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Found 16 results

  1. Pardon the potentially outdated photo of the PC UI but we currently do not have this feature on the PS4 Version of the game to the best of my knowledge this is still in the PC version of the game and I was hoping this could be added to the Console Version of the game UI. These Same Photos are also see when swapping between characters on PC.
  2. Tr3nch

    Guild UI

    Multiple bugs found with the new Guild UI. First, unable to edit, change, or display the guild description. Second, guild bonus payouts are broken. When you try to adjust tiers on one person, it sets it for every member. Unable to payout in current form.
  3. So I have tried to bring this up many times in game to the GMs when they show up in game but constantly get ignored. So I'll post it here since bringing it up on live streams gets me nowhere as well. 1. Ring Menu and Quest filter reset. Many people on PS4 have this issue. Since you guys make it hard to get attention to these issues I don't blame you in assuming it's a small portion of players. I'm reality it's a small portion that haven't tried reporting it since PA makes it's hard to do so to begin with. 2. Unable to attack forts in nodewar. Again a well known issue that to this day hasn't been fixed. 3. Trying to dodge left or right during combat is messed up because the camera turns while doing so. Trying to dodge say to the right of a enemy attack will turn the camera while dodging so that you in a sense dodge into the line of fire. Easiest fix will be the removal of camera turning with the left stick. If holding up on the left joystick and slightly moving it left will turn you character. I don't know if the devs are aware but the right stick also turns the camera. In short you should disable chatting on the live streams if your going to ignore the majority of people. Makes it seem like you refuse to care.
  4. it happend like 3rd time now, i have to manually close the game and than hopefully connect again. It happens after taking quest from black spirit. can use RB LB to move but cant exit with B
  5. Devs, please add an update that features an UI edit menu. It would awesome to play the game as it looks in the trailers. The graphics are amazing and combat is so much fun. Sadly all of it is hidden behind text, directional icons, and character names. I understand have this on screen for new players, but for those that have learned the control scheme it should be able to be taken away. I just want play the game as advertised
  6. https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=8ShPREH3aJs&feature=share More to come, with content that other guides lack.
  7. Hi guys, Following the stream last week I have a few suggestions to make for the UI which in my opinion will help create a smoother and more pleasant experience in BDX. Quests - I would like to be able to hide and show the quest list whenever I like via a menu option. Workers - As of now we are able to cancel tasks only with the worker window. I'd love to be able to go to Map, enter a specific node and cancel a task for that specific worker. Chat - Chat is sometimes hard to read due to ingame lightning. A slider to dim chat background could easily solve this. Boss timer - something that's been discussed before. I'd RATHER not use third party applications or setup 8 different alarm clocks on my mobile. A simple ingame window with boss name and a count down is all we need. Lifeskill exp bar - I like to check my lifeskill level % when I engage in different lifeskill activities. I do this often when gathering or cooking and it's simply an inconvenience to open menu > profile > rb to lifeskill every single time. Id love to get life skill bars where the quest tracker is to monitor my progress while actively playing. Hope you'll consider some of this. Cheers!
  8. Am i missing something or have they still not fixed our screens. I finally come back to black desert after like 2 months of being pissed because i can't see my whole screen and i still can't find an option to properly resize the display so i can see everything. They said that this would be fixed shortly after launch and here we are at awakening now and i still don't see a way to properly fix this issue. I know my Tv is old but i shouldn't need to buy a new one to have such a simple thing fixed....
  9. Your guild interface is absolutely unacceptable. 1. There is no Log. No treasury log. No member joined/left log. No who did what in a mission. No how many guild missions got done or what type. 2. The Members list continually jumps to the top making it impossible to use. 3. The Members list does not show the GamerTag of members who are currently offline. 4. Setting a Members rank is a pain in the butt, and only has predefined values. 5. The members list does not show last login. I.E. GenaricMember33 was last in BDO 15 days ago. (maybe hes left and we should kick him!?) 6. There is no confirmation window for undeclaring on a war. I literally just had lag, had the A button go thru to open the guild menu and it undeced a war we wanted to keep. Please take a moment and log into Elder Scrolls Online on the xbox, make a guild, and look at the interface, tools, and options. Then come back and use yours. YOURS SUCKS!! So So Much! The guilds that make up your game are a HUGE PART of your community. Yet here we are using 3rd party apps to try and keep track of members and activity and guild funds, Spending valuable game time working on spreadsheets. Struggling to use your twitchy guild member list to copy the information over to a spreadsheet so that we can manage a guild. It makes being an officer or leader far more difficult than it needs to be. We already are juggling members, grievance, activity checks, events, helping low gs members, and trying to enjoy the game ourselves. With how bad it is i'm sure other guilds have made these suggestions. And for the love of BDO, I hope you listen and implement rapid improvements to your guild interface. *edit; spelling *edit; added #5 *edit; added #6 updated #1
  10. [CM] Shirna, can you bring up with devs if they can either move the stamina bar down or move the buff bar up in the UI because I can't see my stamina bar when I have a lot of buffs at the same time.
  11. So whenever you do a subjugation mission as a guild, the entire guild, atleast on the same server will receive and annoying UI bug. It will bring your selection to the first item in any menu. So for example when going to buy an item and you are entering how many you want it may "bounce" back to all. I don't know if being on a different server from the one the guild mission is active helps.
  12. Only two things bugging me about the game right now and it's that I cant seem to figure out how to hide my own character name above me on my screen and chat box settings to either make it smaller or hide it all together. Anyone else figured out how to do either of these?
  13. When you are on the map, and you click on a city, you have several choices. The one concerned is the houses. Before buying your first house, you can see all the houses in the city. But after buying your first house, you only see the house you bought, by default. If you want to use the filters to display the other houses, you can not go to the sub filters. I tried with the D-pad, the Left Stick and the Right Stick. Can not go on the sub filter. I will try to join a screen.
  14. If I'm not mistaken I can not see the level of when skills are unlocked and I can not see how many skill points it takes to upgrade a skill.
  15. Can we have the skill tree similar to PC? I really don't like having to scroll through a list with no visual map/relationship between things. Not sure how everyone else feels
  16. new UI looks fantastic the did a great job and got rid of the old theme that clustered all over the screen heres some breakdown of the new UI quality of that footage was realy bad at 1080p On E3 IGN footage it appears that they got rid of the quickslot model for the sake of a more cleaner UI and went with D-PAD access only instead of quickslot 1-0 they implemented the circle menus and it also appears that the D-Pad menu is fully costumizable i hope that they allow the old LB and RB quickslot access as an alternative option for a quickslot access model similar to PC where you use LB + A,B,X,Y and RB + A,B,X,Y to access quickslot 1 -8 having to circle through skills to choose using a circle menu is kinda meh - you have this huge menu showing up you get distracted and you can choose the wrong skill by accident easily
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