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Found 11 results

  1. <Virtue> guild is recruiting to expand its PvP rosta, We have an active friendly guild recruiting all types of players, in particular PvP players. Most members are 450+ but minimum gs req is 400, exceptions made for people showing progress and wanting to move forward quickly, We our players vary in experience ranging from a few months played on xbox to 3 years on pc, the Node War leaders all have extensive experience leading node wars from both pc and xbox. We currently have 70 members (subject to change as guild carries on progressing) we are looking to recruit in more PvP focused players to continue doing node wars and push higher teir nodes, eventually siege wars. Alongside nw and sw we host a variety of events including pvp arena tournaments where we pay pearls, hide and seek, daily guild missions, bosses for people wanting them, guild wars, and are always looking for wars to keep our members active, entertained and happy here. We can help players learn new classes, help with gear, give tutorials in fail stacking if struggling, run scrolls for money, were a community focused guild and will be taking the PvP scene by storm *Discord is mandatory* If you are interested please post below your character name, gs and xbox GT so we can contact you best of luck! ElysiveNovias GT Litchborn IGN
  2. Supplyguy70


  3. We are a PVP focused guild frequently doing node wars and conquest, we are a diverse guild with members from all across Europe so everyone is welcome.We are looking for witches wizards and beserkers however if you are another class with high gear score and can use your class we will take that into consideration What we offer; PVP/Node wars(T3&T4)/ Conquest Daily guild quests with bosses every few days Many different guild buffs including some life skill buffs A fun chilled out environment with people always willing to help out Daily payments with a chance to progress in the guild and increase your payout Requirements; Level 57+ 440 GS+ required (420 Witch/Wiz) Be as active as you can be Join node wars as and when needed and be on discord to be able to communicate https://discord.gg/Hmc3FCb
  4. Good day Prime is a growing active guild.  we have fixed days for the guild quests Mo,Tue,Wed,Thu 19:30 ~ 20: 00/22: 00 ~ 23: 00 obliges to be there once a week, there is always an officer online to be able to do quests, this is all necessary for preparation node wars people with more activity will be rewarded! If this sounds like something to you, send a message quickly Send massage Xbox ID:dennisie34 ingame: tensoldrasik /tensolias See u ingame 
  5. Lasaire


  6. Come join Nergigante! were getting started on node wars and pvp. have an extremely active group, no gear score requirements at the moment. willing to help everyone get up to par and start doing node wars together. We play on Valencia 3 message me on Xbox GT- whaackyy or xXx Ranged xXD for an invite or to talk more about the guild.
  7. Shield Wall Our victories will not be achieved by overwhelming numbers. They will be achieved by teamwork, superior coordination, battle tactics, and preparation. We will influence the map and the economy through Castle ownership. Our guild will maintain a hard-cap of 100 members as we will not offer an overflow guild. We will require members to reach certain progression points by certain timelines and we will work together to achieve these. Voice communication and weekly siege attendance is required. We will host fight nights where our members can duel for prizes in a pvp tournament. Our guild will unlock combat bonuses first, and then life skill bonuses. We will maintain maximum daily payouts to all of our core members. We will have class leads to help with on boarding new members. They will also ensure members of their class are performing well at sieges. Class leads will be selected after launch based on knowledge, execution, and activity. We have no tolerance for discrimination nor toxicity regardless of your skill. We are currently accepting all classes at this time and expect a short interview before joining. Reply to this thread if you would like to join. I'll message you our discord link and we'll go from there. A bit about me, I've played nearly every sandbox pvp game on pc including bdo. I grew up playing xbox with my neighbors and I switched from pc to x box in July to prepare for bdo's launch. You can message me on this forum directly if you have any questions or reply here and I'll reach out to you.
  8. Steel Revenant

    (NA Xbox) Revenants recruiting.

    Revenants is now recruiting. Come join us and be a part of a growing community. No drama and few requirements. All levels welcome so long as you contribute to guild exp and participate in enough guild experiences to offset your contract cost. We have discord available to help coordinate. Currently our primary focus is leveling our members as well as the guild in anticipation of future awakenings and node wars. PvP is allowed but we strongly discourage trolling. Come be a part of a team that helps one another and put the elitism behind you. Feel free to contact me for more information or arrange ways to join. On Xbox, my gamer tag is Steel Revenant. In game, I can usually be found on Valencia 1 as “Paincakes”.
  9. We are looking for dedicated members willing to work hard and compete with top tier guilds. Filling fast with limited slots. Message GT spuzzmuffin for interview. Hope to see you all on the battlefield
  10. War guild Supremacy [NA] recruiting we are newbie friendly, veteran friendly, strategic, and event experts if you would like to join contact me on either Discord Bombboy67#3884 or Xbox bombboy67 and ill have one of my co leaders set you up for success if I’m not around. experienced and non experienced players wanted. We also supply guides on the game as well as tips and tricks to make your experience better. Supremacy.
  11. Wondering when and if we will be getting the ping system that PC has? It’s a very viable system for Node Wars shot calling and point out certain areas to guildies. Maybe a ring menu option?? 🤔