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Found 108 results

  1. Prime

    <PANIC> / NA / 460+

    NORTH AMERICA <PANIC> SERENDIA HOLDERS Looking to recruit players to continually cap our current roster. We're well organized and continually getting stronger in the pursuit of more dominant Siege and Nodewar victories. We are an extra large guild and our current average (4/25) level is 59 with an average gear score of 468 We require a verbal interview either through discord or through an Xbox chat. A PvP tryout will also be required to join. Current Requirements LVL 59 Required 460 G/S for Witch/Wizard 470 G/S for all other classes 490 G/S for Sorceress, Lahn, and Ranger Current PvP Schedule Every Saturday at 6PM PDT Why Join Us Panic has been one of the top guilds since BDX launch. We opened our doors to beginner Xbox players an PC veterans without any discrimination. We're very proud of being the only guild that was here on day one that is still considered to be in the top three of all guilds. If you're looking for a guild that you can grow with as a player, and longevity matters too you, then I invite you to contact any of the players below to set-up an interview. Feel free to leave a comment down below, or to reach out to the following people. Additionally you can direct join our discord by following the link provided (Discord is preferred): https://discord.gg/NkEEKBr XBL: Deadeyecation Discord: Tekkaden#1648 InGame Family: Medi XBL: NerfsAllAround Discord: Swooty#6910 InGame Family: Swiggity XBL: Atarize Discord: Atarize#0277 InGame Family: Raventhorn XBL: I 3mPte C7ip I Discord: Xen#8465 InGame Family: Reliquinn
  2. PVX Guild Supremacy [NA] recruiting we are newbie friendly, veteran friendly, strategic, and event experts if you would like to join contact me on either Discord Bombboy67#3884 or Xbox bombboy67 and ill have one of my co leaders set you up for success if I’m not around. experienced and non experienced players wanted. We also supply guides on the game as well as tips and tricks to make your experience better. 😈Supremacy😈 -NA Guild (International Players Welcome) -Guild Missions Daily (Multiple Servers) -Active -Scroll Runs -World Bosses/ Field Bosses -Opportunity to rank up -Node War Strategists -Extensive Guides Requirements To Join -18+ -400+ GearScore -Discord & Mic -Level 56+ -Weekly Guild Activity -Social -All Members Required to Complete Registration Contact Bombboy67#3884 on Discord or TPS FlowRaw#4736 https://discord.gg/QzCm4m4
  3. Looking for members that are new to the game and wanting to start and level with a chill environment, will be talking in party chat and will create discord, starting off pve and leveling and gearing till able to pvp , group dynamic is the goal and good vibes are crucial, Xbl Gamertag is: Xillus Feel free to add me and message me
  4. Die Deutsche PvP Gilde Luxuria sucht dich. Du hast bestimmt schonmal unsere Gildenwerbung im Weltchat gelesen und gelächelt, jetzt kommt deine Chance wir suchen neue PvP willige Mitglieder die Bock haben auf etwas Neues eine Gilde mit der sie Groß werden können und die hinter ihnen steht wenn mal wieder jemand deinen Grindspot haben will. Wir suchen; - Pvp willige Mitglieder die sich verbal im Zaun halten können und Spass am Pvp haben - Leute die Bock auf nodewars haben Wir bieten; - Pvp starke Leute die dir den Rücken Stärken sei es beim verteidigen deines Grindspots oder Farmen von Ausrüstung - Eine Familiäre Gemeinstaft mit der es auch Spass macht abends mal wieder viel zu späht noch online zu sein - Eine gut durch Strukturierte Gildenleitung die auch deine Vorschläge und Ideen berücksichtigen kann - Eine expliziten Gearscore Anforderung haben wir nicht aber du solltest wissen was du tust und wie du mit deiner Klasse umzugehen hast Interesse geweckt ?? Melde dich und Empfehl uns weiter 😉 Bei Fragen oder Bewerbungen Pn an Xbox Gt Braxs SM0k3zErO
  5. FoxBDOXbox

