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  1. <Misfits> [EU] Feel like no other guild wants you? Always feel a little bit out of place? Misfits could be the guild for you. We are a fairly new PVP driven guild. We are active, open and friendly. Always a party going for anyone that wants to drop in to chill. Keen on NW, GVG, missions and bossing. Currently participating in node wars 3 times a week, we are looking to increase that but we need your help to do so! If interested, we only ask a minimum of 400gs, we do offer help in areas of where to grind, how to build, fail stacking, etc. We do currently have the guild skills for ACC, AP, HP, DR, siege, gathering, and fishing maxed. If interested, add me - gamer tag is radioactiv mole.
  2. MagicTavern GM: q Hephaestus p Guild Members: 44/50 members and growing Guild Skills: All AP +4 Max HP +60 Damage Reduction +4 Gathering Level +3 Fishing Level +3 Guild Style: We are mainly focused around PvE based gameplay. PvP when we need to or wanna have fun 😉. Life skillers are allowed in our Guild as well. Looking for New & Vet players to join our guild. *If Interested pm me on xbox(q Hephaestus p) or leave a quote*
  3. 🔥 Sacred Souls, Calpheon-3 is recruiting!🔥 💫 Very active discord community 🏹 Weekly/Daily events, guild dueling tournaments, giveaways and more ❤ Drama and toxicity free, zero tolerance for anything of the such ⚔ Core Node Wars are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. With Seige on Saturday. 🛡 Gear Score 490 Required. Exceptions can be made ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ *Looking for players available for siege on Saturday.***⚡ ⚡ ⚡ LF Frontline classes as well Currently we are sitting north of 80 members and looking to start locking things down. With that being said, we have room for mature, dedicated, drama free players that want to compete at a high level without the stress of a typical 'top rated' guild! Stop by our Discord, say hi, see if we are good fit for you! https://discord.gg/SFxFEgN
  4. We are looking for all types of members to join our small but very active guild. We are mostly in our 20s - 30s and based in the Uk. Accepting all people at all levels. Pvpers, life skillers, pve players. A mic is not essential but definitely preferred for those looking to participate in node wars. We have guild skills unlocked (gathering, accuracy, ap buffs) and are busy filling the guild bank for guild house and node wars! 30 day contracts, bonuses when available! We welcome all people and all nations though we all speak English as a main language. We like banter as long as your not racist or abusive! We will be busy grinding so unlikely to check here for replies. So just add my psn jay_wiggy or meet in serendia 1 and ask for Yorkshire and we’ll come meet you.
  5. Immortal is recruiting dedicated players for daily nodewars, with emphasis on rangers, witches, warriors. Requirements are: 2 days a week node war attendance 350-400 GS If interested contact: Callo, Goliath or Hellish. In game Or leave a comment here and il get back to you we also help and guide you if you need help or reach a wall and don’t know what to do :3
  6. Guild Name: MagicTavern GM: q Hephaestus p Skills Mastered: Fishing(mastered) Gathering(mastered) Notes: I am looking to recruite all types of players new or vet's. I have no requirements so that means your GS doesnt matter. Just have fun in the guild and grow as an adventurer! If you or a friend are looking to join ALL ARE WELCOMED!!! 😆
  7. Light is looking for chill members who are lvl 50 and gear score 200+. Add jrlionfang on psn to join. PVE/PVP. (Light is the guild name) Server: calpheon 2
  8. Luna (Frostbite Brigade) Hello All! We are a medium sized guild of Black Desert veterans & newcomers coming from multiple other platforms and gaming experiences. We strive for a healthy guild culture in which we work towards established goals together through helping each other to grind gear/xp, helping to finish story content & contributing to guild missions/node wars. Many of our members have experience in life-skilling/crafting, leveling & PVP tactics, how to efficiently use energy/CP, as well as a huge array of online resources that we have found helpful for progressing in-game. We are looking for members experienced in or excited about learning the ins & outs of PVP with a guild in Black Desert since we plan on growing into a competitive primarily PVP guild. Mature & down-to-earth players over level 50 with a minimum GS of 200 (we don't do this to sound elitist, but need to effectively start planning for PVP). We plan to partake in weekly node wars (once pre-season bugs are fixed) and eventually conquest wars when the content is released. Because the mechanics of BD make it so that you have to PVE in order to progress your gear efficiently, we will also be doing guild related PVE things (guild boss scrolls, world bosses, guild missions, grinding for items/XP together in parties, helping each other with story content, etc.) If you’re interested come check out our discord (discord is a requirement) where you can introduce yourself & review our guild rules to get a feel of what we’re all about. Send Tsundoku or Lect (on our Discord) a PM about recruitment if you have any questions! Make sure to go to the "welcome" tab and click the emote so you have access to the guild server. p.s. We are always open to working towards common goals with other guilds as well and have a place for guild allies on discord. https://discord.gg/TfjQKJ
  9. Like the title says guild wars are broken af. You can declare war and get a karma pass without the other guild accepting? Wtf is that garbage
  10. Kai3


    Light needs members who are lvl 50+ and have a gear score of 200+. (PVP/PVE) be chill. (Light is our guild name)
  11. Looking for like minded guild members from au or nz. Members are all chilled players who want to build an active pve / pvp guild. Always willing to help members out. Send me a friend invite on psn @Freee-Bush
  12. <Titans> are looking for new and old players to grow and have fun. No GS or level required just that you be active. Looking for members and officers.
