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  1. What's your Opinion on this Topic?
  2. Guild: EastIndiaCo GM: Korpova P.O.C.: Korpova, FadedDivine, FadedSins, Robinblack, DevoidCorpse, Faerieshai Size: 90+ Discord: w6ckCBY Server: C3, C2 Focus: PVE/Trading/Fishing/Hunting/Lifeskills Preparing for Deep Sea content Passive Buffs: +3 Gather +3 Fishing (Maxed for Both), Skilled Rider +3 (Trade Good Protection +50% Mastered), Battle Roar Lv5 (All AP +5, Mastered), Flame of Protection +5 (Damage Reduction +5, Mastered), Furious Roar Lvl5 ( Mastered All Accuracy +5) Active Buffs: Experienced Cry (Combat XP and Life Skill XP Gain +10%) 60 minutes Call to Battle (Combat and Technical XP Gain +10%) 60 Minutes Now Whaling (Leveling Hunters in the guild) Welcome to the Company, East India Company, that is! We are a PVE focused Lifeskill guild, prepping for the Deep Sea expansions. GM is a Master 21 Fisher and Master 2 Trader. If you are a Trader, Fisher, or Lifeskiller, and want an enjoyable place to play BDO, then give us a shout. No GS requirements.
  3. Note: Please use this new post moving forward, thanks in advance. Rogues Gallery was founded in 2015 when Neverwinter launched on Xbox One. Since then, the guild has played many different MMO's; Neverwinter, ESO & DCUO. Through the years we have made many friends and enjoyed countless hours of gaming, experiencing nearly everything a game has to offer. We are looking to expand the guild, to find people who simply enjoy playing the game for one reason or another. Life skillers, PvE enthusiasts and new players are all welcome. We have recently started trying out node wars, although, participation is optional. We are also willing to absorb smaller, like-minded guilds! We ARE currently recruiting. If you would like an invite, you may message the following people (Gamer tags): NighttimeComet rok klimer MeGottaGun DoktaVODKA Greene2041 The guild is currently extra large, with around 90 people. We are currently looking for ACTIVE players new or old. We have a guild Discord we utilize for most Guild communication. We do weekly Guild Boss scrolls, usually on Saturdays. We do Guild Missions frequently when decent ones are available. There are usually plenty of people willing to group up for memory fragment scrolls as well as regular and awakened boss scrolls. We are a fair mix of casual and hardcore. There is a home for everyone here, whether you have all day to play, or a couple hours here and there. We reside in many North American time zones. We play early in the morning, throughout the day, in the evening, time doesn't matter. We enjoy PvE, and dabble in PvP. We love PvE games, but understand that PvP is a big aspect of BDO and have open minds for the PvP aspect of the game. 18+ oriented guild. We expect members to act mature, be a little more thick skinned and willing to take a joke. Minimal restrictions. We only really ask that you are over 18 and active in the game. You could be level 20 or level 60, there is a home here. We just ask that you are an ACTIVE player and try to help with guild missions as we activate them. Current Buffs you gain for joining us: All Accuracy +5 All AP +5 Max HP +100 Damage Reduction +5 Gathering Level +3 Fishing Level +3 Trade Item Protection +50% Siege Weapon Damage Reduction 50% We aren't looking to be a "top 10 master epic PvP guild that's better than 'x' Guild". We are simply looking to have a decent time in the game.
