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Found 30 results

  1. A suggestion for a toggle walk feature that you can put in the ring menu. It would make for some good photos and be nice for RP.
  2. Hello! I would like to suggest that players be given the ability to change the colors of some of the color based indicators. For example, and most important in my opinion, mini-map icons and enemy AOE indicators/telegraphs. As a new player to Black Desert, I have found myself really enjoying the game. Among all the quirks of the game, there is only one issue that I feel hinders my experience. I am colorblind, and throughout my life I have managed to overcome most color-involved situations. Video games, however, have proven to be difficult challengers to this situation. My problems surround the colors red and green specifically, and some blues. Unfortunately, BDO:Console, as with many other games, utilize these colors near each other--making them nearly indistinguishable from each other. In BDO:Console when I am playing I am unable to visually recognize red enemy/boss icons against the green background that dominates the mini-map. Happen the interaction occurs in a region where the mini-map is not primarily green, I can sometimes make it out much better. If I am mobbing quest targets, however, I can see the mini-map icons right away. The small change of color to Quest targets o. The mini-map makes them very obvious. Also, when fighting bosses, or other aggressive with AOE effects, I eventually noticed a red telegraph, or red AOE area indicator, that shows as the monster is casting, or preparing to cast, an AOE ability. In both of these cases the primary situation is that red is used against green, making it nearly impossible for a colorblind person to utilize such important features of a game. If I were given a chance to change these settings, I would change the color of monster/mob/boss icons on the mini-map to yellow or even a brighter red. The AOE telegraph/indicator that shows on the ground, I would also change to yellow, or dark blue. In a previous mmorpg I played, at first the monster telegraphs, AOE indicators, and mini-map all used the same color schemes that BDO:Console uses now. I never could rely on these indicators in my gameplay, as I would never see these indicators in time to react- and often died from easily escapable mechanics. However, they eventually gave us the ability to change the color, shade, and intensity/opacity of these indicators--and it completely changed my gaming experience. It would be an amazing, and hugely impactful, way to enhance the user experience for every player of BDO:Console. All players will benefit from this suggestion, not just those of us who are colorblind. I realize that the vast majority of players do not see this as an issue, not like those of us who are colorblind. However, once players are given the ability to customize these settings they will never want to be without this feature. Thanks!
  3. Hii im going to make a suggestion that its important for me and i think for the sorceress class: Can “night crow” skill be able to put in hot bars? To be able to doit pressing for example: left directional botton+ yoistick movement to choose the direction of the iframe. Thats because we cant do night crow iframe to our forward in a safe way, (LT+joystick up makes you run and doble tap joystick its not a safe and natural movement) so it makes more difficult to chase people in a protected way
  4. Looked around and couldnt believe this hasnt been suggested. As stated in title we should be able to use the high quality crafts of cooking items and potions to pack crates for imperial craft. An example tea with fine scent needs 30 units to pack a crate. Why not give an alternative to pack 15 tea with strong scent(the high-quality version) for the same crate?
  5. Hello, my suggestion is an another QOL Suggestion what can improves the game and the controls. Suggestion: Access the different touchpad controls. What does it? : It will allow the User to set an Option ON/OFF on OPTIONS/SETTINGS in-game to choose a different style how the touchpad works. Touchpad? : Yes, right now at the moment you can only use the touchpad to open the Chat but with my suggestion we will able to use it for a few more things where the User can decide if he wants to use it or not. How does the touchpad works? The touchpad can use 3 different control styles (at least that I know), it can work as 1 control button (just press Touchpad), it can work as 2 control buttons (press Touchpad LEFT, press Touchpad RIGHT) or it can work as 4 control buttons (Wipe UP, Wipe DOWN, Wipe LEFT, Wipe RIGHT). What should we use the extra button for? Maybe to place an another Menu like the Map, Guild... or maybe (just a personal wish) we can put something from the ring menu on it. Or even "Emergency Exit" because that would be easier instead of press 4 (5) buttons at the same time. Best regards
  6. Hi guys, Would it be possible to add a meter indicator? Id like to know how long my route when im riding my horse. Would be a nice QOL addition if possible.
