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Found 66 results

  1. Rogues Gallery was founded in 2015 when Neverwinter launched on Xbox One. Since then, the guild has played many different MMO's; Neverwinter, ESO & DCUO being the main we had presence in. Through the years we have made many friends and enjoyed countless hours of gaming, experiencing nearly everything a game has to offer. We are looking to expand the guild, to find people who simply enjoy playing the game for one reason or another. Life skillers and PvE enthusiasts, or even PvP enthusiasts, are all welcome. We ARE currently recruiting at this moment. If you would like an invite, you may Message the following people: igniXte XaniChristina NighttimeComet BillieDino The guild is currently large, consisting of 57 people. We will be expanding with new players, and former members from other games. We are currently looking for ACTIVE players new or old, and we HAVE a guild Discord we utilize most of our Guild activities, it also has a World Boss Notification for BOTH Kutum and Kzarka, which will notify you 30 minutes prior to the boss spawning. We have started slowly taking part in Node Wars; We won't participate in EVERY Node War, but we set up a Poll a week prior to an attempt on DISCORD to find out if we have enough interested people. We do weekly Boss scrolls, usually on Saturdays. We do Guild Quests frequently when decent ones are available. We are a fair mix of casual and hardcore. There is a home for everyone here, whether you have all day to play, or a couple hours here and there. We reside in EST and PST time zones. We play late in the day, and early in the day. Time doesn't matter. We enjoy PvE, and dabble in PvP. We love PvE in games, but understand that PvP is a big aspect of BDO and have open minds for the PvP aspect of the game. 18+ Oriented guild. We expect members to act mature, and be a little more thick skinned and willing to take a joke. There are no restrictions. You will not be rejected to join based on anything other then age. You could be level 20 or level 60, there is a home here. We just ask that you are an ACTIVE player and try to help with guild quests as we activate them. Current Buffs you gain for joining us: All Accuracy +2 All AP +4 Max HP +40 Gathering Level +2 Fishing Level +2 Our next targeted skill buff is Fishing +3 We aren't looking to be a "top 10 master epic PvP guild that's better then 'x' Guild". We are simply looking to have a decent time in the game, and find "Guild Feuds" to be quite a waste of time.
  2. Guild: EastIndiaCo GM: Korpova P.O.C.: Korpova, FadedDivine, FadedSins, Loafington, Robinblack, XxLancelotxX Size: 40+ Discord: w6ckCBY Server: C3, C2 Focus: PVE/Trading/Fishing/Hunting/Lifeskills Preparing for Deep Sea content Passive Buffs: +3 Gather +3 Fishing (Maxed for Both), Skilled Rider +3 (Trade Good Protection +50%), Battle Roar +4 (All AP +4), Flame of Protection +1 (Damage Reduction +1) Active Buffs: Experienced Cry (Combat XP and Life Skill XP Gain +10%) 60 minutes Now Whaling (Leveling Hunters in the guild) Welcome to the Company, East India Company, that is! We are a PVE focused Lifeskill guild, prepping for the Deep Sea expansions. GM is a Master Fisher and Artisan Trader. If you are a Trader, Fisher, or Lifeskiller, and want an enjoyable place to play BDO, then give us a shout. No GS requirements.
  3. PVX Guild Supremacy [NA] recruiting we are newbie friendly, veteran friendly, strategic, and event experts if you would like to join contact me on either Discord Bombboy67#3884 or Xbox bombboy67 and ill have one of my co leaders set you up for success if I’m not around. experienced and non experienced players wanted. We also supply guides on the game as well as tips and tricks to make your experience better. 😈Supremacy😈 -NA Guild (International Players Welcome) -Guild Missions Daily (Multiple Servers) -Active -Scroll Runs -World Bosses/ Field Bosses -Opportunity to rank up -Node War Strategists -Extensive Guides Requirements To Join -18+ -400+ GearScore -Discord & Mic -Level 56+ -Weekly Guild Activity -Social -All Members Required to Complete Registration Contact Bombboy67#3884 on Discord or TPS FlowRaw#4736 https://discord.gg/QzCm4m4
  4. Stormdragon

