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Found 6 results

  1. Rocketfuel77777

    Latent Auras and Night Vendor

    PA.. Can we finally get these two implemented ? There is like 30-40 preorders for Kzarka and like 100 for Kutum and barely any are being sold.. come one. Can you give us a hand here?
  2. LegendOberfiend

    Kzarka Drop is there an exploit?

    The reason I ask, is there was a guy in server chat, claiming he had 49 Kzarka boxes because he gets one almost everytime, and he was not lying, streamed it and everything. There is just no way someone could have that many Kzarka boxes if there is no exploit, and it isnt just him, I see the same people get the drop all the time, to the point they boast in chat before he spawns they're getting another box, then they're one of the ones to get one. I've never had one and I have everything I can at this stage to maximize drop chance, level 10 node (I know no one knows if that works), S knowledge on Kzarka, Kamasylve blessing, in the top of damage dealers etc, I get MoS all the time, but never a kzarka. If there is an exploit, it needs to be patched and their ill gotten gains removed, I wont begrudge someone better RNG than me, but 49? Come on... At current drop rates that's like 1 in a billion.
  3. Hi All, Just made a quick video, i'm trying to document my enhancing on stream and will do regular enhancement streams. Most likely bi-weekly on a friday evening so if you enjoy watching me fail and lose the will to live come check me out at www.twitch.tv/tekeiiv Anyway on to the video of my first 2 nights spent enhancing. I've kinda been hoarding as much as i can since launch whilst still keeping my gear reasonable. In this video i spent; ~300 Million ~500 Armor/Weapon Stones ~ 50 Sharp Shards ~ 50 Hard Shards ~ 31 Memory Fragments ~ 31 Artisan Memories ~ 20,000 Pearls (kill me now) I literally spent everything and if my last enhancement fails i would be at 200,000 silver. It was an emotional ride and i still have no money right now in game either. I am COMPLETELY BROKE. I was even selling materials to the general goods vendor so I could rush and get some more shards to enhance on stream with. Do you think what i spent was good value for money after you see the results?
  4. traceywashere

    World boss RNG drop suggestion

    So the vicious circle with Kzarka (or any big boss really) is that the folks with the most damage have the best odds for the good prizes - to get the best damage you need the best gear, which comes from the boss. How about splitting the drop RNG between 2 groups? 1.) best performers and 2.) mid/worst with the most hits (thus eliminating ppl from rolling in and getting one shot and getting best prizes) This way you can reward the people that are really trying - it's so discouraging to walk out with a single hunter seal.
  5. ReakerKingdom96

    Kzarka damage change?

    Kzarka one shot me earlier with one of his basic attacks. I currently have 154 DP and I've taken his attacks before no problem but today, 4/11/19, I was killed outright. Not sure if it's just me, but I find it annoying when I have a ok DP (nowhere near great DP).
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9s4P2ZKqcs Hope you guys Enjoy, I have some footage of the end of beta on Glish I'll upload later if you guys want, and I also have some thoughts on the use of the "Value pack" in game, Thoughts as in it shouldn't offer an EXP boost on Xbox due to us already needing a "Gold" subscription to play. I think they need to remove any EXP boost so that they can maximize active users. I could be wrong, but I'm fairly sure Microsoft has pay outs to content providers and publishers based on their active users, meaning that having the most users is most important, where as on PC even if you are the most successful in terms of users you could (in theory) end up losing money over time as active users cost money to maintain and aren't paying anything. Maybe this is incorrect, or it is correct and they still want to add EXP boosters to try and make as much money as possible, as I say, that will work, but it will cost them overall as that will hurt active users. I think the writing is on the wall for them as a company, Focus on BDO as an Xbox title, that is just pay for cosmetics, and not pay to win. Since there are no other MMORPG'S available on Xbox, any strategy, Literally any they use is going to net them lots of money, if it's pay to look cute or to win. Just hope these lovely Koreans aren't so naive to think they should cash in on us as quick as possible and that it will net them long term success, this game could dominate the system for years and they should recognize that and remove this PC pay for EXP gameplay feature.