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Found 5 results

  1. This function would make it so much easier to get things fixed in just dealing with the same cm who sent the original response to your support tickets. Every time the close a ticket, you are back to square one and having to make a new ticket because said cm doesn't have a clue what you mean.
  2. Region:NL Server:EU Xbox ID:dennisie34 Hello everyone I cannot send a support ticket. It keeps telling me I didn't fill everything even when I did I tried it on chrome, firefox, Microsoft edge. Also tried it on windows 10,8,7 and mobile phone. I think the problem is when u are at the description and u all filled that up the text in slight gray comes back in the box I mean the text in slight gray u see before u entered anything in this box this keeps coming back even when I write my full ticket and wont let me send it because of that It doesn't make any difference if I try a other category So does any one have a solution? Greetings tensol
  3. My characters armor is glitched and reverts back to base form look (or atleast the first time I used dye). I can clearly see what my character should look like while useing a few different screens of changeing armor fast. But it then immediately reverts back to this broken form. Bottom one with bandana is what my character is supposed to look like with the gear and stuff I have. But it always reverts back to the top form in game. Doesn’t help that I can’t submit this bug to a ticket because they won’t accept tickets at the moment with pictures.....
  4. So I can’t link my account even though in game I was able to. I never received my event quest hawk for linking my account. Seems the site isn’t regcongizing it. Then when you try to unlink it says account doesn’t exist. Next can’t submit a single more ticket to provide pics of the issues. And then lastly since trying to perform that unlink so I can re link it In hopes that it would work now my dyes all went away on my items. And Ontop of that my armor pieces don’t change visually anymore. When switching to different ones. Very bugged it seems. Any tips on how to correct or do I have to wait for someone to fix and give me the event items/ pet?
  5. Anyway to actually call this company to fix account issues? No telling when they will fix support site.