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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, Just made a quick video, i'm trying to document my enhancing on stream and will do regular enhancement streams. Most likely bi-weekly on a friday evening so if you enjoy watching me fail and lose the will to live come check me out at www.twitch.tv/tekeiiv Anyway on to the video of my first 2 nights spent enhancing. I've kinda been hoarding as much as i can since launch whilst still keeping my gear reasonable. In this video i spent; ~300 Million ~500 Armor/Weapon Stones ~ 50 Sharp Shards ~ 50 Hard Shards ~ 31 Memory Fragments ~ 31 Artisan Memories ~ 20,000 Pearls (kill me now) I literally spent everything and if my last enhancement fails i would be at 200,000 silver. It was an emotional ride and i still have no money right now in game either. I am COMPLETELY BROKE. I was even selling materials to the general goods vendor so I could rush and get some more shards to enhance on stream with. Do you think what i spent was good value for money after you see the results?
  2. Dr INF3NRO

    CP byproduct dish - rant

    Greetings, This has been out there for a while and I'm bringing it up again for reasons. PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, ADD CP DISHES! Im doing dailies for 2 weeks now and already on my 3rd character for the extra CP from the main quest. I need MORE CP to run my farms and nodes and yet as a lifeskiller I need to spend my precious time doing this nonsense. Stop holding life skillers back and give us the CP dishes, the cook/alchemy pearl costume and the freaking Imperial NPCs! Why am I forced to do things I dont normally want to do like the above and grinding to be able to get some progress and silver. Every time I grind I feel like shooting my self in the face cause its so boring. Yea, I find life skills more enjoyable and its not only me. Give us a date or at least pass on the message - Stop nerfing life skills and give us the above already. Like, on a side note, I want to spend money on the utility costumes and you guys won't let me. Don't you want profit? Sheesh. UPDATE: So in addition we also cant make alchemy stones. I'm professional 2 Alchemy and didnt get any shining powder at all while doing 2k+ crafts. Along with that I made about 100 metal solvents which according to databases should have a higher chance to proc shining powder. Yet another thing that holds our progress. Cheers, One pissed Cook/Alchemist