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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All! Many of the Xbox EU Balenos Server may already know me under the name of Alessa! I am actually also a full time streamer over on Mixer.com! I am going to be playing alot of this game, and as a LifeSkill main, thought I would take the oppertunity to provide my own indepth look at LifeSkills! Allowing me to answer questions, and help many of you get started on being the next big thing in LifeSkills! I also run community social events in game (Like Daily Fishing Trips, Social Gatherings, and more!) Come check us out over on Mixer some time! https://mixer.com/cptcoggs
  2. Nohbuhl

    Newbie BDO streamer (Mixer)

    My GT/Channel on Mixer is Nohbuhl. I'm attempting to stream mostly BDO consistently throughout my journey of trying to get better at it. I have a schedule but I might be changing it soon due to the fact that I've messed up my sleep habit by staying up for so long to play BDO; most of the time I'll be streaming @ or around 5. Any pointers and tips are greatly appreciated. Not currently looking for a guild but I wold love help with building my own. mixer.com/Nohbuhl Feel free to come check me out! :]
  3. Bayle

    Sorta New. :3

    Heyo! https://mixer.com/Kiirs is where you’ll find me :3 So I’m debating on streaming once BDX releases at some point. I’d love some tips and I’d totally be down with co-streaming too! Just let me know if ya want to! I’ll probably main Sorc while I wait for some other classes I’m interested in. I’m not decided on what yet. I’ll definitely be making a witch as well though. . I almost have everything set up besides music. ;-;
  4. http://mixer.com/Astolti is my lill domain. Once the game shall be released I shall be streaming my mischief's as a Trap Novice Witch trying to conquer all of Black Desert with Symphony by my side or fail trying. Join me on my adventures and teach me all its secrets. Side note still working on the account to get everything ready for once 2021 hits.
  5. CalmSecrecy

    Mixer streamer

    Hope you guys willing to watch me and follow on mixer. I am veteran player that on Eu and SEA region pc. But I have no knowledge on pvp . I more like lifeskiller that hunt every single silver I found through lifeskilling. Stream on MIXER. https://mixer.com/CalmSecrecy Sorry for mobile link. Will be aiming to be top at lifeskill Stream bdo sea lifeskill from scratch and new character. Till Xbox 1 bdo release Streaming from Monday to Friday. Starting from first week of next month. Taking break now https://mixer.com/CalmSecrecy
  6. Salut tout le monde ! Je viens donc parler de ma chaîne Twitch ou autre où je posterai des Lives BDX ou autre jeu ! Les Horaires seront diffusées ci-dessous pour les intéressés. Abonnez-vous à la chaîne pour me suivre et surtout bon jeu à tous ! D'autres infos à venir qui sais ! Chaîne Twitch : SwifterFire Chaîne Mixer : Swiffer Fire