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Found 5 results

  1. Make some friends. Have some allies. Do whatever you feel like with the perks of being in a guild. We run guild boss scrolls and are constantly doing other group activities such as: Red Battlefield, World Bosses, Exploration, Alt. Account Leveling, and even just scheduled PvP with other random guilds. If you have any questions needed to be answered add me on Discord. @Cason#3404
  2. <Reforged> is a dedicated PvX guild with PC Veteran leadership that is looking for more members to add to our roster. Having fun is top priority, so we joke around in chat and whatever else to lighten the mood. We want people who are going to be active. Guild quests/missions require max participation and voice chat is required only when running scrolls or missions with the guild, other than that it's at your own discretion. We have a discord but currently use party chat. Our goal is to build up enough dedicated members to help us become a viable guild in our quest to earn a node from the Node wars and beyond, if you feel this might be the guild for you add my GT "NycZ Fynest85" and message me or contact me in game "Reddeyez" or an officer "Delsia" and "Blazing". Our guild is located on Balenos 2 so if you wish to join head to that server for an invite after you have contacted one of us.
  3. Hallo zusammen, die Gilde Blutmond sucht, wie der Titel bereits umreißt, weitere Mitspieler(innen) die Lust haben innerhalb einer Gemeinschaft Black Desert auf der Konsole zu erleben. Es spielt erstmal keine Rolle ob du BDO bereits kennst und ein alter Haudegen bist, oder noch Grün hinter den Ohren und vom Spiel keine große Ahnung hast. Wichtig ist, dass du Spaß daran hast was du tust und dich innerhalb einer Gemeinschaft wohlfühlst. Die Gilde wird u.a. aus Leuten bestehen die berufstätig sind oder gar Partner/Familien haben. Wir sind daher eher in Richtung Casual ausgerichtet. BDO ist ein eh schon zeitintensives Spiel. Wenn du mal keine Zeit hast ist das vollkommen okay. Blutmond ist im Aufbau. Das bedeutet kein gemachtes Nest für dich. Aber so hast du jede menge Möglichkeiten mitzuwirken, deine Erfahrung zu teilen und Blutmond zu dem zu machen was du dir vorstellst. Derzeit ist es erst einmal egal welche Klasse zu spielen möchtest oder ob du gar viele unterschiedliche Klassen ausprobieren willst. Wir versammeln uns bis zum Release im Xbox Club: Blutmond BDO Gilde Dort bist du herzlich willkommen. Wir hoffen dort bis zum Release nette und gesellige Mitspieler(innen) versammelt zu bekommen. Wir freuen uns jedenfalls auf dich. Wenn du irgendwelche Fragen hast dann schreib mir einfach eine PN oder schreib mich über XBLive direkt an (Aylian). Nun wünsche ich dir natürlich viel Spaß und Erfolg.
  4. Tungrad

    Moon - [NA] [PvX]

    Moon, the #1 Black Desert Guild Experience Exquisite is an helpful, friendly & competitive guild. We are focused on PvP with PvE on the side. We plan to be in the Top 3 Guilds and will do everything to get & stay on Top. Once available, we will schedule a variety of Guild Bosses and Sea Monster Hunts to help our members upgrade their Sailboats and Frigates. Great communities are built on active players, members are expected to make time for the Guild and fellow Guild mates. Therefor, we will trim inactives every week (If offline for 7 days) to make room for those who are actively playing & contributing. Think of it as a way of keeping the Guild alive. You'll have a 7 day contract as a test trial to determine if this is the guild for you or not. Discord is a must for all members. If you don't have a mic or don’t wish to talk that is fine. We keep all members up to date on new content of the game through different channels & we have our own guides for newcomers. Recruiting Goals: Level Priority 1-59: Normal 60: High 61: High 62: Very High Gear Requirements Renown Score: 1+ (This value will change every month) Class Priority Warrior: Low Berserker: Normal Ranger: High Sorceress: High Wizard: Very High Witch: Very High Buffs We will eventually have every guild buff: Combat buffs (Accuracy+5, AP+5, HP+100, DR+5) , Siege Resist 50%, Trade Protection 50%, Fishing+3 and Gather+3 with Guild Galley and Guild Elephant. Rules: -> Join our Discord Server -> Be respectful -> No drama -> Be active -> Follow the gear requirement If you are interested, send me a DM on Discord: Tungrad#9545 Or you can always message me on Xbox: Tungrad We thank you all for reading & we're looking forward to having you in Moon!
  5. Hi all SixDegrees is now recruiting new and old members that will be playing on the EU Servers. The guild itself is a new guild and we will be based on the calpheon server, we will be a PvX guild so there is something for everyone that joins the guil. SixDegrees won't just be a guild it will be a place that you can call home and be apart of a family within the black desert coomunity, We will be a casual guild, the only thing i will ask from our members is that they will be able to put one night a week aside for doing guild activities to help progress the guild. So feel free to drop me a message if you are interested in joining the guild