  4. <ShadowZodiac> is an active guild, which was founded by two of the coolest nerds you'll ever meet. Now under new leadership with a team of dedicated officers ready to help you when needed. Our focus is PVE and Lifeskilling. This is not a PVP guild. We’re looking for like-minded individuals that want to enjoy all the game has to offer. Whether it is horse breeding, fishing, creating a node empire, trading or grinding right now all are welcome if you’re cool and active. We have players from all NA time zones with an active discord. Stop in and say hi! https://discord.gg/vp8N2GK Large Guild | Size: 57/70 Daily pay with weekly guild bonuses. Guild Skills: Acc + 5, AP + 5, DP + 3, Max HP +100, Gathering + 3, Fishing + 3 All Levels welcome, No GS requirement Guild Master: Swiftwind Officers: Thorgart, Phyrewing, Brenholland, Stormedragon, Onyxninja Guild Founders/Discord Moderators: Valdori and Asinqua Grimnoir We can usually be found out and about on S2 We often attend bosses as a group for fun We run guild quests alone or in teams We will take pleasure defending our lifeskiller fam from Reds Expectations: Be an active player. Not expected daily but if you’re just not gonna play at all then this isn’t the right guild for you. Be open to contributing to the guild. We’re probably going to dabble in a variety of things and while you aren’t expected to do all of them, if you just intend to only solo this isn’t the right guild for you. If you have ideas share them, if you have strategies on how to make silver quick, bring them! We love meta-gaming and will do the same for you. Be respectful of other members, and just people in general. Nothing against PKing or other forms of PVP but be classy about it. No level or class requirements Have fun with the game! Goals: Create a self sufficient community of players able to rely on each other Maintain a positive atmosphere that is new player friendly World Boss group attendance for those who want to do PVE While general chat is fairly rampant with trolls, this type of behavior wouldn't be tolerated within the guild. Be courteous. Thanks for checking out the post! If you're interested in joining, reply here with your info or join our Discord.
  5. First being said, we are not a hardcore PvP guild with gearscore requirements because tbh in this game PvP competitiveness is mainly revolving around cron stone abuse, and in estimation it takes about $800-$1200 per character in pearl shop items to be able to be PvP competative in a short time say 4-5 months. "All Natural" will take more than a year to gear up. That being said we do, do nodewars and get kills and lose with grace even though its a Witch/Wiz AoE spam and this point and the counters have been recently released in the last month and a half and the new characters are too new to counter them effectively. I have gotten some messages asking if we do LARPing and such but some of us have been in RP guilds before, but with the guild houses not in the game yet LARPing is rather difficult. We have a PSN chat group (convencience), and a 24/7 PSN Voice chat available. The guild does about 4-5 guild missions daily and we have high level buffs of luck, skill and combat exp, +3 fish +3 gather, AP, gathering, and about 800m in guild funds even though we haven't achieved conquering a node yet. Some of our guild members have 510-520 GS I am an officer I am more about 430-440 GS I just rerolled valk because I mained it on PC. We do a lot of lifeskilling it's a PvX guild and I am the lifeskill officer I can help people do all lifeskills, I have about 1.5 years playing the game and I have 4 artisan lifeskills and I am pretty good at the item database. There is daily drama at fogans so if you get to the desert we have had some World Guild Wars, but we don't war dec for stupid reasons because it hurts lifeskillers income generation in the world. We try to keep drama down, and we have had some problems with P2W bragging, wallet warrior bragging, and stuff like that is not good behavior to gloat about. We have 50 members currently, and room to grow, and we will accept players of any level, we care more about the people rather than DPS performance. If interested just send a PSN message to player : Ludiusvox
  6. Hi, Wie es im Topic bereits steht, bin ich auf der Suche nach einer deutschen Gilde auf der XBox. Ich spielte BDO bereits rund 2000 Stunden via Steam auf dem PC. Da ich aber ein Xbox-Jung war und bin, wechselte ich natürlich von PC zur One und hab dort jetzt schon runde 700 Stunden Spielzeit angesammelt. Derzeit bin ich Lvl59 (48%) und Lifeskille mehr, als ins Gefecht zu ziehen. Bevorzugt gehe ich PVE ins Getümmel. Da ich 2-facher Familienvater bin und im Schichtdienst arbeite, sollte man mich nicht auf irgendwelche Zeiten festnageln. Bin i.d.R. aber im erfass- und erreichbar. Gruß Andi
  7. Harvest99

    PvE Only?

    Idea for PvE only server. 50% less exp 50% less drop rate/chance Removal of Marni stones I don't need to explain why it's needed and you don't need to flex why it's not.
