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Found 4 results

  1. Shad89street

    awakening quest

    Hello I allow me to contact you because I just passed lvl 56 with my warrior on BDO (Xbox one) and I do not have the awakening quest, the occult mind does not propose it to me and it is not also not in the suggested quests (I checked everything though) Please help me Gamertag: Shad89street
  2. SmaggIes

    Quest: Material in an order

    The poor old lady you have to turn the quest into after finding the items is not there. Not during the day or night. Have canceled quest and did again, same problem.
  3. CaptainCarson

    Memorial for the fallen

    I need the quest item for "memorial for the fallen" Server: Calpheon Family name: CaptainCarson Xbox name: CaptainCarson Character name: Calixa
  4. Duganxisxgod

    Report on Stone Chamber

    I have completed the necessary steps for the quest "The Report on the Stone Chamber" but can't actually complete the quest. The quest menu displays the quest with a red check mark as If completed but the quest tracker on the HUD says to check the quest window. When checking the window it says to inform princess jarette. When visiting jarette she just offers a small bit of dialogue and no options for completing the quest. Region:NA Server: Serendia Bug description:Quest bug Repeatable:Unknown Solved: Having checked everywhere a few times I noticed something that said "target: Roig Mills". There are many other things that reference returning to jarette and this is the only thing I saw mentioning Roig. It's just not very straightforward.