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Found 13 results

  1. SeerKing

    Blood Knights Recruiting

    Blood Knights Hi were a Strong NA PvP guild looking for the most dedicated of dedicated players to join our Stronghold. We have Pc Vets knowledgeable in Bdo, along with loyal dedicated players eilling to go all out to get far above and beyond in this game. We need players like so. We are a PvP based guild but also touch all aspects of the game Lifeskills and PVE. Im not going to make a list of benifits to joining the such as payouts and players to back you up discord and support blah blah blah. Because honestly all the real and strong guilds are foinf to have that and payouts is part of the guild system your going to get them regaurdless. No instead im offering a Strong Sincere Guild Family you can be apart of with all the perks every other real and strong guild has. Not as strict but still strict. Yes we expect you to participate in Node/Guild/Seige Wars, yes we expect you to participate in guild quests yes we expect you to help and support members and the guild and be active. After all why join a guild if your not going going to be apart of it??? Just we take a more laxed and friendly understanding approach and are not going to boot you because you didnt get to level and gear score by day 1. We have a discord server with much information and support along with members who are willing to support and help and grow. https://discord.gg/m7FxEkK Join Us! One of the Strongest
  2. [NA] WitchingHour is recruiting new and experienced players to join us in node wars and PvX. The only requirements are to have a 300+ GS, be chill and active, and join in guild events as often as you can. We have bi-weekly raffles for pearls and other prizes, daily guild boss scrolls, PvP training at the arenas, and more! So join now and help us! Help us teach our 65 year old guild member how to play BDO and I’ll even sign a volunteer hour form for assisting the elderly! Help us clean the violent PK/griefer ruffians of Mediah 2 off the streets! Help us ensure that the Mediah servers aren’t overran by gangs of hooligans that plague the Serendia and Calph servers! #makemediahgreatagain WitchingHour is a competitive guild with 50+ active players and growing constantly. We attack griefers and help new players regardless of if they are in our guild or not. While all players are welcome to join as long as they meet our requirements, experienced players are thoroughly encouraged to join. We have a strong core of experienced players and are looking to increase that for PvP and mentoring our newer players. Comment below with your character name, family name, and gear score if interested. Once you comment hop over to Mediah 2 and our officers will come screen you for entry! If do not receive a party invite, message our officers personally! Officer Character Names: Celebrimbor Saoirse Quemara Kezia
  3. Ahoy aspiring sailors and marines look no further! Blackwater is recruiting and you are what we need! Ships and sea monsters will come in future updates and we can begin preparing now! As most of you BDO veterans know sea monster hunting is the MOST LUCRATIVE source of income in BDO. Burn and pillage for the booty! We understand real life is important and that this is a game, so we will be recruiting both casual and hardcore players. With the new siege mechanics only a certain amount of players can participate in wars anyway. This way we can have lifeskillers play casually while the more hardcore members can also play that type of content. I am here to make a team with you guys, and a community. We will cater to your needs as long as you help the guild grow as a whole in your own way be it lifeskilling, warring, or sea monster hunting. You do not need to speak on Discord, but it is required for organizational purposes! https://discord.gg/djgNhvt ----------------------------------------------------- Code of Conduct (CoC): 1. Be polite, be professional, but kill whatever/whoever the hell you want. 2. Work as a team, we're all here to get the loot together. 3. Help on guild missions if you are on. This will increase your daily pay. 4. You must participate in either Sea Monster hunting OR Nodewars/Siege at least once a week. Everyone chips in and the money acquired from these events will be your weekly payouts. Payouts range from 20m to 1b silver per person per week. (1billion/person is only possible when Sea Monster content arrives.) ------------------------------------------------------------------- TL:DR Guild Benefits: Daily Payouts: As we work together to increase our guild capacity and completing guild missions we will be able to renew contracts and pay each guild member more. Weekly Payouts: Once nodewars/siege and sea monsters come around we will also be doing weekly payouts which will become a LARGE portion of your income without you having to grind mindlessly for silver. Advice From BDO Veterans: We have many OG players and will provide you with all the information you need to grow at a rapid pace and stay ahead of the game. Please join our Discord to get invited into the guild. DISCORD: https://discord.gg/djgNhvt XBOX Club: BDONavy Lifeskills: Sailing, fishing, horse breeding. PVP: War declarations, node wars, castle sieges. Want payouts like this? Join Blackwater's Navy today! Would you like to know more? Fill out the form below and we will be in contact! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name(xbox/family/character: Level: Have you played PC BDO? Activity level and what kind of activities are you looking for? (Pvp pve lifeskill etc): Anything else we should know?: --------------------------------------Credentials--------------------------------------------- I have 3 years experience in top siege guilds (Blackrose, Vertex, Guilty, Bastion) on the PC version along with 2 characters at softcap. I have enough knowledge to help keep you guys above the meta and guide you to be the best you can be!
  4. Good day Prime is a growing active guild.  we have fixed days for the guild quests Mo,Tue,Wed,Thu 19:30 ~ 20: 00/22: 00 ~ 23: 00 obliges to be there once a week, there is always an officer online to be able to do quests, this is all necessary for preparation node wars people with more activity will be rewarded! If this sounds like something to you, send a message quickly Send massage Xbox ID:dennisie34 ingame: tensoldrasik /tensolias See u ingame 
