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Found 2 results

  1. Alpha To get to know the guild you should first get to know me. I was playing BDO since it's release on PC and as a guild leader owned all the territories of BDO multiple times. One of only a handful of leaders to do it on PC. I've played most of the classes in the game and have basic knowledge of every other one I haven't played. I value the guilds loyal members over the hardcore players who come and go. I've been a good leader, and a bad leader. But my guilds have always been successful, but that's not down to just me but to the quality of the members I recruit. We are looking for new members to start up something new and something fresh. I’m looking to start and continue a guild similar to how I’ve run guilds in the past, whilst learning from past mistakes. To become a part of something like this you need to understand the leadership, the history behind the project and the plan moving forward. So I’m going to go into some detail on it below. Let’s start with the leadership, at the time of writing this post there is just myself involved in this project. I have run two of arguably some of the top guilds in the game, both with very different people and both with very different styles. A short description on how both of those projects panned out below. A community guild, Morghulis was my pride and joy. Created on day one of the BDO launch the guild progressed from strength to strength bringing in amazing characters and some of the best talent on the server. The guild progressed mostly through merges with other communities and one thing we were very good at were welcoming new players into our core. You can join any community eventually if you are stubborn enough but it might not always feel like home. I can count on two hands people that had left Morghulis to join another guild despite the issues we had it always felt like a family. Juggling the family aspect and trying to contest the top guilds in BDO was not easy but we managed to do so for a very long time and were one of the longest standing Jordine guilds before disbanding. The reason we disbanded is that 95% of mine and some of the officer’s time were spent actually micro managing everything that went on the guild. Towards the end we were rotating 150 players to make sure we had the best possible attendance and for a couple sieges we proudly boasted 99/100 people at a siege. Memorable Siege Moments; Morghulis + Millennium vs VoS + Wasted (2 weeks running, hands down the best siege I’ve ever been apart off.) Morghulis vs Resilience + Harmony + Sfora + Leviathan + iiiPhobos + Ragnarok Addicted vs Morghulis + Millennium + Khaos + Black Sails + Black Lust + Leviathan. A hardcore guild, Venari was meant to be everything that Morghulis wasn’t. Focused on nothing but PvP and improving. We wanted to make sure everything wasn’t micro managed and that everyone in the guild could take care of themselves. We went from breaking up 150 players from one community going down to 45(It was about 45). We created a tight group of skilled players slowly adding to the roster without taking in chunks of players and actually did very well at some sieges and node wars. We performed against multiple guilds on multiple occasions and quite often came out the victors. We won Balenos multiple times so we decided to go to castle sieges with just the 45-50 players. Despite performing very well on multiple occasions we didn’t have the numbers to actually take a castle. We recruited took in a group of players at a time and soon enough we were at around 70 players. After holding Calpheon for multiple occasions my real life took over, I stepped down. Dohwa took over and the story at Venari keeps improving as he builds it in his own image. Memorable Siege Moments; Backstabbing Odz for the lulz on Calpheon Castle Stopping the 3 guild rotating alliance in Balenos Venari vs Leviathan vs Blitzkrieg vs Harmony on Calpheon Alpha isn't about dominating every guild, it's about enjoying the game and the community. I can tell you now that BDO on xbox will be fully pay to win within 2 years, so we have 2 good solid years to get out of the game and enjoy the time together as a community. I understand everyone has a real life and I value that aspect but if you join Alpha you will need to give up a few hours of your week to commit to the community in respect of nodes and sieges. I aim to run a multi-national guild that will compete at the top level without intruding on everyones personal lives. The community is very important but so is real life. My goal this time is to make a guild that will have the best of both worlds, but with certain priorities. - Family Community, this is the main priority of the guild. I understand that people have real lives and have issues to deal with. Not everything is about BDO but when you come online it still does feel like real life. That these guys you are playing with are more than just guildies they are some of your close friends who over the years are going to become the people you play games with until you get arthritis and can’t play no more. (But by then we will have a good VR system so who needs hands amirite?) - Respect Everyone, I’m going to be honest and say both guilds I have run have had its fair share of toxic players. Myself included. Sometimes I have taken things too far unintentionally or let a grudge get too strong (Sorry Resilience). However most of the time I am just jesting. However, this time I don’t want to be involved or apart of any toxicity or toxic players, respect the people you are playing with. Do not trash talk and never underestimate an enemy. Banter is one thing, but being outright toxic is not called for nor is it welcome. - Competitive Edge, you should naturally want to win. Yes, it’s amazing having full TET gear with TET accessories but if you are just farming sheep all day what’s the point in having it. You should want to get involved within the project and make it your own, you want to succeed and for the guild and your guildies to prosper. I’m not asking for the most hard-core players in the game, just be able to handle yourself and want to get involved in guild wars and guild projects. - Have Fun, too many people have forgotten about this aspect of the game. You need to enjoy the game. The promise of silver and greediness has overwhelmed too many players in BDO so much so that they are getting their fun from other games whilst doing nothing in BDO. That’s not how you play the game, you need to enjoy your stay here and in BDO and the guild will make sure it does everything possible to deliver this. Have a focus on PvP, enjoy and want to improve your gameplay in that aspect. Commit a certain amount of hours into the game. I don't need players who are afk 24/7. We will be doing nodes and I will want to be owning territories as soon as they are available. That's usually 2 hours a node war and 3 hours on a Saturday for sieges (increases to 4 later on) - They won't always last this long and you don't need 100% attendance. Enjoy banter - if you are easily offended this isn't the guild for you. Be active in chat and on discord whenever you can Commit loyalty I do not want guild hoppers under ANY circumstances, you join here you should expect to be here for a long time. No toxic people, or drama queens. You are not welcome. NO GRIEFING UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, YOU WILL BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY IF PROOF IS PROVIDED. SO HOW DO I APPLY?! We will use an app called Discord for organisation you can get it on your phone so if you would like to talk more about the guild add me on there "Tekeii#2161" I will assist wherever i can and answer any questions about the game. If you need anything else just ask below and i'll try to answer when i can. Some videos of my old guilds and shotcalling if it helps; I have so many videos but unable to locate them all sorry! This gives you the general vibe of my shotcalling and our raiding together. Regards Tekeii
  2. Havoc is now recruiting! We are a hardcore focused PvP guild that’s going to be involved in sieges and node wars (but that doesn't mean we won't do PvE content). ________________________________________________________ I’ve had experience with successfully leading players in ESO with capturing and securing Keeps, I also was a high ranking member in a top PvP guild. I hope to bring my experience and leadership to help the guild reach new heights ________________________________________________________ For the time being our guild will be flexible in the people we let in since the game will soon to be released, but we will be more strict in terms of joining and staying in the guild at a later date since this is not going to be pleb PvP. For now we are accepting anyone who is down for sieges and other guild events. ________________________________________________________ Benefits: Daily Wages - Pay outs are daily and depending on how much you contribute and if we win a war will determine how much you will be payed Guild Skills - Straightforward Guild Housing - I will make sure our guild gets a guild house A community of PvPers as passionate as you Guild Events - Tournaments, Guild Boss Fights, *cough* Fishing Events, and esc... Never a Dull Moment - We will always be fighting guilds for the most power in BDO so members always have a goal that they can fight for. Experience - We have experienced and non-experienced members that can help elevate our guild faster and higher ________________________________________________________ If you’re looking for more information or is interested message me. Leave your gamertag or discord in the comments and I'll be sure to get to you. Xbox: @YahNothing We have a Discord that we would appreciate if you’d join. Goal: 100 players before launch