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Found 6 results

  1. Dr INF3NRO

    UI suggestions

    Hi guys, Following the stream last week I have a few suggestions to make for the UI which in my opinion will help create a smoother and more pleasant experience in BDX. Quests - I would like to be able to hide and show the quest list whenever I like via a menu option. Workers - As of now we are able to cancel tasks only with the worker window. I'd love to be able to go to Map, enter a specific node and cancel a task for that specific worker. Chat - Chat is sometimes hard to read due to ingame lightning. A slider to dim chat background could easily solve this. Boss timer - something that's been discussed before. I'd RATHER not use third party applications or setup 8 different alarm clocks on my mobile. A simple ingame window with boss name and a count down is all we need. Lifeskill exp bar - I like to check my lifeskill level % when I engage in different lifeskill activities. I do this often when gathering or cooking and it's simply an inconvenience to open menu > profile > rb to lifeskill every single time. Id love to get life skill bars where the quest tracker is to monitor my progress while actively playing. Hope you'll consider some of this. Cheers!
  2. InfiniteBlack

    No trading quest available

    It's been mentioned in general, but worth noting here. Bug: No trading quests available at Trade managers (non-imperial) STR: 1) Go to any Trade Manager NPC and ensure all quests are turned on 2) Open interaction with NPC and note that no quests are available Possibly related to whatever issue there is with imperial trading and what has been disabled, but these are not imperial trading NPC's
  3. I recently got to Mediah and got the Asula's Crimson Eye ring. I found out I didn't have to farm for them as much and went to grab the quests. I got the quests realized I needed other items, looked it up on how to get them, then went to talk to the related NPC's. Well when I got to them I get the prompt to say "give me back my seals" then they ask for an item I was never given. As an example when I talk to the Crow merchant NPC she asks for an item I never got. (I did all quests near and around Hexe Sanctuary) I would like to know if there is a way around this to get the items I need to complete the quests.
  4. tensoldrasik

    Prime NL/Eng Pvpve recruitmen

    Good day Prime is a growing active guild. we have fixed days for the guild quests Mo,Tue,Wed,Thu 19:30 ~ 20: 00/22: 00 ~ 23: 00 obliges to be there once a week, there is always an officer online to be able to do quests, this is all necessary for preparation node wars people with more activity will be rewarded! If this sounds like something to you, send a message quickly Send massage Xbox ID:dennisie34 ingame: tensoldrasik /tensolias See u ingame
  5. tensoldrasik

    Prime NL Pvpve recruitmen

    Goeie dag Prime is een groeiend actieve guild. we hebben vaste dagen voor de guild quests MA,DI,WO,DO 19:30~20:00/22:00~23:00 verplicht er eens per week te zijn verders is er altijd wel officier online om evt alsnog questen te kunnen doen dit is allemaal nodig voor de voorbereiding op node wars mensen met meer activiteit zullen beloond worden! Klinkt dit iets voor jou stuur dan snel een bericht. Stuur bericht naar Xbox ID:dennisie34 ingame: tensoldrasik /tensolias Zie jullie ingame
  6. DrissJpg

    Quest help

    For the quest "The Veteran of the South Gate" it requires you to speak with Duvane. I did so, however when I try to hit complete, it states "There is no empty slot". It won't allow me to select and complete any other quests afterwards either. Am I just missing something simple?