    [NA] Moonlit Dawn

    Hi there! Been playing Black Desert since the early days on PC. And am excitedly waiting for the PS4 launch. Accepting players of all types, whether they be completely new to BDO, or a long-time veteran. The guild will aim to be a casual guild, but will cater to anyone who decides to join. I prefer not to think of it as a guild, but as a community. The guild will mainly be PvE/Lifeskill-oriented, but will not shy away from PvP. Participating in Node wars and such will be explored, but if it were to be happen, attendance won't be mandatory. Essentially, you bought the game for yourself, so you should enjoy it as you see fit and your own pace. With that said, nothing will be strictly required, except to be an active member and a contributor to the guild whenever possible. Having discord is highly recommended as that will be a main method of communication for events, guild missions, and other such things, but having a mic is not. Any questions, comments, concerns feel free to let me know either through a PM or on discord, which I'll leave a link to below. Also, recruitment is open for people who might be interested in an officer role. Discord name: StormeDragon#5574 Discord server: https://discord.gg/uTRFvnM
  5. Looking for members that are new to the game and wanting to start and level with a chill environment, will be talking in party chat and will create discord, starting off pve and leveling and gearing till able to pvp , group dynamic is the goal and good vibes are crucial, Xbl Gamertag is: Xillus Feel free to add me and message me
  6. FoxBDOXbox

    Guild recruiting EU Server

    We're recruiting a new members to guild. We're offer daily pay up to 5 mil, all acc +5 , all Ap+3, all Dmg reduction +4, Max Hp +20 , Fishing & Gathering +2, Trade Item protection +10% 😄. And what do I expect from you? - activity of 10 000 point per week. - in guild action we're expect voice comunication - and your determination to participate in joint growth. If you want to join us write down here or whisper to Nick: Upory,Zuzka,FoxYT. We are hope you to join us :). Guild Officer FoxYT.
  7. Rocketfuel77777

    Recent PvE buff on PC. ETA for Xbox

    Dear PA, Since a recent PC patch introduced a PvE buff for Strikers I would like to find out if and when could we potentially expect these changes to hit Xbox. Could we get some info on this please? Thanks 😍
  8. We have a great Guild of about 25 members and growing everyday. Very chill atmosphere, and everyone is welcome. we also have Xbox Live parties going 24/7 for you to join. If you are interested, feel free to contact me on this forum or message me on Xbox Live my username and gamertag are exactly the same ORICHEEMARU
  9. Astolti

    Seeking a EU PVX Guild.

