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Found 1 result

  1. Shadelight_

    Brutally Honest

    Recently, it’s almost seemed that there are 4 different parties of people on this forum. Those who are angry at anyone connected to PA ( CM’s), those who’re disappointed with communication but still continue to support, those who are just here to bring some light, and those who just want something. As a community, we are supposed to be a unit. Within that unit, we have to be able to communicate without worry of hate, and communicate without spreading hate. Lately, it seems like we are doing the latter. We are grown-ups here, disrespecting members and CM’s is completely out of line. How are we supposed to support and keep this forum/game alive, when some of us are acting like rabid animals. I do not regret some of the things I have said previously, and some of the things we have witnessed as a community is truly dissapointing. However, at the end of the day, you have to remember that the people behind the screen are human beings. Some of the hate I’ve seen towards Simon is apalling and uncalled for. You have to remember, he isn’t Pearl Abyss. The actions of a large entity aren’t the actions of one person within said entity.