  13. <GameOver> welcomes both NEW players determined to rise to the top and EXPERIENCED players looking to be in the top! With all of our PvP experience and General Knowledge, we’re looking to have fun and work hard as a TEAM to progress in Black Desert. We ARE in it for the long run. Requirements to join: Gear Score 310+ Level 55+ Tryout Trial What we are looking for: Heavy Life Skillers (looking to PvP) Hardcore PvP’ers Team Players Loyal & Active Members Cool People 👌🏼 We promise the following upon joining us: Active Guild Perks Well-Constructed Roster Experienced players (from PC & Xbox) that will teach you the class that catches your attention On-going Guild Missions Active Leader and Officers Knowledge on Gear Progression A Guild with Long Term Goals Node Wars + Siege!!! Don’t be shy, and don’t miss out on something big! If interested you can contact any of us and ask for Discord invitation: Guild Leader - Legend#6427 Guild Officers - Cpt.Koga#7526, Keeks#8015, Harli#5488
  14. Integra recruiting dedicated PvP players 420+ gs| 59+ lvl for NW|GvG. We are active on XBOX[EU]. Write us a message on our discord if you are intrested. We are also very driven to teach people their class. Thanks! JOIN OUR DISCORD or talk to me personally throught XBOX GT : TECO ORIGINALZ https://discord.gg/FVb7tNR
  15. Hey all, aussie guild looking for likeminded individuals from au/nz timezones. Want to create a guild that allows us to stategise guild node wars with appropriate time zones. Let me know and we'll T up an invite. P.S loyal members get guild officer promotions after minimum 2 weeks.
  16. Titans are looking for new and old players. We are a PVX guild looking to grow and have fun. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.
  17. The BDO guild Eternal_Eclipse on PS4 is now recruiting new members. We currently have over fifteen members with a little less than a month to go until the game officially launches. The guild is expected to be highly diversified with the ability to focus on PVE, PVP, or life skills successfully within the guild. The guild is also expected to be highly democratic allowing all members to have a say in how the guild is run. All members are expected to have and use Discord for the guild, and the discord has already been setup. For those who have questions or are interested in joining you can message me personally or reply to this post. Thank you. Goal: As a guild our goal is to build a player base that can succeed in all areas of the game. Upon joining each member will be put into a squad under a lieutenant that best suits their interests and where they are believed to be most effective at improving the guild and themselves. Principles: As a guild we are built upon the principles of freedom and equality. Our guild allows individuals to do whatever they enjoy doing as a guild member whether that be PVP, PVE, or lifeskills and the freedom to switch at any time if things become boring to them. The goal is to keep everyone as entertained and happy as they can be to ensure maximum productivity and success as a guild. Event: As a guild we plan to do many events, for example upon launch we will have a leveling event with the winner receiving 40 dollars (in either pearls or PSN gift card) and the 2nd place getting 10. PVP events, gear events, and other events will take place each month with a chance for one or more guild members to win! Rules: The rules in Eternal_Eclipse are very few in number. People are expected to not PK other guild mates People are expected to not kill allied guild members Don't steal from the guild Don't scam other guild members BE ACTIVE
  18. Looking for sarcastic smart asses with nothing better to do with their time but pretend to be super powered humanoids who compensate for their insecurities by killing others in a game. Just like the rest of us 😃 Accepting all classes and experience types. Must be lvl 40+ Daily guild missions required. Mic preferred. If no mic, MUST be able to type in chat via keyboard. Main server: Calphion 2 Window of activity: 12pm - 12am Whisper Deveron Illidarae to join.
