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Found 3 results

  1. UwU Nation recruiting members NA PvP/PvE/Lifeskillers on mediah 2 Daily guild missions No requirements needed Will get ranked up to guild officer if you are active enough
  2. I will be looking for a good lifeskill, pve guild that does lots of active gathering guild quests. I'm not very interested in pvp, I don't plan on rushing to 56 or higher with any of my characters, I am pretty knowledgeable about the game, I want to relax and enjoy the game. I also don't want a guild with a name I don't like so send me a Lil info about your guild if you want a pve, lifeskiller like me, thanks
  3. CalmSecrecy

    Mixer streamer

    Hope you guys willing to watch me and follow on mixer. I am veteran player that on Eu and SEA region pc. But I have no knowledge on pvp . I more like lifeskiller that hunt every single silver I found through lifeskilling. Stream on MIXER. https://mixer.com/CalmSecrecy Sorry for mobile link. Will be aiming to be top at lifeskill Stream bdo sea lifeskill from scratch and new character. Till Xbox 1 bdo release Streaming from Monday to Friday. Starting from first week of next month. Taking break now https://mixer.com/CalmSecrecy