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Found 10 results

  1. <LifeskiIIers> North America- Primarily A PVE Guild Run By Long Time PC Players. Guild looking to fill its roster with active chill players. Our members are very knowledgeable and love to help out the new players. Join Us For The Attendance Event All Are Welcome!!! New And Veteran Players Welcome! Only requirement we have is to join our Discord. Our Current Guild Buffs And What We Offer Are: +2 Gathering and +4 AP And +4 Damage Reduction Guild Missions Guild Bosses Guild Pay Based On Your Level Of Activity A Very Friendly Active Community Eventually We Want To Get Into Nodewars https://discord.gg/Vzcx4MH
  2. About Us Were Mr_Meeseeks " Look at MEE " were just a casual group of guys and gals playing Black Desert Xbox, We have PC Vets to help with new players. Our main goal is to create a great experience for anyone already playing BDX or new players coming into this great MMO. at the moment were a small guild looking for people who wanna learn and just play stress free, no drama and actually enjoy the game. were looking into node wars at some point for the ones who want to do that. but Primarily were a Life Skill Casual Guild. PvE Daily Guild Missions Boss Scrolls RP ( Role Playing ) Trading Fishing Life Skills in General Dabble in PvP Node Wars ( Maby someday ) We use Discord to Communicate ( Mandatory to join ) Link ---> Click MEEE come hangout on the discord and talk to a officer if u are interested in joining
  3. Hi my guild is new I'm looking for active people that love the life skill and trade system in this game. Looking to grow please shoot me a message on XBOX, as I have my chat off most of the time I have set up a discord for my GUILD. Gamertag xXOmega83Xx
  4. Hogwarts Thanks for checking out Hogwarts! A little about us, we are a PvP focused guild getting ready for Node Wars when they release. All our officers and a few members are black desert PC veterans with a lot of game knowledge that can help you learn your class and quickly progress. We currently have a 300 Gear Score minimum requirement to join the guild along with Mic and Discord. We will be increasing the minimum GS requirement every month to keep everyone progressing together. We are only accepting highly active players that are dedicated to helping the guild grow, PVP, and general progression. Anyone not pulling their own weight will be replaced. Guild Perks Currently, we are working on all the AP, DP, Health , Accuracy buffs with a few points in gathering to help you guys get them hards and sharps Every member will get a daily payout from the guild and the more you help out with guild missions, the higher your daily pay will be. We have a lot of active and helpful members to grind with and learn from. We do a lot of dueling in the arena. learn your class and test your skills! Guild Boss scrolls weekly Other Our discord link will be sent to you after you join the guild. You don't have to speak but is required that you join. Have fun and keep things friendly. thanks for checking us out! please fill out this application if you would like to join our guild! Guild Application ---> https://forms.gle/iskf2q4NWitdYU7Y6
  5. <Lifeskillers> -NA- PvE guild run by a PC vet Recruiting Active And Chill Players Active As In Stays Online Even If Its Afk Fishing!!! 2 Gathering / 1 AP Guild Missions Daily Pay Friendly Guild Happy To Help New Players. We Have A Discord And We Encourage You To Join It But Its Not Required Message Me On Here Or Join Our Discord Join our discord https://discord.gg/C3S36yM
  6. Fury091014

    Life Skill Bug.

    I am a very specific person and if something is not how i want it i often delete my character due to things not the way i want it to look. I was looking at my life skill page and noticed 20 points into my shaking, i have never! not once used shaking... My mind is not alright with this and i will have to delete this character and remake the same character to have 0 shaking to be able to continue to play the game. Is this a bug? did someone hack my game and shake something? I have severe paranoia and keep everything the way i see it and when something changes out of the blue like this is bothers me beyond the point of normal. Please @[CM]Shirna @[GM]Kushalook into this issue, I can not and will not play this character if this shaking has 20 points in it, i did not do anything to gain those points! Picture link The only life skill i have done so far is train my horse a few levels, that is it!
  7. Hi All! Many of the Xbox EU Balenos Server may already know me under the name of Alessa! I am actually also a full time streamer over on Mixer.com! I am going to be playing alot of this game, and as a LifeSkill main, thought I would take the oppertunity to provide my own indepth look at LifeSkills! Allowing me to answer questions, and help many of you get started on being the next big thing in LifeSkills! I also run community social events in game (Like Daily Fishing Trips, Social Gatherings, and more!) Come check us out over on Mixer some time! https://mixer.com/cptcoggs
  8. Kraelith

    Gathering level.

    I have been lumbering and mining. Apprentice 6 but the lumbering and mining are 0. Is this a bug or am I missing something on those stats. In the profile menu
  9. What do we offer? > Fun and Welcoming environment > Discord & Xbox Club Access > We Pay you daily and you get XP Bonuses > NA Server & No Requirements (Solo/Casual friendly) If you are a player that seeks fun and a good time than this is the guild for you! EDIT The guild operates in EST. But we will try and compensate different timezones. We have a discord! Feel free to join if you are interested https://discord.gg/mNY6pAD EDIT #2 We are also looking for an individual interested in PvP Leadership to help lead those of our members interested in PvP. Please DM for more info on this role or join our discord!
  10. Kurrupt

    Ficy Quest Not Appearing

    I got my main character to Apprentice 4 in both Processing and Gathering however when I go to Ficy, there are no dialog options. Her dialogue is "are you gonna use the workshop". I've tried changing servers, forfietting all quests, restarting my xbox and nothing helps. I'm not sure how I managed to have this happen but this is affecting my BDO experience as the Mineral Workbench only does one ingot at a time... Please help I'd like this to be resolved...