  19. Aacendants is a new guild for Black Desert Ps4 (NA Servers) Many of the players, and I, are new players to the game and we are looking to learn and grow together. I'm looking for both new and vet players who are interested in enjoying the game together and getting to the end game grind. A mic is prefered, but not neccesary as of yet. Activity is required atleast a few days a week. If youre interested messege my PS account, Verumidem.
  20. Morning all, I'm hosting another 1v1 Tournament to sign up head over here for the rules and times! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeug52v6Iji1v5_SQvTZ6Wcgsbx4SQa2qBOIO7IeljFQpzx-g/viewform
  21. KOS} There is no gearscore or level required. A few of us play bdo on xbox one/pc. since day 1 so if you have any question or if you need help i think its a good place for you!. We are looking To Find Players Who are Interested in joining a Strong Social PvP Oriented Community. If Your Interested In Progressing With A Social Pvp Guild , DM Me Or Join the Discord To Talk To One Of The Officers. 💥 Friendly atmosphere 💥 Weekly relic runs 💥 Weekly boss scroll runs 💥 Weekly guild boss scrolls 💥 Daily group grinding 💥 Sea monster hunting when Available 💥 24/7 activity 💥 Daily Guild Missions 💥 **NodeWars** / **GuildVsGuild** 💥 Red Players Welcomed 💥 PvP Training 💥World boss Requirements ✅Discord ✅TeamWork ✅Mic ✅Adults Only ✅Active ✅Combat Trial 💀 **PvP** https://discord.gg/VMPr9b5 If Your Interested Join The Link Below And Put A Message Into The Waiting Room to Let Us Know Your There. We Are Open To Small Guilds Interested In Merging Into Us
  22. (Havoc) is recruiting! Do you strive to be the best? Do you want to earn your spot on the top? We have a strong core of members that are active and driven. We have limited spots left so if you think you have what it takes apply today. Requirements: -Witch & Wizards: 480+ with 184 AAP -All others: 490+ with 205 AAP (AP offhand) OR 184 AAP accuracy offhand/Kutum -A GS picture and the passing of our Combat Trial is required before admittance into the guild. -Must be able to attend Saturday Sieges -Discord! -Active on game and with guild. Focuses: -Sieges -Node Wars -Competitive -Improvement of our members -Overall betterment of the guild Guild offers: -Highest level guild on BDO -Longest lasting guild on BDO -All buffs -Community -Skilled Trainers to help your progression -Xbox gift card giveaway events More about us: Our goal is to become the best guild in BDO, we seek to constantly improve and grow. If interested in joining please; send me a Direct Message and join our discord. (Advent Mortem#6794) https://discord.gg/r6sWJSC
  23. Идет набор в русско язычную гильдию Espada Регион: Европа Голос : https://discord.gg/5RaAmde Группа ВК : https://vk.com/ps4blackdesert Гильдийные требования • Активные пвп игроки • Использование дискорда во время пвп • Обязательная система Конст-пати Мы ищем PVP игроков с хорошим онлайном. Планируем выступать на Хай Вар контенте. Опыт в игре приветствуется, но не так обязателен, как ваше желание развивать своего персонажа в игре. Гильдия будет позиционировать себя как Pvp, однако я уверен, что мы найдем место для АКТИВНЫХ пве игроков, которые смогут в дальнейшем фармить море, быть слоноводом на осадах и тд. От нас: Помощь в изучении игры Опытные офицеры и игроки с ЗБТ Кореи и России Закрытые гайды и информация внутри гильдии Опытные игроки с Xbox версии Region: Europe Voice: https://discord.gg/5RaAmde Guild requirements • Active PVP Players • Using Discord is a Must! • Players with Teamwork We are looking for PVP players with good online. Plan to dissent on high var content. Experience in the game is welcome, but not as mandatory as your desire to develop your character in the game. The Guild will position itself as a Pvp, but I am sure that we will find a place for ACTIVE pve players who will be able to farm the sea, be an elephant in the siege, etc. From us: Help in learning the game Experienced officers and players of the PTA with Korea and Russia Closed guides and information within guilds Experienced players with Xbox version
