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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All, I decided to make a quick (sorry it went on a little longer than expected!) video to explain all the grind spots in Valencia and where you should probably focus on what your target is i.e Money or Silver! I hope the video is helpful and if it is please drop me a subscribe or a like it would really be appreciated. If you haven't already follow me on twitch.tv/tekeiiv and i'm happy to help at any time! Kind Regards Tekeii
  2. Hi Guys, Hope everything going well, I'm going to get so much hate for making this public knowledge for xbox but it's about time everyone knows about it and not just the PC players. If you haven't already subscribe here for more secrets like this and follow on twitch.tv/tekeiiv
  3. Morning All, Forgive the quality of the video, i used twitch clips and it turned out horrendous on the eyes but the point of the video is still the same! Check out why you should be grinding Hasrah Ruins! Odviously there is a lot of luck involved, but even when you are not getting belt drops you can easily make 20m an hour just from the trash loot and forbidden books! It's one of, if not THE BEST grind spot right now for money. Check it out and come back to me how you got on down there -
  4. I bid on a balenos fishing rod, it took all of the silver for it but I didn't receive the item, I have checked my storage, marketplace wallet, inventory etc . But I do not have the item and my silver is gone .
  5. best spot farming silver
  6. Dio

    Storage Keeper Robbery

    So by the time i hit level 25 i amassed a small fortune in gold bars. I knew the routine, fins a storage keeper and trade for silver. This time however, the closest city was glish. I ran for Frenil, the storage keeper npc and sold him my gold bars, only, HE DIDNT GIVE MY MY SILVER. HE PUT IT IN STORAGE. WHENEVER I TRY TO WITHDRAW, A MESSAGE POPS UP SAYING "THERE IS NO ITEM". That was 900k. Tried it again with money out of my pocket. Bought 500k on gold bars from him and tried to sell again. THIS TIME, MY STORAGE BALANCE DIDNT GO UP AT ALL. ITS STILL AT 900K AND I CANT WITHDRAW. FRENIL ROBBED ME OF 1.4 MIL. I WANT MY COINS. MY BASE IS IN VELIA AND I NEED THAT MONEY TO FEED MY WORKERS. HELP.