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Found 1 result

  1. I read these posts and there is a constant drumbeat from the more active "criticizers" in the forums (by criticizer I mean people who instantly name call and attempt to discourage anyone from making suggestions or ridiculing the way that they want to play etc.) that BDO is a PVP Game. You know the classic PVP Gankers, the Git gud crowd, versus MMORPG Players who do structured PVP (node wars,conquest,red desert) and PVE in the open world who are pretty much tired of getting PK'd every other day. I would like a PA Official a CM or Developer to simply state once and for all. 1) This is primarily a MMORPG with PVP Elements or 2) This is primarily a PVP Game with MMORPG elements. Then clarify the PA position on Griefers and AFK PK'ers (encourage or discourage) This would save a whole lot of typing for us who want to actually have constructive discussions in the forums and would not make suggestions that would run contrary to the PA position.