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Found 4 results

  1. I read these posts and there is a constant drumbeat from the more active "criticizers" in the forums (by criticizer I mean people who instantly name call and attempt to discourage anyone from making suggestions or ridiculing the way that they want to play etc.) that BDO is a PVP Game. You know the classic PVP Gankers, the Git gud crowd, versus MMORPG Players who do structured PVP (node wars,conquest,red desert) and PVE in the open world who are pretty much tired of getting PK'd every other day. I would like a PA Official a CM or Developer to simply state once and for all. 1) This is primarily a MMORPG with PVP Elements or 2) This is primarily a PVP Game with MMORPG elements. Then clarify the PA position on Griefers and AFK PK'ers (encourage or discourage) This would save a whole lot of typing for us who want to actually have constructive discussions in the forums and would not make suggestions that would run contrary to the PA position.
  2. LoodyV2

    Full Party System Rework

    Hello everyone, thought im just a rookie in BDO, i would like to make some suggestions about the game's party system for Xbox. In short, it sucks. For example, i'm fighting hard mobs, i see a guy next to me who is killing the same ones, i want to invite him but its impossible, bcs i just cant target him, and even if i can, the inferface wont come out if even one of us is in combat. It's a teribble gamedesign for an MMO. Using chat is often just doesnt work out, people just run away by the time i can choose some template, or they just dont notice, and of course the nearby mobs wont just wait their turn, they will kill you the moment you stop kiting (Ranger). Here is what i want. Make a "Party" tab in the game menu, where you could see "Nearby Players" names. Then you could select the guy who killing next to you and either invite him to your party or if he is in a party already "Request join to Party". Obviously you could do other things like whisper, block etc. It should be super simple to implement. Please make it happen, unable to paly with others is my biggest problem with the game right now. Thank you for reading, Loody
  3. RGxR


    I know we are all ready for the Xbox version of black desert online. The hype is literally unreal. Tho we do not have a release date just yet, i know the developers are doing everything to make sure this game is nothing but perfect and runs efficiently when it "finally" comes to consoles. It would be great to have a release date but i'm pretty sure its coming really soon considering the website is finally up. Who is all ready to spend hours on hours playing this game and having nothing but enjoyment grinding and having fun? I KNOW I AM
  4. The Guiido

    I plan on streaming BDO

    https://www.twitch.tv/theguiido I plan on streaming PvP a lot. Perhaps even some PvE too! I love reading chat, answering questions and plan on having a great time with the BDO community! Tournaments, Premades, and a lot of fun await in my streams. I make people laugh and bring a one of a kind personality to the table. Just like my NW streams, I plan on bringing a lot of unique, fun, and entertaining people and ideas to the stream that hasn't been done before. I read chat always, and respond. Hope to see you guys there! I have been playing RPG's and MMO's basically since I was a little kid. Me and my friends are very interested in this game and I also plan on listening to your guys feedback on discussions and pod casts on this game. I am new to this game, but have been following it for months and did try it out on PC. I hope we can enjoy this launch, and even more so enjoy it with you guys!