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Found 27 results

  1. traceywashere

    Unaccepted [Co-op] Story of Cron Castle

    Since I can't seem to file a ticket (Invalid Access to This Page. Please try it again later.), I'll log it here. Please help with this issue: Several of my toons show this Unaccepted quest: [Co-op] Story of Cron Castle ("[Consec.][Co-op] Story of Cro... 2/2" in quest window). Not all of them, which is weird. Clicking takes me to the skill trainer, Tachros, in Velia. I have: 1) done the precursor quest (Cron's Current Condition) with Alustin (in Velia), 2) Gotten the knowledge from the altar node in the castle, and 3) have >1k amity with Tachros. Tachros has other daily like quests, that I've done, but he still won't give me this one. I've tried going on each character (at least, I think I've tried them all) showing the quest, and none can seem to pick it up. 4 of my characters show it, 3 don't. The ones with are lvl 39, 49, 53, and 47 - the ones without are 22, 50, and 52
  2. rottweiler

    Ancient shrine quest

    I got the required items for the first part of this quest. And looked at the items I received I then arranged them as it said and it gave me the key which it says to select, it then instructs you to go to st location so I followed this killed the spawned Mob and then looked at the quest thread. This tells me.to.take the first 2 items back to the quest giver. Managed to get the quest to move on a little but it's asking me to take the key to XY location but I no longer have it. ...... I know I'll forfeit the quest and restart it....... NO it will not give up.the quest...I'll try from an alt... nothing showing back again to original char. Quest no longer listed .. YAY .. short lived YAY because when I try to restart the quest it starts from the same point. I can't get it to start for the beginning of this quest line Can anyone help please.
  3. BillyDino

    The Carrot and Stick quest broken

    When my character tries to get the feast from the table, there’s this response: “This character does not exist” and I can’t receive the food to complete the quest.
  4. Hey- I'm trying to do the quest "More Practical, More Valuable." I did some other things in between this quest and the previous ones that taught you how to plant and now I cannot seem to interact with the shabby fence at all. It is still installed where I left it as I have no idea how to pick it up. The quest says after installing it, I should press Y on the fence to enter installation mode. However, there is no option to do this. I can interact with every shrub and thicket around it but not the fence itself. I forgot what I did to make it work the first time, and I can't find any guides online that cover this most basic step. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  5. VV0rdupp

    Missing so many quest

    So when i make a new character theres quest on her or him for up to lvl 58 or so and i strickly do not remember doing them on my main but yet theres no quest for the main story in the "main" tab i also have zero quest in my main tab on my main but yet to have upgrade my dim armor or dagger my black spirit does not give it to me and i have no more progression thru my story but on my alts theres so many missions that i see i have not recieved on my main . please someone help me is my game messed up or what is going on here? I was told i get 2 asula rings from the main quest and only received one i feel like i am definitely missing quest on my main please help. My gamer tag is VV0rdupp ....thats 2 v's and a zero. Thanks ahead
  6. Xbox United States Loggia Farm The quest, Investment and Mass Production, given by Severo Loggia. At loggia Farm. Gives a quest to to invest in the potato node part. After investing and following the steps by step guide written in the text. It did not proc a finish for the quest.
  7. Amythyst

    The Taming of the Tomboy

    Ive been stuck on this quest for a while. I go to the meat vendor and he's not there. Theres never anyone there to interact with. I literally camped there for four real hours waiting and nothing. Tried to de render and come back, nada. Help!
  8. So i have no navigation for this quest and im pretty sure i need to talk to the guy in the cage at sarma outpost but there no option to i have no idea where this questline is going uf im wrong and hes not the guy in the cage please help im stuuuuck
  9. WolfeTV

    Befriending Tachros

    I have His Amity Up, I already have the knowledge of talking to him about Cron Castle, Quest takes me to Igor Bartali but he has no Quest, Cant Forfeit, Could a GM Possibly Help me in game?
  10. Squirrelz

    Quest: material in an order

    Xbox United States. Calphion The quest material in a order is bugged. The old lady that is the quest turn in is bugged and does not appear. This is the third quest in the quest line, The Leight family of Calphion.
  11. Squirrelz