  7. Hi, my first post on this forum. My suggestion is something small but very useful, it is a "Quality of life" thing. Suggestion: A shortcut to change between "Inventory"-money and "storage"-money by all NPC-merchants (shop list). How should it work? We just need to press the "triangle" button (PS4) on the NPC shop list so we can switch between "Inventory"-money and "storage"-money without to scroll down always the entire list. Additional Informations: Actually on PS4 we always need to push down the entire list to switch the "money" so will this tiny addition save us player a lot of time. Sincerely
  8. My suggestion is add in Pets earnable by doing things we already do in the game. For example for life skill pets have the player to reach master in any giving skill then after they've obtained master level everytime they do that particular life skill they can have a random chance of obtaining a pet that is themed for that particular life skill and has a benefit for that same life skill. Say someones master in cooking say every 10-50 things they cook they have a chance to obtain maybe a cat with a chef's outfit (just example). Then when having this pet out when cooking maybe it increases how much food procs by 1 or increase byproducts or decreases cooking time. Something like this could apply to all life Skills and make it exciting and worthwhile to level to master and try to go for these pets, and it wouldn't just be one and done you got the pet because you'd need multiple to up the tiers for increased benefit. Same idea could apply to combat say if you hit a certain level lets say 60 and up then every 100 kills you make you get a chance at the pet dropping. This pet could increase skill point and Combat exp or increase item drop rates. This would be another incentive going to even higher levels to try to obtain one of them. Just some thoughts the number of crafts/kills required for a chance to drop are just examples could be higher or lower. Also the benefits they give were just examples as well. Let me know what you think.
  9. This is something that has been asked for before on PC, but was never granted as far as I know because of the lack of attention to it from the player base. If you feel like this is needed please give a reply to let the GMs know its important to you. It would be useful to have a counter letting you know how many of a certain enemy you've killed when grinding for titles you want to achieve. It would give some much needed motivation, since seeing how far away you are from a goal can help you decide if you want to spend the time going for it or not.
  10. So some skills require you to be in pre awakened form to use it rather than auto switching and using X skill. I'm suggesting allowing every skill that can be set in the ring menu the ability to switch exactly to that weapon form when using the ring menu option. Example: As a warrior you cannot use armor break in pre awakened form and you also cannot use piercing spear in the awakened form. With this change I can be in pre awakened form use armor break which switches to my awakened form then use piercing spear which switches me back into my pre awakened form and use that ability. We actually have this as a warrior for one skill and that is scar dusk which you can use in your awakened form (this skill is a pre awakened warrior skill).
  11. Hey there, Please for the sake of a better gaming expiriance GIVE US THE OPTION TO DISABLE THE BANNERS WHICH POP UP WHEN PROCESSING, COOKING!!!!!!!!! Most time when I afk process, cook I pull up the world map cause the Xbox runs smother in towns where it is fully crowded. When I get back and disable the world map then we have a 20-30 minutes POP UP OF ALL THINGS WE HAVE PROCESSED, COOKED and the actually process of that actions was loooooooooong time finished!!!!! THIS IS THE MOST ANNOYING THING IN THE GAME WHEN THIS POPS UP FOR THAT LONG TIME, ALSO THE SOUND TO THAT!!!! We don't need to see what we have processed on top of the screen! If we want to know this than we can already look in the chat window what we have crafted or how much. PLEASE GIVE US THIS OPTION THANK YOU☺
  12. Instead of relying off of information that is not confirmed (even some GMs have stated this in chat without confirmation) can we get a true official visual look similar to how enhancement chances of the possibilities for horse breeding. Currently on Xbox we've got only speculation for the true chances of horses going up in tiers but unfortunately it's 100% accurate. So again I am suggesting that we get something similar to the enhancement window where we're able to see the chances of all possible tier upgrades when breeding mounts; An example would be me taking my Tier 5 Male/Female mounts and a percentage chart appears showing the chances (not skin types) of the foal being a Tier 5 male/female, Tier 6 male/female, or a Tier 7 male/female. The game launched with little to no information and the continual use of "streamers" or "Youtubers" as ways to pass on knowledge isn't adequate as it's the developers job to do so.