    Guild recruiting EU Server

    We're recruiting a new members to guild. We're offer daily pay up to 5 mil, all acc +5 , all Ap+3, all Dmg reduction +4, Max Hp +20 , Fishing & Gathering +2, Trade Item protection +10% 😄. And what do I expect from you? - activity of 10 000 point per week. - in guild action we're expect voice comunication - and your determination to participate in joint growth. If you want to join us write down here or whisper to Nick: Upory,Zuzka,FoxYT. We are hope you to join us :). Guild Officer FoxYT.
  6. We have a great Guild of about 25 members and growing everyday. Very chill atmosphere, and everyone is welcome. we also have Xbox Live parties going 24/7 for you to join. If you are interested, feel free to contact me on this forum or message me on Xbox Live my username and gamertag are exactly the same ORICHEEMARU
  7. Throw me to the wolves and I'll return leading the pack It never troubles the wolf how many the sheep might be __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We are looking for new members to start up something new and something fresh. We are looking to start and continue a guild similar to how I’ve run guilds in the past, whilst learning from past mistakes, and implement a better spread out leadership structure to create more stability and shared workloads. We already have some incredible talent within <Alpha> and several leaders who have been in the very best guilds of PC BDO, so we have plenty of experience and knowledge. You will be taken care of but you only get what you put into the guild. If we see the effort and determination to improve we will be there to guide you To become a part of something like this you need to understand the leadership, the history behind the project and the plan moving forward. So I’m going to go into some detail on it below. A community guild, Morghulis was my pride and joy. Created on day one of the BDO launch the guild progressed from strength to strength bringing in amazing characters and some of the best talent on the server. The guild progressed mostly through merges with other communities and one thing we were very good at were welcoming new players into our core. You can join any community eventually if you are stubborn enough but it might not always feel like home. I can count on two hands people that had left Morghulis to join another guild because it felt like a family. Juggling the family-community aspect and trying to compete with the top guilds in BDO was not easy but we managed to do so for a very long time and were one of the longest standing Jordine guilds A hardcore guild, Venari was meant to be everything that Morghulis wasn’t. Focused on nothing but PvP and improving. We wanted to make sure everything wasn’t micro managed and that everyone in the guild could take care of themselves. We created a tight group of skilled players (45) slowly adding to the roster without taking in chunks of players and actually did very well at sieges and node wars. We performed against multiple guilds on multiple occasions and quite often came out the victors, even if we were outnumbered. We won Balenos region multiple times with only 45-50 people, so we decided to increase numbers to 70 and held Calpheon castle for multiple occasions. Eventually my real life took over, I stepped down. Dohwa took over and the story at Venari keeps improving as he builds it in his own image. We aim to run a multi-national guild that will compete at the top level without intruding on everyones personal lives. The community is very important but so is real life. My goal this time is to make a guild that will have the best of both worlds, but with certain priorities. - Family Community, this is the main priority of the guild. I understand that people have real lives and have issues to deal with. Not everything is about BDO but when you come online it still does feel like real life. That these guys you are playing with are more than just guildies they are some of your close friends who over the years are going to become the people you play games with until you get arthritis and can’t play no more. (But by then we will have a good VR system so who needs hands amirite?) - Respect Everyone, I’m going to be honest and say both guilds I have run have had its fair share of toxic players. Myself included. Sometimes I have taken things too far unintentionally or let a grudge get too strong (Sorry Resilience). However most of the time I am just jesting. However, this time I don’t want to be involved or apart of any toxicity or toxic players, respect the people you are playing with. Do not trash talk and never underestimate an enemy. Banter is one thing, but being outright toxic is not called for nor is it welcome. - Competitive Edge, you should naturally want to win. Yes, it’s amazing having full TET gear with TET accessories but if you are just farming sheep all day what’s the point in having it. You should want to get involved within the project and make it your own, you want to succeed and for the guild and your guildies to prosper. I’m not asking for the most hard-core players in the game, just be able to handle yourself and want to get involved in guild wars and guild projects. - Have Fun, too many people have forgotten about this aspect of the game. You need to enjoy the game. The promise of silver and greediness has overwhelmed too many players in BDO so much so that they are getting their fun from other games whilst doing nothing in BDO. That’s not how you play the game, you need to enjoy your stay here and in BDO and the guild will make sure it does everything possible to deliver this. Have a focus on PvP, enjoy and want to improve your gameplay in that aspect. Commit a certain amount of hours into the game. I don't need players who are afk 24/7. We will be doing nodes and I will want to be owning territories as soon as they are available. That's usually 2 hours a node war and 3 hours on a Saturday for sieges (increases to 4 later on) - They won't always last this long and you don't need 100% attendance. Enjoy banter - if you are easily offended this isn't the guild for you. Be active in chat and on discord whenever you can Commit loyalty I do not want guild hoppers under ANY circumstances, you join here you should expect to be here for a long time. No toxic people, or drama queens. You are not welcome. NO GRIEFING UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, YOU WILL BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY IF PROOF IS PROVIDED. SO HOW DO I APPLY?! We will use an app called Discord for organisation you can get it on your phone. Once you have downloaded the app join this server "https://discord.gg/GDM5VGt". We have an #application channel, just fill the form and it will be reviewed shortly. I will assist wherever i can and answer any questions about the game. If you need anything else just ask below and i'll try to answer when i can. Some Videos from our In-House Youtuber! ❤️ Tekeii
  8. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdsH5vTKjj14NV4MEx4hBc_O9Wt1yST_nzfhOP20nMmmdyjSw/viewform?usp=sf_link 💀 DeadSerious BDX💀 DeadSerious BDX is now recruiting highly dedicated players.This guild is not for the faint... We are a intensively dedicated PvP guild.And been growing since Beta 1. We are looking for trustworthy, loyal an very dedicated people to the guild/game. Are ranks are already filled with years of experience from PC players so all you new guys can feel right at home an comfortable in such a diverse overwhelming game. We have big goals to live up to we will be a superior guild on the servers by incorporating organization, preparation, tactics and team work. We will be sure to keep guild roster capped at 100 spots it will become very competitive at launch ( we expect all who want to join to be a daily player) as we want to make our presence known. As of right now we have 70+ players. Once again we are a very hardcore PvP guild an plan on being a top contender in Castle siege/Node wars we require 80% attendance to all sieges and NWs and we will have a monthly gear progression goal or it will result in a kick. As competition will be fierce! PERKS FOR JOINING Great community of players Weekly relic runs Week boss scroll runs Weekly guild boss scrolls Daily payouts (varies from guild contribution points) Years of knowledge from pc players 24/7 active guild so everyone will always have someone to play with grind,level,PvP ect ( Atleast 1-2 officers will ALWAYS be on) Guild skills Detailed guides on every aspect of the game 1v1/2v2/3v3 tournaments (winners get pearls/ silver payouts) Monthly pearl give aways Castle siege/Node wars PvP practices/training Guild calendar that displays all upcoming guild events that you can access from anywhere. Requirements DISCORD- This is our main way our communication you must join! Headset- Must have a working mic an headset. Thanks for considering DeadSerious -NukeEm
  9. Blood PvP guild will be a primarily a dueling guild may do sieges down the line if the guild wants to. Must meet 480+ GS and duel to gain entrance.
  10. Astolti

