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Found 15 results

  1. I've been making videos showing step by step how I make money while AFK Level: Beginner @ Lifeskilling Full playlist is here: If it's useful, plese subscribe
  2. berkayselcuk

    Imperial delivery nerf

    As many of u know, imperial delivery daily limit is cp/3 on xbox while its cp/2 on pc. Why u do this pa? Bdo is enjoyable bcs of giving u alternative silver farming methods but cp/3 is killing it. If its about prevent pc veterans abuse it and dont let them make a big gap between new comers, it simply does not work. Top players and veterans grinding money in best spots, killing weak players, dont let anybody reach them. If weak players choose to make money with life skill, cp/3 prevent it. With even 300 cp u can only sell 100 crate. Second thing is imperial delivery npc does not show your daily limit and how many left. Im not a programmer but its should not that much hard. I know cp/3 probably is not only problem for life skillers but i dont have enough info about other problems. I hope u fix your mistakes. Without life skill bdo is just a grindfest p2w korean mmo. People can find mmo s that have better pvp and pve contents.
  3. Morning All, Another method for you guys to gather some Hards and Sharp Shards whilst you aren't playing is gathering water. Yes I know some of you hate this but it's a really good method for some of you who ABSOLUTELY HATE gathering. When I'm grinding i like to spend my time doing something worthwhile like grinding or PvP so when it comes to getting those shards for enhancing this is my go-to method! Enjoy, if you find this video helpful, please like, subscribe, comment and share! .
  4. Ladies and gentlemen, bois and gals, memers and weebs! We're thrilled to announce the opening of a brand new guild - Offline! We're looking to invite all of you lifeskillers/casual players to our guild. Who are we: We're a happy bunch that consists mostly of PC veterans that are looking to have fun, chill, making inappropriate lewd jokes and goofing around. Our focus and end goal: Generally speaking, we're a lifeskill guild that focuses on helping players to understand the subject deeper and reap the rewards doing so. We also offer OPTIONAL PvP content within the guild with special perks. There are certain requirements to be met if you'd like to join the activity. We aim to have between 30-50 members at all time so recruitment is LIMITED. Our end goal is to have all the necessary guild perks that will help a lifeskiller, to teach people about new lifeskill content and perhaps dabble into various activities like Monster hunting and sailing in the future. Who are we looking for: 18+ Casual players who enjoy lifeskilling, learning and sharing information, memeing, weebing and having a good time without any requirements or deadlines hovering over their head. Feel free to drop at our discord channel and apply today - https://discord.gg/7xrsGj We have lit emojis, bots and a meme channel (NSWF channel incoming? Maybe) Cheers! Dr INF3RNO
  5. D13V1NC1


    !WELCOME! This is a new guild that will focus on LIFESKILLS and having FUN!
  6. R4GE0fW4R

    Disabling Pop Up Banners

    Hey there, Please for the sake of a better gaming expiriance GIVE US THE OPTION TO DISABLE THE BANNERS WHICH POP UP WHEN PROCESSING, COOKING!!!!!!!!! Most time when I afk process, cook I pull up the world map cause the Xbox runs smother in towns where it is fully crowded. When I get back and disable the world map then we have a 20-30 minutes POP UP OF ALL THINGS WE HAVE PROCESSED, COOKED and the actually process of that actions was loooooooooong time finished!!!!! THIS IS THE MOST ANNOYING THING IN THE GAME WHEN THIS POPS UP FOR THAT LONG TIME, ALSO THE SOUND TO THAT!!!! We don't need to see what we have processed on top of the screen! If we want to know this than we can already look in the chat window what we have crafted or how much. PLEASE GIVE US THIS OPTION THANK YOU☺
  7. Dr INF3NRO

    Things I'd love to see by June

    Hi there, We were truly blessed with the recent updates giving lifeskillers a chance to get some progress like the CP dishes, cooks costume and Valencia in general. We are still missing a few things to be able to fully enjoy the benefits of life skills. #1: Shinning powder - is a proc we get from alchemy which will allow us to create Alchemy stones. The alchemy stones give a 10min buff and will drain after 100 uses iirc. You can refill each stone with specific materials. For life skillers its a big deal since we will be able to reach that 1-2 sec cooking time, since as of now with +3 silver embroidered cloths and a p2w costume I can only reach 2.5 seconds. #2: Imperial NPC - by far the most important thing for lifeskillers and even casual grinders. With some preparations we will be able to have a daily income that will compensate SLIGHTLY those who arnt hardcore grinders (aka 50% of the playerbase). #3: Trade buff - Not an immediate necessity but a requirement for those of us who afk process and like to have that silver boost once in a month or 2. So to be fair, all of these combined will probably won't be able to compete with hardcore grinders but it will sure help since right now its absolutely atrocious how huge the gap is between these tiers. Give your lifeskillers some love. We're the ones who hold ur markets from crashing tbh..
  8. Hello guys, So after a seemingly endless search for a decent LifeSkill Guild on EU, I decided to take initiative and set up my own. We are a LifeSkill focused & PVE guild , there will be no guild activities relating to PvP . It's only me now , but I hope to build a decent community of LifeSkillers! If you wish to join , pop Discord : https://discord.gg/tWGtwMs 🐛🐛
  9. Hi All, Hope you are doing well another video for the new guys out there on how to get easy contribution points so you can max out those workers and resources. I hope this is helpful!
  10. I totally get this is a PvP game - but there can some improvements made to take out some of the big frustrations. If there were a cool-down between having your flag up, getting in your hits, and flagging down - it would prevent people from starting a fight, getting the other guy to flag up to defend, then flag down to karma bomb. Adding some cool-down time would make it much harder for someone to do that. You want to start a fight? Fine, start your fight. You want to defend or take a grind spot? Okay, sure. But be ready to lose too. Don't chicken out and be a d-bag, just go run away with your tail tucked. I saw another post that suggested making people wearing lifeskill gear un-pvp'able. That would be cool. Of course, once we get the ability to transfer life skills to another toon I'd totally do that for my 50+ horse trainer. For now I make sure I unequip weapons so it's a little more obvious, then again, driving a 4 horse cart is pretty obvious.
  11. Guild size 8/15 Guild Perks - +2 gather +1 fishing (more to come) Application - [Two Professional Skills Required]
  12. WitchesBeCrazy is a new guild looking to grow its ranks. Focusing on group leveling and growing life skills. Guild boss scrolls for liverto drops and guild missions for higher guild pay outs. Whisper FiveTonHammer in game or Fivefdp86 on xbox live for more info or an invite
  13. UwU Nation recruiting members NA PvP/PvE/Lifeskillers on mediah 2 Daily guild missions No requirements needed Will get ranked up to guild officer if you are active enough
  14. I will be looking for a good lifeskill, pve guild that does lots of active gathering guild quests. I'm not very interested in pvp, I don't plan on rushing to 56 or higher with any of my characters, I am pretty knowledgeable about the game, I want to relax and enjoy the game. I also don't want a guild with a name I don't like so send me a Lil info about your guild if you want a pve, lifeskiller like me, thanks
  15. CalmSecrecy

    Mixer streamer

    Hope you guys willing to watch me and follow on mixer. I am veteran player that on Eu and SEA region pc. But I have no knowledge on pvp . I more like lifeskiller that hunt every single silver I found through lifeskilling. Stream on MIXER. https://mixer.com/CalmSecrecy Sorry for mobile link. Will be aiming to be top at lifeskill Stream bdo sea lifeskill from scratch and new character. Till Xbox 1 bdo release Streaming from Monday to Friday. Starting from first week of next month. Taking break now https://mixer.com/CalmSecrecy