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Found 4 results

  1. Last night I was playing my 49 wizard through the black spirit quest line and encountered a bug at the point where you the game teleports you into a secret area when you step up to a door inside the shadow knight cultist area. I was teleported in, fought the mobs until the cut-scene started and then the game crashed. I repeated this a few times and then gave up on the quest but when I tried to leave the "move you into secret area" modal box kept popping back up so fast I was unable to move away from the door and was thus trapped. I cannot access any other menus because of the modal nature of this popup so that character is permanently stuck, he can either stack there repeatedly pressing B unable to get away due to the delay in allowing movement between boxes or can go into the secret area and crash again. =/ I'm playing other characters but getting him out and fixing the quest eventually would be nice. Xbox One S Not overheated or hardware stressed. I'll link my account on here as soon as I figure out how to do it, couldn't find the info anywhere.
  2. Since last night (March 3rd) I've been stuck extracting my weapon to get the black stone. Every time i go to Granbill he gives me the weapon back for the stone but I'm not sure if there is something specifically that in have to do. I followed everything step by step and can not complete the mission. Please help
  3. Raft is stuck on shoreline at Mariveno Island. It must be low tide! Near Andorsen NPC. Tried manual moving, auto run, moved way point, etc. Switched servers. Raft is stuck on shoreline. Used ESCAPE to move to safe place and it put me on Weita island without my raft. Looks like I'll drown before getting anywhere else now. NA server 11/12/2018 ~4:00pm
  4. I'm currently stuck and have no idea how to proceed on the quest, I was talking to this beetle guy and he just disappeared. This is my quest log ATM, I have no active quests.