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Found 17 results

  1. What's your Opinion on this Topic?
  2. Now, in addition to MANY optimization problems, we have problems with the server that constantly slows down, my guild is already abandoning the game, I know the current situation in the world and understands but it comes before this virus outbreak, exactly along with crossplay.
  3. Now, in addition to MANY optimization problems, we have problems with the server that constantly slows down, my guild is already abandoning the game, I know the current situation in the world and understands but it comes before this virus outbreak, exactly along with crossplay.
  4. Harvest99

    PvE Only?

    Idea for PvE only server. 50% less exp 50% less drop rate/chance Removal of Marni stones I don't need to explain why it's needed and you don't need to flex why it's not.
  5. I bought the game just recently from PS store (middle east) Qatar in specific, and since then the maximum time I stayed in a server is 10 seconds, after that I get a message that I got disconnected and should try again. Now at same time when I open Final Fantasy xiv online it works great no disconnection, Fortnite, Pubg, Apex, all works perfectly but Black Desert doesn't. in my thinking before i bought the game i said how can black desert give a decent server play with no monthly subscription like final fantasy xiv online?? After I bought the game I got the answer, they will not give you. Please solve that issue or refund as having the game in my library is useless at this point.
  6. Hello, I'm starting to play BDO on PS4 with my Malaysia PSN account. May I know why am I placed in the Japan region, Japan server? The server is full with Japanese people and I don't understand Japanese. It would be better if I'm thrown into Oceanic, Australian or any other English speaking region. Party play seems dead to me. Please advise if a different SEA server is coming and if I will be able to transfer character progress. Thanks
  7. So, I was able to hunt down every single kzarka with my witch which is lvl 59 with 180ap and a tet Kalis staff. Only got bs so far. I mean it's not like I expect something to drop but I'd really appreciate to get the chance to do damage. The server lags are ridiculous. My heals don't give Hp, my mana leech doesn't give mana and all of a sudden, my blizzard just gets 1 min cool down, without actually casting the spell. Sometimes I'll just get glitched under the floor when kzarka hits me because I'm lag ported back in after skill porting out of his aoe. In all seriousness, I love the game and it's pretty much fun besides the bad fps and bad optimization. I already got 120hrs of actively playing and still loving it. But them servers have to be fixed. We need server that are able to not lag like feck as soon as a world boss spawns. Besides that I just got one thing left to ask: How the love are you supposed to pvp if you cannot see enemies skills! Is it a bird? NO! Is it a plane? NO! IT'S A METEOR OUT OF NOWHERE!
  8. So I've recently taken an interest in BDO and was wondering. Will it be region locked?? I'm currently playing from New Zealand so we're thrown under the bus into EU region/server by default (EU psn) and whenever I've played other mmo's like Tera,Skyforge and Defiance they've all been region locked based on the location your account is associated with. Which playing from New Zealand, I'm stuck in EU. Unless it's like ESO or FF14 where I get to freely choose what server region I get to play in? Playing in EU from New Zealand is quite the huge setback since we always have 320+ ping if we're forced to play on EU server which makes it close to impossible to play at 100% when you're rubber banding most of the time. Whereas playing on NA i have around 100 which is more than viable. Really dont want to purchase the game and realize that i cant freely choose between NA or EU. Or would i have to make an US PSN account just to play on NA server? Any insight or info would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time.
  9. This will probably be my last kzarka fight till servers get upgraded I've been disconnected or fight was completely unplayable for 3 fights last good fight I had was when the performance features came out now it's one problem fixed another Bigger one comes out at this point kzarka needs to be disabled till everybody has a chance to fight it properly without any issues besides their own
  10. Hey, over the last 3 days anytime I attempt to load up the game it instantly disconnects me. i have hard reset my Xbox, route and uninstalled the game with no luck so I’m stuck in a position I cannot physically get into the game. Boss fights missed, progression lost out on and daily rewards lost, what can I do?
  11. My idea is to create a UI interface with selectable boxes for -Server -General -Guild -Whisper -Notice Etc... And allow us to select them to decide which channels we see. Of course we can turn off the chat box, but if we are talking to guild members it becomes extra work to communicate with them as well as others.
  12. please, if somebody wants to play SOLO doesn't mean I constantly have to read the server chat menu and I cannot shut it down or not view it. I would like to play the game instead of whatching all the blurb phrases coming out from all over the people of the servers. It would be much more immersive if you could only have an option to switch off it. And then, when you need it, open it and talk to whom you want. I WANT TO PLAY THE GAME NOT CHATTING WHEN I DONT WANNA! 😭
  13. My girlfriend and I have been having issues for the past few hours with logging into the same server together. One of us will get kicked back to the title screen with "disconnected from server please try again" error message when we try to log in from the main menu. We have learned that if we both log into separate severs then there is no issue. When one of us goes to swap servers from the in game menu they get a black screen and have to restart the game. We have been able to play the beta since release without issues but have been having this issue since around 5:30 PM EST. It is always the one of us that logs into the server second that gets the error message and has become somewhat of a frustration as we have been looking forward to playing together on my days off all week. We have recently (last night) purchased a new modem/router which we have reset multiple times. We have played with port forwarding. IP settings and pretty much anything we could network side to resolve the issue. Both of us have even used our phones wifi hotspots separately to try and log in together at-least. Still no fix. Have followed community suggestions via chat in game like refreshing console MAC but nothing seems to work. We are currently both reinstalling the game as a final attempt to resolve the issue ourselves. Starting to get to the end of our rope as far as what we know to try and fix it. Would like any suggestions as to what the cause might be. Thinking it might possibly be server stress or something. Will try to confirm once people start getting off for the night. But I am skeptical of that being the issue as I feel it would be effecting more people.
  14. Hello everyone! I just wanted to know if they are going to create a server for asian countries or sea?
  15. I hope they havnt set up a contract with leaseweb already OHV would be a great choice too, they have the best DDoS preventation out there
  16. Is there any intel on this so far? Recently theres alot of issues with bdo server on PC turning siege and nodewar into disastrous lag fest and quality meme (https://streamable.com/d40f2) the server host leaseweb caused alot of trouble for stability in such events and the publisher of bdo EU kakao games refuses to admit it by keep saying we monitor everything and its prob your ISP's fault i hope that PA is not doing the same mistake for xbox server and will find another partner to host the server im also curious if the version we play on has a region lock or will it feature a global build? if so where are the server gona be hosted cos facing a worldwide playerbase sure will lead into alot of desync issues
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