    Seeking a EU PVX Guild.

    As they announced there is going to be a new class and it's a support it reignited for me the interest and provided a the motivation to finally come back to BDX. Now Im not great when it comes to Dps and PVP especially 1x1 as I specialise in mass scale PVP and battle grounds as a support and untill now there were not really a option given in terms of classes for such a role and now with the announcement of Shai I can finally enjoy the game the way I like it, being a true support and watching out for the front and them in need. I am a PC veteran but for the most part I really don't have anything to brag about or show off as for the most part I just leveled classes took them for a spin to find the once I liked and focus on, I didn't do anything whit life skills at all so that part of the game is still a complex mystery to me tho knowing well it's the one thing you got to do in order to gain silver and mats thus I always was short on silver but despite that I still managed to gear and enjoy the neet style of the game. With the introduction of the new class I decided to prep for it that be: gearing, life skills and silver gain for a easier transition for a class swap when the time comes. I have been part of Symphony so as Life guild from whom I had the best time playing the game was in the guild of Life. It was small but hax it was tense, exciting, confusing at times but so much fun to be in tho when they disbanded was the time I quit BDX as the thrill of being hunted, hated and more but knowing we got each others backs was ireplacebl by any other guild it was the same feeling when I plaited in Tera under Red Zerg a Russian hard core War guild but time flys and now I'm returng to BDX thus I seek a new guild. Main: Shai Alt: Lahn, Valk Style: Support Mic: Yes Forum: Astolti Xbox: Astolti Targets: Gear, Basic understanding on life skills, preparations for my main Guild: PVX [Casual War Guild] with a decent member count and activity. Voice is a must. Astolti
  11. <Virtue> guild is recruiting to expand its PvP rosta, We have an active friendly guild recruiting all types of players, in particular PvP players. Most members are 450+ but minimum gs req is 400, exceptions made for people showing progress and wanting to move forward quickly, We our players vary in experience ranging from a few months played on xbox to 3 years on pc, the Node War leaders all have extensive experience leading node wars from both pc and xbox. We currently have 70 members (subject to change as guild carries on progressing) we are looking to recruit in more PvP focused players to continue doing node wars and push higher teir nodes, eventually siege wars. Alongside nw and sw we host a variety of events including pvp arena tournaments where we pay pearls, hide and seek, daily guild missions, bosses for people wanting them, guild wars, and are always looking for wars to keep our members active, entertained and happy here. We can help players learn new classes, help with gear, give tutorials in fail stacking if struggling, run scrolls for money, were a community focused guild and will be taking the PvP scene by storm *Discord is mandatory* If you are interested please post below your character name, gs and xbox GT so we can contact you best of luck! ElysiveNovias GT Litchborn IGN
  12. Dr INF3NRO