  8. Ищу русскоязычную ПВЕ гильдию без варов и осад для комфортного фарма, рыбалки, коневодства итп. Либо соберу таких игроков в новую гильдию. Предложения можно оставлять здесь, или в дискорд https://discord.gg/GksuvJh
  9. <CrazyStar>🌟 PvE Lifeskills guild - Looking for active new members all are welcome new and experience and crazy fun people. *helpful discord. Link is https://discord.gg/4Y8Zvhj *5 max buffs = Fishing, Gathering, Ap, Accuracy, Damage resist. (soon Hp will be max) *Future node wars- Just for fun! - Not going go insane about it if we win yay! If we loose then no big deal. *Scrolls, Guild Bonus, World Boss call outs in guild chat *We more of a text in game chat and discord kinda of guild, we do have a PlayStation community set up for people who want to voice chat though. We fun and laid back group, If you like to be part of our group just join the discord link is above and me or one of the officers will set up a time and place to shoot out the invite in the game!
  10. Hi Welcome G A I J I N is currently recruiting for active pvp/pve Players We are looking for new and old players We are a Helpful guild and we have no Requirements for gs (Gear-Score) We have a Discord / vc / ps4 party We do Monthly Boss Scrolls We do Guild missions frequently If you want to have a invite ask here or on BDO PS4 we are active in B2 ask for a Officer
  11. Buenas, estamos reclutando nuevos miembros en nuestra hermandad, pvx, nodewar, etc. Se requiere ser mayores de edad y un GS mínimo de 400. ( El GS es la suma del PA y PD ). Para más información Wisp Ariandell / XwKATARAwX. Saludos
  12. Why not have Flagging up work like other games and have it be the only way to start PvP. Then there will be no need for negative Karma. Players who want PvP will go to Red Battlefield and Arsha servers. Which are never filled, even with incentives. And the Hostility pets not only working in town, will be a problem anymore.
  13. <Panic> NA XB1 is recruiting 500+ Witchards | 520+ All others. <Panic> Is a Top 3 NA end game Siege war guild that is focused on weekly PVP content in a friendly, inviting atmosphere. We want active members that will be a good fit for our community. Requirements and expectations other than gear score: - Full submission of application to guild -Discord server for communication - Minimum 3 Siege attendance per month (1 excused absence monthly) - List of materials to bring for Siege (available upon application being submitted) - Maintaining your GS to not drop below minimum requirements We Have: •Trees Groups •NSFW for the Edgy •A family-like community •Class Leads to help you progress your gear, skill points and end game knowledge •Officer Lead Open Door Parties - Weekly Siege wars and Node wars during the week (when we dont own a territory) - Top players in the game in their class How to Join: Please add SignalSeven#8667 on discord, send me a message and we will get you started in the process of joining our family.
  14. Welcome to <TheNiceGuys> We are a pve/life skill guild. We focus on helping each other out and doing guild missions. If you have any questions ask TheNiceGuys we're always down to help. Guild Skills: MAX We Play On Valencia 1 Server 55 Members Weekly Guild Bonuses
  15. No Level or GS requirements, wether your new to the game or a vet who is having a break from the PvP scene all are welcome. Just a relaxed PvE guild with the aim of just enjoying the game, Good knowledge base on most things in game. Whisper Aulesia or send message on Xbox Live: A YorkshireZulu
  16. Hello, So, one thing in nearly every game that has a durability system is at what point can an item break or breakdown. Currently the only time you lose max durability is when you enhance an Item. This is a problem for the economy, as items can and will stockpile ecause people who have end game gear will always have the ability to use it without consequence. By making a few simple tweaks people would have to think twice about which gear they should use. Every time you repair your gear at a vendor, it should lose some max Durability. Unless you have for example a Anvil and Artisan processing to repair your own. Repairing your own should consume some type of resource to stop the loss of max durability. This resource should change depending on the level and rarity of the gear so that it is in effect not indestructible. You should have to maintain your