  24. ¿Qué somos? Buenos días a todos, me presento, mi nombre es Jorge (ID PS4: Arkiimades) y yo junto a dos amigos, creamos hace tiempo el grupo o la hermandad "Black Suns" o en español "Soles Negros" con el objetivo de juntar o crear una pequeña comunidad de gente como nosotros para disfrutar de todo tipo de juegos juntos y online en un ambiente relajado, sobre todo divertido, y a poder ser, disfrutar de los contenido de ciertos juegos que precisan una interacción entre jugadores un poco mas organizada. estudiada y competitiva. ¿Qué queremos? Cuando digo organizada, estudiada y competitiva no nos referimos a que buscamos profesionales de los videojuegos dispuestos a dejarse los ojos, los bolsillos y terminar con su vida. Entendemos y comprendemos que eso no es posible, todos trabajamos, tenemos nuestras vidas y luego compartimos un gran hobby, los videojuegos. Lo que realmente buscamos, es compartir con un grupo mas grande esta pasión y poder extenderla y compartirla con otras personas, y sobre todo, poder disfrutar de ciertos contenidos ( como es el caso de gran parte del contenido de Black Desert Online), que de forma aleatoria no serian igual de satisfactorios, eficientes ni agradables. ¿Qué buscamos? Buscamos jugadores que compartan esta pasión con nosotros, que entiendan el significado de disfrutar un juego en grupo de forma cooperativa y que estén dispuestos a crear algo mas grande, algo que transforme un gran juego, en un juego memorable donde no solo disfrutar juntos, si no crear una pequeña familia virtual. Con esto, y siendo mas especifico, buscamos gente comprometida con el progreso del juego y sus compañeros, madura dentro de las posibilidades de un juego y con muchas ganas de pasarlo bien, y contribuir a esta gran comunidad que tenemos en mente. ¿Qué planes de futuro tenemos con la hermandad? Ahora si, y hablando mas objetivamente, queremos crear una hermandad multidisciplinar, donde cualquier jugador encuentre un sitio en ella. Queremos centrarnos en PvP (Conquistas organizadas, Guerras de nodos, defensa de zonas de grindeo, Arenas...) , PvE (Grindeo, búsquedas de contenido por el inmenso mapa, recolección de objetos varios...) y lo que nosotros llamaremos "BP" o "Base player" o "Jugador base" es un nombre que hemos "acuñado" de forma informal, para describir a aquellos que simplemente quieran disfrutar del juego a su ritmo, sin presiones de ningún tipo, simplemente compartir un espacio con otras personas y echar una mano donde puedan. ¿Como? Nuestra intención no es hacer el típico clan donde el creador decide todo y la dirección se basa en el y sus amigos, también buscamos encontrar oficiales de cada personaje para poder ayudar a otras personas a desarrollarse en el juego, oficiales de juego in game de todas las ramas e intentar dividirlos en función del contenido. Se harán varios grupos de cada contenido, se intentara explicar, enseñar y poner todo de nuestra parte, para que sea una experiencia igual de satisfactoria que lo que será para nosotros, confiad. Además, aunque siempre habrá alguien que tenga la ultima palabra, nos gustaría hacer un pequeño consejo de hermandad, donde aquellos jugadores que formen parte de los oficiales, podamos decidir todos juntos el futuro de esta gran comunidad (o futura comunidad). ¿Organización? Tenemos en mente, primero crear la hermandad obviamente ingame, desde ahí comenzar a organizarnos poco a poco, pero a medida que vayamos creciendo, también poder crear un grupo de Whatsapp (opcional y para ciertos contenidos), seguido de una comunidad propia en PS4 donde postear todos nuestros hallazgos, descubrimientos y demás contenidos que queramos compartir. Obviamente, los tres intentaremos y daremos nuestro mayor esfuerzo para que todo se haga de la manera más organizada y "profesional" posible, porque creemos, que es un juego con muchas posibilidades y queremos sacarle el máximo partido. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Por ultimo, y para no seguir escribiendo, animaros a todos a entrar en este futuro gran proyecto, que nos deis un voto de confianza para poco a poco, intentar crear una de las mayores hermandades a nivel español, y quien sabe si a nivel europeo, pero SIEMPRE sin perder lo mas importante y lo que nos junta a todos aquí... los videojuegos y la diversión, pero repito, sin perder el toque organizativo. Os esperamos impacientemente y no dudéis en preguntar cualquier duda o inquietud tanto por aquí, como por mensaje privado o directamente agregandome a Ps4 con la ID: Arkiimades. Un saludo, muchisimas gracias a todos por vuestro tiempo y esperamos que pronto, seáis un sol negro o un Black Sun mas.
  25. We are a laid back guild that likes to chill and have a good time playing the game. We have level 3 gathering and level 3 fishing unlocked. If your looking for a friendly, helpful, drama free, guild reply here or join our discord and we will get you into guild asap. Discord http://discord.gg/gGFRXs4
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