    Lower PvP lvl req to 39

    So i made a new character and tried to role play as a new account without buying any gear for sake of nostalgia. I came across lots of other newbies that are protected by under lvl 50 req in some really good hotspots. I would have wanted to compete them with my crappy gear to win the spot over but couldn't. Im sure many other people would appreciate being more competitive at lower levels but they cant cause theyre under 50. Think of those who can't spend lots of time playing but want to enjoy some spot competition pvp under lvl 50. Cheers
  13. I read these posts and there is a constant drumbeat from the more active "criticizers" in the forums (by criticizer I mean people who instantly name call and attempt to discourage anyone from making suggestions or ridiculing the way that they want to play etc.) that BDO is a PVP Game. You know the classic PVP Gankers, the Git gud crowd, versus MMORPG Players who do structured PVP (node wars,conquest,red desert) and PVE in the open world who are pretty much tired of getting PK'd every other day. I would like a PA Official a CM or Developer to simply state once and for all. 1) This is primarily a MMORPG with PVP Elements or 2) This is primarily a PVP Game with MMORPG elements. Then clarify the PA position on Griefers and AFK PK'ers (encourage or discourage) This would save a whole lot of typing for us who want to actually have constructive discussions in the forums and would not make suggestions that would run contrary to the PA position.
  14. Koromas

    Primordial EU

    We are linked to Primordial on Pc for all enquiries get in touch!! We cover all content from PvE to PvP and aim to move forward together as a team!! Currently we are only recruiting players who gear score is 400+ with the exception of 350+ for witch and wizards!! Discord is mandatory also thank you
  15. EU are recruiting we are a PVP focused guild frequently doing node wars and conquest, we are a diverse guild with members from all across Europe so everyone is welcome. We are the current holders of Serendia Territorty We are looking for Witches, Wizards level 58+ 440gs, however if you are a skilled player of another class then we will consider it. What we offer; PVP/Node wars/ Conquest (Tier 3 & 4) Daily guild quests with bosses every few days Many different guild buffs including some life skill buffs A fun chilled out environment with people always willing to help out Daily payments with a chance to progress in the guild and increase your payout Requirements; Level 59+ 450 GS+ required (440 witch/wizard) Be as active as you can be, mainly on Saturdays Join node wars as and when needed and be on discord to be able to communicate https://discord.gg/Xvjw8Wc