    Quest: Taming of the Tomboy

    Xbox United States Calthion. Npc that is suppose to spawn to give special ham at 7:45 am. Does not spawn making it impossible to complete this quest.
  12. Squirrelz

    Quest: Honey for a Goblin Friend

    Xbox United States Alejandro farm node Start npc, Alby, give quest to get his friend some honey. To finish the quest you need to activate the node and send a worker there to get cooking honey and then give said honey to a Goblin in Heidel. The part of the quest where you activate the node to produce honey does not tick off completed when you invest in the nose or the honey part. When sending a worker there to get honey does not help. It is always incomplete.
  13. Just got the wolf meat dried for this quest but cannot hand the 2 fragrant jerky in to the worker. It says that the quest is still in progress.
  14. Writtencurse

    Kalis parliament

    The quest kalis parliament tells me to talk to elina leight, when i talk to her it tells me to i need knowledge of norma leight in order to talk to her but when i go to norma i cant recieve knowledge of her, ive talked to everyone in the plantation she is found in and have done every non repeatable quest. If this isnt a bug then im sorry for making the post but im pretty sure it is seeing as though alot of other players have this issue.
  15. Writtencurse

    Kalis parliament

    So i got the quest kalis parliament and it tells me to go talk to elina leight. When i go to talk to her it says i require knowledge or nora leight. When i go talk to nora it wont let me gain knowledge of her. I talked to everyone in the plantation area shes in and ive done all the quest besides the repeatable ones. Is this a bug or am i just missing something? Please help
  16. Writtencurse

    Kalis parliament

    The quest kalis parliament tells me to talk to elina leight, when i talk to her it tells me to i need knowledge of norma leight in order to talk to her but when i go to norma i cant recieve knowledge of her, ive talked to everyone in the plantation she is found in and have done every non repeatable quest. If this isnt a bug then im sorry for making the post but im pretty sure it is seeing as though alot of other players have this issue.
  17. TheMassAvenger

    A time of rest before the journey

    How do i complete the examine the fountain statue in Heidel Plaza? Its saying the statue is too heavy when i try to examine it
  18. Patty1973

    Lebyos ash quest from Ficy

    I picked up quest from Ficy for the 3 beginner life quests, completed Flaviano and Ornelia quests but Lebyos wouldn't let me complete so I forfeit to try again but quest disappeared, I went to see Ficy to get again but no option, forfeit Ficy quest to do again now that quest us gone??? Please help
  19. Kurrupt

    Ficy Quest Not Appearing

    I got my main character to Apprentice 4 in both Processing and Gathering however when I go to Ficy, there are no dialog options. Her dialogue is "are you gonna use the workshop". I've tried changing servers, forfietting all quests, restarting my xbox and nothing helps. I'm not sure how I managed to have this happen but this is affecting my BDO experience as the Mineral Workbench only does one ingot at a time... Please help I'd like this to be resolved...
  20. Dziki Jastrzab

    Can't rent CP gear

    Did the quest, can't make it to show gear. npc is weapon and armor master in calpheon
  21. iFroosty

    An eye for an eye bug quest?

    So i got stuck with [an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth? quest, kill the red orcs already but i cant find the serendia's quatermaster idk if is npc or not can you help me?
  22. Dorian Gray

    Bug need help

    I used the forgotten secret scroll on 2 characters, and it disappear... I was informed in game that Support would send me a replacement. I'm still stuck on this quest "a memorial service for the fallen: since Nov 8th In game Family Name: ExiledSinners In game Characters Name: Aurora_Melora, and Guts_Jr
  23. Said to contact support to get the scroll Region: North America Server: Heidel Character name: Akuu Surname: Akuu
  24. Nebra Silva

    A Memorial Service

    Family Name: Chicken Character Name: Nebra Server: Calpheon Just need the scroll and it said to contact support 😀
  25. The quest A Memorial Service for the Fallen seems to be a bit broken. I need the item ‘The Forgotten Secret Garden of Cron’ to complete the quest. I was told support could give us the item but this is the only way I’ve found to contact support