    As they announced there is going to be a new class and it's a support it reignited for me the interest and provided a the motivation to finally come back to BDX. Now Im not great when it comes to Dps and PVP especially 1x1 as I specialise in mass scale PVP and battle grounds as a support and untill now there were not really a option given in terms of classes for such a role and now with the announcement of Shai I can finally enjoy the game the way I like it, being a true support and watching out for the front and them in need. I am a PC veteran but for the most part I really don't have anything to brag about or show off as for the most part I just leveled classes took them for a spin to find the once I liked and focus on, I didn't do anything whit life skills at all so that part of the game is still a complex mystery to me tho knowing well it's the one thing you got to do in order to gain silver and mats thus I always was short on silver but despite that I still managed to gear and enjoy the neet style of the game. With the introduction of the new class I decided to prep for it that be: gearing, life skills and silver gain for a easier transition for a class swap when the time comes. I have been part of Symphony so as Life guild from whom I had the best time playing the game was in the guild of Life. It was small but hax it was tense, exciting, confusing at times but so much fun to be in tho when they disbanded was the time I quit BDX as the thrill of being hunted, hated and more but knowing we got each others backs was ireplacebl by any other guild it was the same feeling when I plaited in Tera under Red Zerg a Russian hard core War guild but time flys and now I'm returng to BDX thus I seek a new guild. Main: Shai Alt: Lahn, Valk Style: Support Mic: Yes Forum: Astolti Xbox: Astolti Targets: Gear, Basic understanding on life skills, preparations for my main Guild: PVX [Casual War Guild] with a decent member count and activity. Voice is a must. Astolti
  10. I read these posts and there is a constant drumbeat from the more active "criticizers" in the forums (by criticizer I mean people who instantly name call and attempt to discourage anyone from making suggestions or ridiculing the way that they want to play etc.) that BDO is a PVP Game. You know the classic PVP Gankers, the Git gud crowd, versus MMORPG Players who do structured PVP (node wars,conquest,red desert) and PVE in the open world who are pretty much tired of getting PK'd every other day. I would like a PA Official a CM or Developer to simply state once and for all. 1) This is primarily a MMORPG with PVP Elements or 2) This is primarily a PVP Game with MMORPG elements. Then clarify the PA position on Griefers and AFK PK'ers (encourage or discourage) This would save a whole lot of typing for us who want to actually have constructive discussions in the forums and would not make suggestions that would run contrary to the PA position.
  11. <LifeskiIIers> North America- Primarily A PVE Guild Run By Long Time PC Players. Guild looking to fill its roster with active chill players. Our members are very knowledgeable and love to help out the new players. Join Us For The Attendance Event All Are Welcome!!! New And Veteran Players Welcome! Only requirement we have is to join our Discord. Our Current Guild Buffs And What We Offer Are: +2 Gathering and +4 AP And +4 Damage Reduction Guild Missions Guild Bosses Guild Pay Based On Your Level Of Activity A Very Friendly Active Community Eventually We Want To Get Into Nodewars https://discord.gg/Vzcx4MH
  12. I, Primus, run a small guild on the European continental server and we're slowly getting bigger. We run bosses and/or guild missions a lot, so leveling up your character with us is a piece of fish. PvE means Player versus Enemy, Computer generated non-player-characters ("NPC") which we attack for quest completion. PvP means Player versus Player. This is the art of battle between two actual human beings rather than NPC enemies. We're PvE only. We do not have any interest in PvP. As a rule, PvP is for party defense only. We don't want complaints or drama resulting from our guild killing people unfairly. We will defend ourselves and we have made alliances, however. We are also being used, happily, as a training guild. Some PvP guilds want their friends, as a personal choice, to get good with boss fights, and other aspects of the game before getting good at PvP with their own guild with references from us. That's fine. This strengthens our presence and ensures a place for all in the game. If you join, you would get paid daily wages in addition to your loot. Also, you'd enjoy passive boosts to AP, accuracy, health and more every day that you're with us. We don't keep lazy moochers though. Do your bit with guild missions whenever you can, this makes sure everyone gets a wage and extra boosts when available. A Microphone headset would be essential for working with us; we need to be able to communicate efficiently during heavy action. Tactics, heals and location requests are frequent and take too long to type, Xbox Party voice ("vox") is much faster and social. Don't worry if you're shy, we just need to know that you're listening and acting as part of the team. We also have a Facebook page and group to help facilitate communication between larger membership later on, and a few of our members are using it as a great photo album too. It's brought the guild closer as a team and friends already. We have formed a daily group of friends and we always welcome more. If this sounds like the guild for you, post below and either me or my guild officers will get something sorted. Thank you for considering us. - Primus
  13. Ladies and gentlemen, bois and gals, memers and weebs! We're thrilled to announce the opening of a brand new guild - Offline! We're looking to invite all of you lifeskillers/casual players to our guild. Who are we: We're a happy bunch that consists mostly of PC veterans that are looking to have fun, chill, making inappropriate lewd jokes and goofing around. Our focus and end goal: Generally speaking, we're a lifeskill guild that focuses on helping players to understand the subject deeper and reap the rewards doing so. We also offer OPTIONAL PvP content within the guild with special perks. There are certain requirements to be met if you'd like to join the activity. We aim to have between 30-50 members at all time so recruitment is LIMITED. Our end goal is to have all the necessary guild perks that will help a lifeskiller, to teach people about new lifeskill content and perhaps dabble into various activities like Monster hunting and sailing in the future. Who are we looking for: 18+ Casual players who enjoy lifeskilling, learning and sharing information, memeing, weebing and having a good time without any requirements or deadlines hovering over their head. Feel free to drop at our discord channel and apply today - https://discord.gg/7xrsGj We have lit emojis, bots and a meme channel (NSWF channel incoming? Maybe) Cheers! Dr INF3RNO