  13. So this badass looking armor came out and one thing that's really bothering me is that the costume is missing a glove lol like I needs a full suit of armor; this is the Achilles of costumes for me right now. Maybe I'm stupid and there's an option to locate that missing glove so if that's the case please feel free to enlighten but if not then please @CM Trent or anyone CM pass this on because I needs it .
  14. Can we not have bosses spawn at 11:00PM PDT/ 10:15PM/ & 8:15PM (PDT); These times translate to almost midnight if not past midnight & in my opinion isn't necessarily fair for us NA players who are on the East Coast. I & I'll assume many others are people who work/go to school; I'm all for the rest of the times because they're not as bad aside for west coasters may want a 8-9am rather than 7am time. The previous time were a lot more reasonable at-least based on my opinion but again the current ones are a wash for me.
  15. It would be nice to know the possible tiers I'm able to get when horse breeding (chances of getting a higher tier or the same tier) or at the very least have a concrete answer as to what breeding multiplier does the Xbox have. The more information the better, I'm fine with leaving everything to RNG but this at-least should be done.
  16. I would like to see main menu configurable and containing every option available. What I don't like is that there are lot of options that are accessible only via ring menu e.g. Maid, Processing, Workers, Call horse etc. This is how my quick bar looks: It's lacking of space already, on awakening I would like to have 1 more skill there, when rabams come up there will be another skill to use from quick bar, there is no space for quick changing items or elixirs. I understand that we don't have much options on game pad, yet I could free at least that last slot which holds these options that are accessible only via ring menu if they're present in main menu. My suggestion is to make Main Menu configurable and containing every option. This is menu from PC version that would work well with Xbox (don't mind marked Black Dpirit Sdventure, I couldn't find better screen): You have tabs: My Menu, Content, War/Co-op etc. that could be changed by LT/RT. Configurable My Menu could hold all these options that we access the most. If it's to much, just make Main Menu tabbed and add every option.
  17. Dr INF3RNO

    Worker UI

    Greetings, There's an issue I came across recently. I've made changed to my worker empire which meant I had to stop work for some nodes in order to invest in others. A very common thing in BDO. Sadly, I came across an unexpected difficulty as I had no idea how to find which worker I wanted to stop. To actually stop a worker I needed to access the worker UI window and search in the list of 30+ human skilled workers which I wanted to stop. Sounds easy right? Well the nodes I wanted to stop were under the name "gathering" with no other indication except the origin city which didnt help much cause I still had to guess since I couldn't stop him via directly going to the node it self in the map UI. So, 2 suggestions: 1. Add the full node name for a marked worker in the worker window. 2. Let us manage specific workers Via Map UI by entering the node etc. Please consider this suggestion. Cheers.
  18. I know there is photo mode but that is only there for screenshots. I would like to have a toggle for all UI that stays off even in combat. Just make it turn back on when you hit the start button. This game is beautiful and sometimes when I'm mindlessly grinding I'd like to hide the UI.
