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Found 6 results

  1. WeAreLegion

    Here We Go!

    So the time has come. I know I am not only new to Black Desert , but to this little community and form we have going here. I just want to take a moment to say thank you to the people who I have met over the past week or so. Hopefully I’ve helped you to pass the time like you’ve helped me! In nine minutes some of us will be able to play, and it’s people like you who will make the game great...not just it’s amazing world or systems. Thanks and see you in game!! ❤️👍🏼💪🏼
  2. WeAreLegion

    6hrs 15min!!

    Can’t wait!!! 💪🏼😇❤️
  3. angryps4gamer

    Official Launch Topic

    I have a question, Also this is a good Thread for chatting about the official launch of Black Desert on XBOX. Question, Since beta is about over and they need to go over all the data. Do they have a time frame for an official launch? Are they going to add value packs for 30 days in game? If so i think those are great items (like a sub) but you can remake your character as many times as you want which is awesome. Are Mystic, Striker, DK and Lahn going to come out with the launch? This will be a pretty big patch if they add kama region into the game as well. Also this would give me enough time to get an xbox 1 so i can play the game.
  4. I would like to know when will be the launch of the official BDO for Xbox, but not the Beta, the game for all the players, the official date. If it hasn't a certain date, when you think it would be?
  5. Thought I'd make this topic to bring back some discussion in the absence of new information. So when the game eventually launches how do you think it will be, a buggy mess? Server issues? Players being totally lost? When the game finally launches I hope to load up a smooth experience and be able to run into loads of new people. During the first week I'm also excited to witness the grind that will be players trying to get certain gear parts as the market won't be of much use when the game starts.
  6. Skoll

    Early Adopter Rewards

    It might be fun to get a title and a mount perhaps to commemorate the launch. Maybe something like "explorer" , "Founder" , or " Precursor" and maybe just a reskin of a camel or baby elephant. Just a thought after playing otger mmo's at launch it definetly gives value to your first purchasers.