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Found 8 results

  1. ZzWithePandazZ

    Question about traslation

    Hii hi read in reedit that spanish languaje is not going to be aviable at launch. Although i am aware that i will not have specific information about this, can you tell me, any CM, if the spanish traslation its planed for soon, before half-year till launch or we are going to wait more than a year? Thanks a lot and sorry my english:)
  2. I've heard this game is really grindy and that putting extra money greatly increases the quality of life. So O was wondering if I bought the Ultimate Edition would I need to put more money into the game or would that be enough? Also what should I buy with the pearls from the ultimate edition?
  3. JayBandz103

    Marketplace?? Xbox beta

    Does anybody know if the marketplace is working during the beta? I trued to use it in Velia but there’s no option to do so. It’s just a quest which I already completed and an option to buy an option to buy a house which I already purchased.
  4. I would like to know if my carachters and progression on game in the beta will be transferred by account cloud within the final released game as well or we will restart from zero? 🤔
  5. YahNothing

    Leaving a group

    I’ve been looking for a good 30 mins on how to leave a group but I can’t find an option to leave anywhere
  6. Bazfaps

    Server selection

    Hey just wondering as an oceanic based player ( Australia ) will we be able to choose our main server base ie na/eu Only asking cause of Tera shoved us aussies onto eu servers and it sucked bad
  7. Should we expect for game packs prices release after this website maintanence? İf i am not wrong we know game packages' prices before mena-turkey open beta. And what is the possible prices for explorer's package?
  8. Dr INF3NRO

    Publishing restrictions

    Greetings! EDIT: I've tried to contact xbox costumer support regarding this matter. They explained they will convey the message to a QA depratment and suggested i open a thread on "uservoice". So, as a preemptive attempt to push the agenda of a publishing license in Israel, I've made the following topic on xbox uservoice site: https://xbox.uservoice.com/forums/363186--new-ideas/suggestions/33788965-black-desert-publishing-restrictions I know that this is very specific to a certain country but any vote would help. Feel free to make your own and link it so we could help each other. I believe every one who owns an xbox and wants to play this game should get a chance to do so. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Tera released their game on consoles yesterday for those who pre-ordered it. I've been part of the technical test and both beta tests and sadly won't be able to play Because of publisher license restrictions. Should we expect similar restrictions when it comes to "Black Desert" on consoles? If so, which countries will be blocked from playing? Would love to get an answer from the staff. I live in Israel and don't want experience the disappointment i had with Tera especially with Black desert, a game I've been waiting to play for years! Dr INF3RNO