gear. This will help pull gear off the shelves and make having boss gear loss OP by making players choose when they should use it. Further, evey action that invloves Enhancing, Enchanting and Transfusion should consume at minimum some durability unless you have the materials to negate that loss. For example, Cron stones and its subsequent non existent stones for lower grade items to prevent durability loss from augmentation of any kind. Using the item should only consume durability but any further action to the item should damage the maximum durability. It should not be indestructible in the sense that the only time you have too worry about max durability is when you are leveling it up. This idea will encourage trade and close the gear gap by making all gear have a usable life span that requires attention when it is near its end. This will stop everyone from being godlike all the time, it will bring the struggle back to the PvE and PvP as those PKs who roam wont just be able to go non-stop. The people grinding will have too acquire new strategies and be weary of how and what too farm. This is a positive change for the amount of item saturation of worthless gear, CM saturation of worthless Mats, reduce the saturation of Boss gear currently in play/use, increase CM trade quantities, reduce player AP and DP gaps and lastly the removal of huge amounts of Silver from the in game economy. This gives silver more value and we need more ways to burn silver off from the game so that not everyone can afford everything all of the time. Financial decisions should be made with thought. The only thing any of you can gripe about is that this will make you have to appreciate your gear and look after it. That the grind is not over and that you don't get to be godlike all the time. This, this is a small but yet very effective way to change the entire dynamic of the game in positive ways, adding a degree of difficulty behind the concept of it without actually changing the difficulty of the creatures. I hope none of you get too pissed but select your gear carefully, you'll need more than one set and you should be cautious of the financial decisions you make in game. Gacup
  17. So, Content, here you go. This is called a Gauntlet. This is where people go to die. This is where the bosses minions hide. A tunnel, stretching a vast distance under the desert sand. Filled with wave after wave of enemies. They rush from the far end charging your advice towards their vile lords. They are not static, but this is a push, back and forth it wages. It is the dance of the Yin and Yang. Both forces push under the ground trying to reach the others Generals killing along the way, littering bodies under the sand. This would be a progressive event, much like tug o war, but instead of tug, this is instead the Charge of War. It is only won when one side reaches the other and kills that lord. This is no short trek and when you die, you return to the beginning as it is hell you are fighting your way out of. Hopefully, you win and take the prize that the evil lord holds. Not many will make it as the horde never stops spawning, never stops advancing, they never stop their push against all that is good. This is where the blood of the fallen turns to Stone, under the darkness of the desert sand.
  18. <LifeskiIIers> -PvE Focused Guild In NA On XBOX Very Knowledgeable And Helpful Guild Looking To Fill Its Roster With Both New And Veteran Players! Recruiting Active And Chill Players Looking To Join An Active Community All Guild Buffs Are Mastered: Mastered Accuracy +5 Mastered All AP +5 Mastered Max HP +100 Mastered Damage Reduction +5 Mastered Gathering Level +3 Mastered Fishing Level +3 Mastered Trade Item Protection +50% Mastered Siege Weapon Damage Resistance +50% Guild Missions (Daily Just Ask For One) Guild Bosses (When There Is Interest) Whale Hunting (Looking For Hunters) Daily Pay (Increases With Activity) We Are Primarily A PVE Guild But Also Enjoy Participating In Nodewars Some. Never Required Only Requirement We Do Have Is To Join Our Discord Join Our Discord At https://discord.gg/RE5cWam
