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Found 34 results

  1. Is there a way to make your helmet show when wearing it?
  2. So i gave the fairy queen my petals & did all the rest. now it says i need 10x petals just to get my very FIRST fairy. i was told i only needed 2, everyone else just needed 2, why do i need 10? i just want a bloomin fairy, why overcomplicate this? on top of the nonsense that has ensued i can't get a single petal to drop, it's been 3 days. what the hell is going on?
  3. Hi I am wondering if they added the subjugation quests for the asula accessories? I have not been on this game in a hot minute and I was just curious.
  4. Hi. I have 4 days left on my current value pack. If I activate a new one will the 4 days be lost or will it add the new days +4?
  5. Im wanting to make a new character with a new family name and character name, but im afraid that I wont get my rewards from the beta. (BKEA Event, Firework Event, and placing top 10 in the wheelbarrow race) should I keep my beta names??
  6. Hi guys, So most of my experience with strikers was on an awakened one on PC. I spent little time giving thought on pre-awakening nor did I use it often (not a good striker, I know) So assuming we will have a a period of time where we use our pre-awakened strikers I got a subject id love to hear your thoughts about. Unprotected flows - do you use them? I haven't had the chance to test my build in large scale pvp but it proved rather good in some 1v1 instances. I mostly use protected skills which also has some decent CC. I never use the unprotected flows though. They seem to have a good dmg scale but do any of you use them? Would you suggest getting them? My testing build for reference: https://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/86350 Would love to hear your thoughts. Cheers
  7. So other then just having a token of your achievement what purpose does the Black Desert GM’s Medal serve? 🤔
  8. So I’m confused. I want to buy some cook’s clothes and they show as “unequipable“ on the NPC shop. They also state in their description that they are for apprentice cooks, which I am but it still says I can’t equip it. Also the farmer’s clothing, for apprentices, is showing as a equippable? Help?
  9. Any ideas on what this means? In upper right of screen by mini-map:
  10. So as part of the fishing bait quest, the one where you give the caterpillar to the quest giver, I have created a small farm with a rented fence just outside of Velia. The quest steps say to interact with your farm by holding Y but I cannot get the prompt to come up. Is it because I build on uneaten land? (Sloped) Or that I think the farm is partially in the safe zone of the town? And how do I manually disassemble it to try again elsewhere? Thanks!
  11. How long are the day and night cycles?? Seem to be pretty long.
  12. OK, so I have the “Ultimate item package” in my pearl inventory. At what point is it safe to open? What I mean by that is things like the armor and horse whistle, are they immediately bound to the character who opens up the package itself or are they simply in my pearl inventory and will bound once the character I choose uses them? Also, is the pearl inventory seen by all characters? Thanks!
  13. In the description in games says 15min before swap but we are free to change no time limit. Is this intended?
  14. Thought I would ask this as it is only the second day we can play: how do you loyalty points work? I’ve done some searching on the web but I’m not finding any straight or at least recent answers. I thought that we got 100 and we login each day but I’m noticing I only have 100 today. Do I have to go somewhere special to claim my daily points? I’m sure that others either have this question or are just not aware of the fact that we even get these. Hope someone help us out! Thanks!
  15. Simple question: Are let’s pearl shop only or is there a way to get them in-game (other then buying from market)? Thanks!
  16. Kind of an odd question but I noticed in game outside there seems to be "heat shimmers" here and there. Like the effect when its hot out and the sun throws up distorting waves of heat from pavement, you know? Do they serve a game mechanic? Are they supposed to be denoting hot spots in temperature? Or is it a graphical bug? I don't have a picture right this second, I could try and get one from a video but they are hard to notice anyhow. Just curious. Loving the game! Can't wait to get home from work!
  17. Quick question: how do we turn on free camera screenshot mode? Thanks!
  18. I’ve been searching for the past few days and cannot seem to find the name of the world Black Desert takes place in. Anyone know?
  19. So what can you name in game? I know you can name pets but how about mounts? Crafted items? Homes? Thanks! 13 hours!!!
  20. Has the variety of gear, visually I mean, grown since original launch or is it still a small pool of different weapons and armor sets that you upgrade?
  21. Is anyone rushing to get their hands on some high-level property right off the bat? Are you taking your time to snatch up that sweet, sweet NPC knowledge? Or will you just be grinding levels? With launch less than a week away, I'd love to hear what y'all have planned!
  22. Was wondering what exactly can be shared between your own characters and how you go about sharing said things? Thanks! 👍🏼
  23. Dear bdx staff, There was a claim by a few of our guild members that they weren't getting any byproducts from cooking. Stuff like "dish with poorly prepared ingredients". I didn't have any spare time to cook since I joined late and prepared for the nodewar (gg @Paddy_Whack for dat solo lol) BUT I do remember that the first beta had those byproducts cause I basically just cooked after maxing out. These byproducts supply us with cooking exp / milk (important) / beer / silver and CP (SUPER IMPORTANT). Will we be getting them on release? Also, this probably has been asked before but will we get medals too on release? Didnt see em in 2nd beta but was in first. Cheers
  24. I played PC BDO some. I enjoyed the combat. I enjoyed the life skills somewhat. But I soon realized I didn’t have much to do if I didn’t ‘keep up’ in PvP gear. So, this is what you can do: - Lifeskills, node management, work the marketplace, explore - World bosses for end gear - Grind, grind, grind...and grind pve mobs for $ so you can upgrade gear to compete in PvP What I am missing? Just for reference, I watched this and got a little concerned... https://youtu.be/4EbFGUm5bro
  25. Hi guys! Somehow I managed to stop tracking quests on the right side and Im not sure how to bring it back.
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