDIT UI" so everyone can adjust it to its own liking