  19. TeamAlpha is currently looking for active players to join our guild. We are a growing guild looking to expand our numbers and possibly have other guilds/clans or small groups merge into our guild. We focus hard on PvP and PvE , including wars boss scrolls etc. We are looking to get into node wars but need more numbers of active players. Here at TeamAlpha we look after our members and always help one another out, we have a discord and ps community set up and prefer English speaking people with a gear score of 375+ but we are happy to welcome new players we can train you up no problem. If you want to be apart of a lovely community, My discord is Tenks#4732 PSN: Shotenketsu please feel free to contact me or any of the officers that you may see in game or simply post you’re name below and I’ll add you soon as possible ^^
  20. Liebe Community, wir die Leute vom „Gremium“ suchen mal wieder neue Spielerinnen und Spieler. Eure Gegenstandsstufe oder das Level ist für uns anfänglich irrelevant, genauso ob Du Anfänger, 3. Schicht Arbeiter, Familienvater mit 4 Kindern oder Veteran bist. Für uns zählt ausschließlich Aktivität, ein kommunikatives Wesen und Humor, alles weitere wird sich dann zeigen. Was wird Euch bei uns geboten : • PVE/PVP Gilde • freundliche/hilfsbereite Spieler • strukturierte Gilde / Discord • aktives Gildenleben • 15 – 20 Gildenbosse die Woche ( je nach Aktivität der Mitglieder ) • Gildenbuffs • gut vernetzte Community • viele Guides im Discord • weitere interessante Belohnungen/Vergütungen Folgende Voraussetzungen haben wir an einen Bewerber : • Mindestens 18 Jahre oder älter • Humor • Freundlichkeit und ein hilfsbereites Wesen • Notewar ist Pflicht für jedes Gildenmitglied das Online ist (max. zwei die Woche) • Gildenkriege Pflicht für jedes online Mitglied ab Level 58 • Flame/Beleidigungen Ingame und/oder in sozialen Medien sind untersagt! Solltet Ihr jetzt Neugierig geworden sein, und habt Lust mit uns durchzustarten, dann zögert nicht und bewerbt Euch. Wir freuen uns schon, den einen oder anderen kennenlernen zu dürfen . Also lieben Gruß und bis später GREMIUM https://discord.gg/ZytU6p
  21. ギルド「Tenko_Forest」ではメンバーを募集しています! 現在、メンバー数は20名弱、おじちゃん・おばちゃんを中心に構成されていてマナーを守れる分別のある大人の集まりです。 ログイン率やノルマ等一切ありません。 普段はバレノス2で活動しています。 主な活動は召喚書やギルミをたまにやるぐらいで拠点戦等は参加しておりません。休日などでインしてる人が多いときは、みんなでなにかしようかと集まることもあります。(航海に行ったり?) PS4から始めたメンバーばかりなので、全員初心者です。初心者の方も気軽にいらしてくださいなー! 基本的にDiscordでVCをしていますが、聞き専も可でゲーム内のギルドチャットを活用していきます。また、Discordへの参加も気が向いたときでも構わない感じでやっています。 PvPへの参加はしないつもりですが、完全に禁止というわけではないです。PKに関してもあまり推奨はしないという感じでしょうか(デメリットしかないので)PKKはOKです。 ご興味ある方は、こちらに返信いただくかGoogleで「ディスボード てんこの森」で検索して直接Discordのサーバーに入っていただければと思います。
  22. UWU has been around since prelaunch day 1 on ps4. We currently have alot of empty seats in the guild and would like to fill it. We are a blended group of adventurers where some are new to bdo and some from pc/xb. We enjoy all aspects of the game so if ur looking to find a bdo family feel free to let us know. We mostly play on the calpheon 2 server. We are a medium guild with guild passives. We enjoy everything bdo has to offer whether its pve one day lifeskilling the next. We currently do not pvp/node/conquest but are interested in doing it at a later time. The only requirement is being an active player. You dont have to be on daily we get that ppl have lives outside of gaming. Feel free to contact us here or ingame. Guild Leader: Sakika, Glissa, Satina, Gwendlynn of the Sunseeker family Officers: Lukraith, Raith of the Lukrath family Jisoo of the BLACK_PINK family Mx1 of the Hawaii3000 family
  23. Small chill PS4 PvE and PvP guild looking to grow! We dabble more into PvE but we don't run from PvP. Looking for active and fun people to join that we are all able to be ourselves around 😁 We do guild bosses on weekends and participate in all world bosses We accept all levels and players new and experienced No minimum GS required Our main server is Ser2 Discord and PSN parties available If The Academy sounds like the guild for you please join our discord or add/message KadreBandit, Zemis_Auralim, or Asoylent Discord: https://discord.gg/aDrbWKr
  24. Life skills guild looking for more members, accuracy +1, ap +2, damage reduction +1, fishing level 1, max HP +20 There aren’t any strict rules we need to do quilt quest in order to improve the perks and to provide payment, we do quest that help out one another mostly for gathering and cooking, if all of us decide to go fight for a node it can be done as a guild. Thanks for checking us out if this guild is your cup of tea or coffee beer or what have you just reply here and I’ll get in touch with you.
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