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Found 4 results

  1. I'm sorry to say but what Shirna and Trent said yesterday "enjoy pre-awakening until you can because awakening is completely different game, different PvP etc" and reasoning behind it doesn't make sense to me unfortunately. We are simply being held back, once again. If this is the actual reason for not releasing the awakenings then it's against majority of people. I'm obviously not talking about players who don't know that awakening is cause they don't care and just want to cut trees or play an hour daily. I'm taking about players who are quite bored as they hit the wall (level 58, 59 even). Yes, there is still plenty to do while we wait for awakening but this is not a good enough explanation. My guess is that awakenings are still far away from being ready and this is just a smokescreen to cover this fact. Share your thoughts guys!
  2. Hey guys, So I know many are happy that we finally got a release date and along with that we got some pretty good pre-order packs which im definitely getting later on February. But this is aint about it. Yes im mad but that's not what I wish to convey here, this is more of a story that will disappear in a few hours or days within the pages of the general section. This is what I want to say, I woke up today at 5 am to get some water and I realized that the announcement has been made. I checked the site and saw the packs, skimmed through and went back to bed, only to find out I couldn't fall asleep. My heart was racing and I couldn't stop thinking about it. After about 30min of no sleep I decided to get some coffee and check up some more info. And thats when it slapped me. March 4th release. A slap is a nice way of putting how I felt in that moment and here's why.. A lot of us have tuned in to 2017's E3 event where we heard PA is going to announce an xbox release. It was huge for me as I played black desert on PC but decided to invest into xbox after my laptop broke. This was HUGE for me and many others. An early 2018 release was announced. A long wait began. March 2018 the forums opened up and the hype began as a small group was active and talked about bdo along with myself. We constantly told people to be patient and play something else until the release because everyone wanted information to the point of spam. We had Simon for company which gave what he could which was never enough. A delay was announced for fall 2018..The wait continued. Nov 2018 was the beta and thats where we were most ecstatic as we finally got a hold of the game after all the waiting. I had my wife change regions on my xbox and download the game while I was at work. I ran the stairs when I got home like a mad man and was glued to the screen all night. Admiring and finally having fun on BDX. The beta came and gone swiftly, we were only left with a "stay tuned" notice with no news for weeks. It felt like a drug withdraw and we needed our fix. We were desperate. A word was finally given about release information on the 7th of January. Many hoped to play the game before 2019.. The past 2 weeks were hard. Every day passing slowly bringing us closer to what we desired for so long and then it finally hit. Only to be told we need to wait another 2 whole months. Thats an entire year in this forum and more than that since the E3 announcement.. I saddens me to say that I will join the game with a sour taste and a feeling that I was cheated of my time. It may have been simple for some they see this as an exaggeration on my part. It might be, its just how I feel and I know for a fact im not the only one. So thats that. Cheers..
  3. Shadelight_

    The Disrespect

    I decided to create a post where we can all share our feelings of the ridiculous lack of transparency and lies towards the Xbox branch of BDO, in hopes of some change of some kind. Now, for my two cents. As a company, information given to the public should be accurate. Something very important relating to that accuracy is release dates of games. Now, as a studio venturing into a brand new territory of games on a completely new platform, wouldn’t trying to make the experience as transparent as possible be a good thing? We have went months without any news, and the latest information we have gotten, not only wasn’t directly from the studio, but was another ridiculous change to the release date. We shouldn’t be waiting months for even a teaser, and by extension, any information at all. Your panel was planned out, that video was PLANNED OUT. If you had planned in a fall release, why weren’t we informed in late May? Or, in general, why would a release date even be told to us? I would be better off if we had been told in January that the game could have a release of December 2018. At least in that way, change is open throughout the year. So we aren’t being completely thrown off once we get close to a real release date. This has happened FOUR times now. The lack of respect represented in these actions is absolutely absurd. The success of a game is not solely represented on sales. It is also represented in the strength and power of the community to keep it alive. How can this community thrive, if we cannot trust the company behind it all? The wait is not the issue, it’s the constant lies and misinformation that we are being fed. You have had weeks before this event to say something. If you were no where near being finished 3 weeks ago, wouldn’t it be a good idea to keep the community informed instead if vanishing for months and telling us through a major event? At this point, there is no defense for this. I simply hope it isn’t too late for some kind of change.
  4. YahNothing

    Why PA

    We’ve been waiting so long as a community with it being announced june of last year and it being delayed from the first quarter of 2018 to summerish of 2018 and now it gonna be released either in fall or after fall...