  5. Hey all, if you are in the hunt for a relaxed “Jack of all trades” guild then look no further. Whether you are looking to work on life skills, learn more about the game, meet new players, participate in events, take on bosses, party up with people, or simply hang out and chat with us, you’ll always find something to do and someone to do it with. Our goal is to experience everything this game has to offer and have fun doing it. We are a community driven guild so as we continue to expand, so will our activities. There is also never any pressure to participate in guild events. Are you new to the game? We would be happy to help get you set in the right direction and help simplify things so you can get back to enjoying the game. We are looking for active and dedicated members to join our ranks and welcome everyone from new players to hardcore players. If this sounds like what you are looking for and wish to start your adventure with us, send me a message on Xbox. My gamer tag is Th3Stig911. We also have a discord server available for all members. I look forward to meeting all of you.
  6. All are welcome. All starting contracts are 30k for 30days if you work hard will be bumped to 75k- 150k then 200k or more. Friendly players only please we love to joke around so a sense of humour would be good haha shoot me a friend request at Nyxeira on blackdesert or message DomoTaimer on xbox thanks
  7. UwU Nation recruiting members NA PvP/PvE/Lifeskillers on mediah 2 Daily guild missions No requirements needed Will get ranked up to guild officer if you are active enough
  8. Active new and experienced players welcome. If you like to PvE, PvE or just life skill all are welcome. Right now we are trying to recruit players to build up the guild. I'm starting everyone on a 7-day contract to start with until we have enough money in the guild bank for longer contracts.(we're on 14-day contracts now) Longer contracts mean more daily silver for YOU. The only reason you would have to give money to the guild is if you decide to leave the guild before the contract is over. We plan on doing node wars and world bosses when they get added. Also guild missions everyday when we get more people. Message me on Xbox or reply here if you would like to join. GT: CubicVariable42 Family Name: Cubic Character Name: RawkHawk (I live in Australia and I'm on all day.) If you have and questions you can: Ask them in guild chat. Message me. (I'll respond straight away if I'm awake) Useful information about guilds in BDX The only way to get silver for guild funds is to do guild missions. No one, not even the guild master can take this silver out. The silver is used for paying everyone in the guild and buying things for wars. More people = better guild missions with better pay = a longer contract for you which = more silver per day. You can get a raise on your silver if you are active with guild missions
  9. Whether you like scenic speed running out of jail, making millions to turn the tide of a siege, zerging gankers, or slaying afk players for fun than <Trash Pandas> is for you. We'd like to formally invite you to join us for the open beta as well as game launch. If you are interested in becoming a dominating force in PvP content, learning all about BDO and enjoying your time online, please post your gamer tag or message me on Xbox (Brokenaz5) Did I mention we'll have boats? Discord; https://discord.gg/PpfSPS5 Xbox Club; Trash Pandas BDO ------------------------------------------- What to expect from Trash Pandas ------------------------------------------- High Activity - Whether defending guildies in the open world, sieging castles/nodes, groups for grinding bosses, or making bank doing mercenary work, there will be no shortage of excitement. Frequent Contract Promotions - As the game and guild progress, we will offer ever increasing rates for guild contracts. Flexibility - Although we will require participation, we understand life happens and can cause time away from BDO. As long as it is properly communicated we shouldn't have a problem. Tournaments and Prizes - We will regularly host dueling/3v3 tournaments, open world pvp contests, bounty kills for enemy guilds and much more. ------------------------------------------- What Trash Pandas expects from you ------------------------------------------- Loyalty - Guild first. There will be no other code of conduct beyond that. Progress - Guildies will need to push to reach 50+ as fast as possible, as well as getting decently geared quickly. Knowledge - BDO is an extremely in depth and detailed game. Players will be expected to be willing to learn and have a base level of information. There are tons of amazing guides and we are here to help. Commitment - Seiges, node wars, guild questing, worker contributions, etc will be required activities, and guildies will be judged heavily on dedication and contributions towards our goals. Communication - We dont expect everyone to use the Discord/club all the time, but when we are at war, sieging, etc microphones are mandatory. When a guild member asks for help or asks a question, responding is expected if you are available. Don't be a Care Bear; be a Trash Panda.
  10. Who we are Community of peaceful people who prefer to trade, grow plants, kill monsters and make some serious coin. We aren't interested in conflicts and have only one reason to fight - protect ourselves. What do we offer Our benefits are good enough for calm and purposeful players: PvE oriented guild perks Help, advice and social features at any time Fair guild salary Wherever you go a group of good guys No stupid scum Who we are looking for There are lot of guilds and you can choose any. So be wise: You don't need to conquer the world You really like money, perfect equipment and valuables You aren't interested in wasting time You are good in trading, grind, fishing and monster slaying
  11. War guild Supremacy [NA] recruiting we are newbie friendly, veteran friendly, strategic, and event experts if you would like to join contact me on either Discord Bombboy67#3884 or Xbox bombboy67 and ill have one of my co leaders set you up for success if I’m not around. experienced and non experienced players wanted. We also supply guides on the game as well as tips and tricks to make your experience better. Supremacy.
  12. Elusive Specter

    Mythos is recruiting new members

    GR > Mythos (Mythology Imperium) - PvP(Node/Siege/GvG/PK) Content Clear | Adventure | Life Skill | New Friendly | - Interest? Add @ Discord Elusive Specter#4818 | GT: Elusive Specter | (Discord Required) Message GT if question about Discord
  13. FallenLucifer00

    Black Sparrow [NA][PvX]

    Black Sparrow is looking for guild members, we're a PvX guild that looks to take part in every aspect of the game, we welcome anyone who can contribute to the guild in anyway and have a variety of guild roles to take part in, we hope to create a engaging and friendly community, and we hope you'll come and stay for the long run. (18+ and must have discord) https://discord.gg/tQ9REmz