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Found 3 results

  1. Rocketfuel77777

    Recent PvE buff on PC. ETA for Xbox

    Dear PA, Since a recent PC patch introduced a PvE buff for Strikers I would like to find out if and when could we potentially expect these changes to hit Xbox. Could we get some info on this please? Thanks 😍
  2. Hey, I have a value pack/Appearance coupon currently active so with unlimited cosmetic changes to my striker I decided to change his standby expression and though in the standby expression/appearance IU it'll prompt me with the Attention: The selected expression will be shown, etc etc,... when I confirm and leave the standby expression tab, the character's expression reverts to its previous (goofy) expression. Family name: Sungrogov Character Name: NikoAshur Class: Striker
  3. HokutoRyuken

    Black Desert Is Amazing

    I just would like to say that Black Desert is such a different unique game I feel as If I am living a second life and that all my progress feels so good. My favorite classes are the Ninja he is my main amazing nothing will change my mind, then we have the Striker and Musa who both give me great joy when punching, kicking and slicing mobs. I ask that all my Black Desert lovers comment your favorite classes and why because I have been playing black desert for 2 years and all I want is the xbox port to release but like a Ninja I must be silent and patience. I love you all I see you all as a Family that will experience this game again on Xbox.