  14. EU are recruiting we are a PVP focused guild frequently doing node wars and conquest, we are a diverse guild with members from all across Europe so everyone is welcome. We are the current holders of Serendia Territorty We are looking for Witches, Wizards level 58+ 440gs, however if you are a skilled player of another class then we will consider it. What we offer; PVP/Node wars/ Conquest (Tier 3 & 4) Daily guild quests with bosses every few days Many different guild buffs including some life skill buffs A fun chilled out environment with people always willing to help out Daily payments with a chance to progress in the guild and increase your payout Requirements; Level 59+ 450 GS+ required (440 witch/wizard) Be as active as you can be, mainly on Saturdays Join node wars as and when needed and be on discord to be able to communicate https://discord.gg/Xvjw8Wc
  15. Hello all, Epidemic is open to recruit active players to fill our ranks. We have an active core of officers and some members but people have been logging in less as the new game shine wears off on some Xbox players. We aim to be active in nodewars when the content is fully released and currently are building our pvp ranks. We are recruiting active players, your gear score does not matter to me, as this can be raised easily with some help, and we have experienced players to help you learn the game and propser. We do daily guildquests and have guild buffs in place for all our members. We also have a discord server that you will need to join, however no mic is required. please contact Malkav#5662 on discord or Tzemia in game on BDO for more info or to join us!
  16. We are now openly recruiting anyone, no minimum requirement of any sort. a very chill group of people with Xbox Live parties all day long. come in and join the fun, you can reach me through this forum or message me directly on Xbox Live my gamertag is ORICHEEMARU. Talk to you soon 😋
  17. We are now openly recruiting 400+.A very chill group of people with Xbox Live parties all day long. come in and join the fun, you can reach me through this forum or message me directly on Xbox Live my gamertag is ORICHEEMARU. Talk to you soon 😋
  18. Servus;) Hast du kein Glied?Dann werde Mitglied bei FallenAngels Wir suchen neue Kameraden für Gildenbosse , Postenkriege und Gildenkriege dabei ist uns das Lv und die Ausrüstung egal. Ihr solltet 18+ sein und Spaß am Game haben Ps. Wir haben Kekse und sind auf Calpheon 1 meistens unterwegs. Ihr könnt mich gerne Ingame anflüstern (Aborax) sollte ich nicht online sein fügt mich bei Xbox hinzu ExoAnimaZero Oder schreibt unten was hin Auf eine gute zusammenarbeit;)
  19. Good day Prime is a growing active guild.  we have fixed days for the guild quests Mo,Tue,Wed,Thu 19:30 ~ 20: 00/22: 00 ~ 23: 00 obliges to be there once a week, there is always an officer online to be able to do quests, this is all necessary for preparation node wars people with more activity will be rewarded! If this sounds like something to you, send a message quickly Send massage Xbox ID:dennisie34 ingame: tensoldrasik /tensolias See u ingame 
  20. We are now actively recruiting anybody with a 350 plus gear score. we have Xbox Live parties all day long and we have a lot of fun. we are starting to get into PVP, so that's why there is a requirement, but we will make some exceptions to the rule. if you want to hang out and have fun,Contact me through Xbox Live for more information ORICHEEMARU. Or reply through this post forum.😋
  21. We are now openly recruiting anyone, no minimum requirement of any sort. a very chill group of people with Xbox Live parties all day long. come in and join the fun, you can reach me through this forum or message me directly on Xbox Live my gamertag is ORICHEEMARU. Talk to you soon 😋
  22. About Us Were Mr_Meeseeks " Look at MEE " were just a casual group of guys and gals playing Black Desert Xbox, We have PC Vets to help with new players. Our main goal is to create a great experience for anyone already playing BDX or new players coming into this great MMO. at the moment were a small guild looking for people who wanna learn and just play stress free, no drama and actually enjoy the game. were looking into node wars at some point for the ones who want to do that. but Primarily were a Life Skill Casual Guild. PvE Daily Guild Missions Boss Scrolls RP ( Role Playing ) Trading Fishing Life Skills in General Dabble in PvP Node Wars ( Maby someday ) We use Discord to Communicate ( Mandatory to join ) Link ---> Click MEEE come hangout on the discord and talk to a officer if u are interested in joining
  23. This is a totally revamped Guild with new leadership and new officers. we currently have about 15 members and we are open to anybody joining us at the moment. no minimum requirements of anything. there is also a couple of spots open to a few select people with a high enough gear score or enough knowledge of the game as officers. most of us are at least 20 years of age and we act like it, there is no drama in this Guild. if this sounds like the place for you please contact me through this forum or you can message me directly on Xbox Live. My gamer tag is ORICHEEMARU. Can't wait to talk to you. Peace 🤗
  24. BlazingLegacyPR

    Guild XV - Recruitment - Small Guild

    Thank you for your interest, Guild XV is now recruiting members we are looking to have about 50 before focusing into NodeWars, so keep that in mind. We are focused in enjoying the game in all ways it may be; grinding, questing, exploring, fashion, trolling, fishing, swimming, PKing, Node hunting ect. as a guild usually online mostly at night we welcome the night owls to join our family. We do not require anything except be cool and enjoy the game, the point of our guild is the have someone to play with and enjoy this wonderful game towards the years to come. If you are interested please use the following discord link: https://discord.gg/24taeFk and leave your gamertag and ingame name with the other members to join. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/24taeFk
  25. Contact me through Xbox Live for more information ORICHEEMARU