    [NA] HEX 420+ GS

    HEX NORTH AMERICA There are many of guilds to join, all with different goals and capabilities. Finding the right guild is important. We know not everyone will be a fit but we welcome anyone interested. If you meet join requirements, you are in for the first week. If you like how it feels in the first week we’ll sign you up on the month cycle like everybody else. Join our discord, say hello and see what’s up. Once you are under contract we will unlock the rest of the discord for you to enjoy. I can’t say much else til you’re a member. Rule 1 Attend nodewar every Sunday. This is mandatory. If you can’t make it please post in discord. If you work every Sunday, this is not the guild for you. Rule 2 Please be active Inactive members (off more than a few days at a time) and members that consistently fail to show for wars may be kicked. This is to benefit the rest of our members so we are all able to progress. We understand life happens, please post in attendance if you’re stepping away from the game for a few days or if you’ll miss a war. Rule 3 Enjoy the rest of your week however you want. Guild activities: -Things every guild will do. -Things not every guild will do Member Bonus: [ 122 points spent. ] -Ap+4 -Accuracy +4 -Dmg reduction +5 -Health +40 -Gathering +3 -Fishing +1 -Trade item +10% -All members are 400+ Over Fifty 450+ members. Requirements: -420+ Gearscore, we may ask to verify your Gs. -Age required 18+ -Discord -Mic We are looking for people to grow with us and to stay with us. No more stepping stone guilds for you! We are here to play as a team, as family of gamers. We succeed with the help of all of our members. All we ask is you be ready to participate in Nodewars and make some friends. Give us a shot! Discord : https://discord.gg/YtUcsdy Please just join the discord not reply if you reply it will take longer for me to get back to you
  17. Hello all, Epidemic is open to recruit active players to fill our ranks. We have an active core of officers and some members but people have been logging in less as the new game shine wears off on some Xbox players. We aim to be active in nodewars when the content is fully released and currently are building our pvp ranks. We are recruiting active players, your gear score does not matter to me, as this can be raised easily with some help, and we have experienced players to help you learn the game and propser. We do daily guildquests and have guild buffs in place for all our members. We also have a discord server that you will need to join, however no mic is required. please contact Malkav#5662 on discord or Tzemia in game on BDO for more info or to join us!
  18. Hey everyone. So we have just this minute come out of a war with 3 guilds who outnumbered us badly. The pic says enough 😉 We may be small but we can fight. We are a newer guild compared to most. All of our members are 400 - 480 gs but its not a requirement for any new people to join. We will always have your back in a fight. But most importantly we just enjoy the game. So feel free to ask any questions. We have friends in other big guilds and have some strong allies. If you are from another guild and looking for some allies hit me up. Currently allied with: Secondnature, Hellsrejectz, Renegades and vengeance
  19. We are now openly recruiting anyone, no minimum requirement of any sort. a very chill group of people with Xbox Live parties all day long. come in and join the fun, you can reach me through this forum or message me directly on Xbox Live my gamertag is ORICHEEMARU. Talk to you soon 😋
  20. DigitalDollyEh

    NA <The307> Social pvx guild

    NA The307 is a social pvx guild full of friendly helpful people. Our party chats are always open. Ages range from 20yrs to 40yrs. Buffs and payouts: All ap +5, Damage reduction +5, Hp +20, Gathering & Fishing +2 Payouts 180k We offer: Groups for Grinding, Help with classes/skills, scrolls runs and revenge on pkers. Send a xbox message to Mr J Marroquin Or myself DigitalDollyEh
  21. This seems obvious, but I have not seen it addressed. Node wars are a huge part of the game, however it alienates everyone that is not available at 6:00pm PST...every day. Can we get some variation to war start times? The game is amazing and has a great player base, but it feels like those of us that can’t log in that early due to work or family obligations are missing out on a critical piece of the game.
  22. We are now openly recruiting 400+.A very chill group of people with Xbox Live parties all day long. come in and join the fun, you can reach me through this forum or message me directly on Xbox Live my gamertag is ORICHEEMARU. Talk to you soon 😋
  23. MyGuu Cloud

    [NA] Hunt

    Hunt is recruiting active players to join our guild. Asking players to be 360-400+ gearscore and be willing to participate in guild activities such as missions, bosses, and node wars. We have guild buffs, a strong alliance, and a friendly community working together to grow and be successful. We aim to not only remain competitive but also to create an enjoyable community that works together. If your interested please add an message me on discord! Hope to here from you! Discord: MyGuy Cloud (Felwynter)#7380
  24. Servus;) Hast du kein Glied?Dann werde Mitglied bei FallenAngels Wir suchen neue Kameraden für Gildenbosse , Postenkriege und Gildenkriege dabei ist uns das Lv und die Ausrüstung egal. Ihr solltet 18+ sein und Spaß am Game haben Ps. Wir haben Kekse und sind auf Calpheon 1 meistens unterwegs. Ihr könnt mich gerne Ingame anflüstern (Aborax) sollte ich nicht online sein fügt mich bei Xbox hinzu ExoAnimaZero Oder schreibt unten was hin Auf eine gute zusammenarbeit;)
  25. We are a PVP focused guild frequently doing node wars and conquest, we are a diverse guild with members from all across Europe so everyone is welcome.We are looking for witches wizards and beserkers however if you are another class with high gear score and can use your class we will take that into consideration What we offer; PVP/Node wars(T3&T4)/ Conquest Daily guild quests with bosses every few days Many different guild buffs including some life skill buffs A fun chilled out environment with people always willing to help out Daily payments with a chance to progress in the guild and increase your payout Requirements; Level 57+ 440 GS+ required (420 Witch/Wiz) Be as active as you can be Join node wars as and when needed and be on discord to be able to communicate https://discord.gg/Hmc3FCb