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Found 4 results

  1. Darth_Cliff

    Guild Red Rise

    Гильдия Red Rise ведет набор в свои ряды, как опытных игроков , так и новичков в мире Черной пустыни. Наше основное направление GVG (guild wars) не мене важно для нас PVE направление и развитие каждого участника гильдии, а так же PVP составляющая мира BDX. С нами можно связаться: VK https://vk.com/bdo.xbox Discord https://discord.gg/mRqFbc8
  2. sQuartwox

    Simon answer please

    Hello, I already wrote earlier, please just a respected administration, write yes or no, will there be di in the game Russian language!?
  3. sQuartwox

    Simon, help please!

    Hi, Simon, please tell me, is it not possible to hear about the translation of the game into Russian, and is it available for Russia?
  4. sQuartwox


    Hello dear developers, we really are really looking forward to localization of these games in Russian. I want to go into the game with my head and understand what the game itself wants from you not to worry about translating square meters. From you, no one asks for quick translation of the game, moreover, translation of the game is already there.