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Found 4 results

  1. jmanning152@gmail.com

    Processing Bug

    Ever since the update, I've been unable to initiate the filtering action in the processing menu. It won't bring up my inventory. Strangely, every other processing action works fine. I've tried reconnecting, restarting the game, and even cold booting my xbox to no avail. Region: United States Console: Xbox One X Server: Calpheon ISP: Comcast, fiber to premises 150 Mbps. Typically runs between 60 and 80.
  2. So as new classes release and i want to switch to another would I be able to transfer my life skills progress? I think many ppl would like this and I really dont want to do all the life skills grinding on every single character I am playing at the moment. Its kinda pulling me of the game. Consider adding some pearl shop consumable that allows you to choose character you want to transfer your life skills progress to cause ppl will quit eventually
  3. Question: does leveling up a particular life skill have an effect on the input or output of said skill? Example: it costs 5 wheat/6 water/2 levening/1 sugar to cook a beer. As I level up my cooking skill will the required amounts decrease? Or will I start getting more beers with every cook? Or does it stay the same regardless of my level?