  19. To start I know I am not the first person to suggest this, and there are much more pressing issues that should be dealt with first. I would just like to put this out there as a potential future enhancement to gameplay and Ideally get a response as to whether this is even a possibility or not. Basically having some sort of app we can access on our mobile devices to give us character info, game info, maybe even work or status would be amazing! I would love to be able to pull up my character’s “sheet” whenever I would like to be able to reference. Beyond that I suppose the ultimate dream would you being able to see The actual status of your AFK game. Where your workers are, whether your character is still fishing, and maybe the ability to even feed your workers on the fly! No small task and as I said originally something that should rightfully be pretty far down on a list of priorities. And if this is something that will never see the light of day, I think I’d rather know right now cannot have my hopes dashed later. Thanks for the amazing work, I absolutely adore the game. ❤️
  20. Whenever I walk, sprint or ride a horse I feel like I'm fighting the camera the whole time because it constantly auto-centres to the horizon could we please get an option to disable this? (In the gif I'm not centring the camera it's the silly auto centre)
  21. Hi everyone, So this is probably the 1000th time its being suggested. I think most xbox players would want to get the best they can from bdx but doing that requires some difficult feats like leaving the xbox on while you sleep or at work/school etc. Please make a mobile app happen for things like feeding workers, transporting items from place to place and perhaps even a market. Cheers
  22. Yo. Just suggesting deadzone options for the joysticks some time in the future. If you don't know what deadzones are: it's essentially a slider that determines the needed amount of pressure applied to the joystick before it inputs blahblah command. Important for those who like it a certain way, have shakey hands, or, in my case, comma, a disfuntional controller that enjoys the look of the sky. As for performance, it's actually pretty good, considering I'm playing on a day-one console. Frames drop heavily crowded areas full of players, and some "zone" transitions such as standing on the edge of Heidel in some spots. (Which I discovered both of which during and after the wheel barrow event earlier today) Either limiting the amount of players allowed on screen, or giving us the option to do so ourselves, if possible, would be dope. Soz if this isn't a fleshed out suggestion, first time doing this.
  23. Hi, Like to know if the game will be supporting more localization to cater global gamers on console. Asian gamers for instance, also like to see a console version rather than PC version in local language. Any near future or far one plan for this? Thanks.
  24. Greetings, Building a worker empire can take A LOT of time which can be quite a nuisance And I got THE suggestion on how to make everyone's life MUCH better. So lets start from the basics - How it works: You can promote a worker every 24 hours once they progress 10 levels. Higher level grants higher chances of success and takes much more time. The rate gets lower in higher tiers. To give you a better picture, here are the promotions rates: Green to blue: Level 10: 35% Level 20: 55% Level 30: 80% Blue to Yellow: Level 10: 25% Level 20: 35% Level 30: 45% Yellow to Orange: Level 10: 10% Level 20: 20% Level 30: 30% Generaly speaking, on average, your worker empire will most likely consist of 3-8 workers in each major city and 1-3 workers in small towns. The total amount of workers would be 30+. Now that we know the rates we can safely assume that the time it will take to upgrade 30 workers at lvl 10 from green to orange could take a year and a half, on average. How it should work: A more reasonable system would have multiple promotions based on locations. For example, i got 4 green workers who are level 10 in each zone. Belanos, Serendia, Calpheon and Mediah. Every worker will take his promotion test in his own territory, allowing me to send all 4 at the same time. In conclusion: If you think about it, it onliy makes sense that every worker will take the test with his corresponding work manager. Cheers Notice me senpai.
  25. Imagine... A class with a Dagger that can parry any attack or even stun an enemy who does a physical attack to you when you parry it. Armed with a long sword who can be imbued with fire or even lightning. This is a picture from the Boss Abyss Watchers of Dark Souls that I see in the game as a class ! I would like to call it : Rogue. The Rogue class. Fast pace, long sword and a dagger with a special ability. Would be interesting. Also, he would be able to dash, roll, jump in the air and make an attack on the ground, spin with his sword and dagger. Make an exclusive Class for Xbox would be a nice idea too. Why not the Rogue ? The Description : Armed with a long sword and a dagger, his foes can't underestimate him due to his look for blood and vengeance. The Rogue is a class with intense fighting skills due to the dagger being one of his weapons with the long sword. His awakening would be Two blades in each hand (Long big swords imbued with an element) If you have any Idea for this class it would lot of fun !
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